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  1. cochcaer


    The UK has tighter copyright laws than the US so why don't we prosecute rather than give in to deportation requests? Same with Megaupload, if breaking the law why didn't NZ authorities act?
  2. Should have been underway in the 80s.
  3. cochcaer


    I was watching a bit of Rising Damp yesterday, and whilst I understand it's a product of its time I'm surprised the PC brigade don't get on at ITV. There must be a point where Love Thy Neighbour isn't acceptable but Rising Damp is. I'm guessing Alf Garnett is also now only to be seen on dvd.
  4. cochcaer


    It's not Sherlock's most popular story without good reason and it didn't transfer well from gothic to scientific. I'm not sure The Sign of Four would be a wise story to tackle either. Last was just a bit Scooby Doo. Surprised Gatiss didn't take the gothic chiller route as he's a big horror aficionado, but last night's was a bit (eek) Torchwoodesque.
  5. cochcaer

    Tom Adeyemi

    Hates racism, loves homophobia.
  6. cochcaer


    Great return last night, 90 minutes just flew by. Deliciously kinky subplot...
  7. cochcaer

    Top Gear

    It's much of it, how a winch pulls of the wings and bonnet I've no idea as it should probably be attached to the subframe.
  8. cochcaer

    Top Gear

    It's become too clumsily staged and forced as they crash into each other and pretend it's an accident.
  9. cochcaer

    Pearl Jam

    You have my commiserations. One of the wankest bands ever.
  10. cochcaer

    This Is England '88

    It seems more mid 80s than 88 to me, sure by this time the Monday's, Roses and house music were kicking off and The Smiths had folded.
  11. cochcaer

    Tuesday 31st May - Panorama.

    Some certainly deserve an assault conviction, hopefully crb's will keep them out of care. Sad thing is I bet this is still taking place elsewhere.
  12. cochcaer

    Cameron: "Cuts will change our way of life"

    Surely you mean the gags provided to them?
  13. cochcaer

    This Is England '88

    That scene really did show that some of the cast have shortcomings as actors.
  14. cochcaer

    This Is England '88

    Tricky territory as if there's no punch to the story it's a bit Alan Clarke-lite, and whilst Meadows captures the appearance of the 80s he misses much of the social realism, making a bit of a retro soap like an old episode of Brookie.
  15. cochcaer

    Games you played as a kid?

    Blocky 123, you guard a base and have to find others without them reaching it. Those caught then join you.