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  1. markcd

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I don't understand how the compliance thing works at all. If they find them in breach of regulations after the season has ended, would they dock them points for 21-22, or would they start next season on, say, -12? Also, if they don't go down, won't the 3 relegated teams try and take them / the PL to court? Either way, it's great isn't it?
  2. markcd

    Nintendo Switch

    I bought a share of a family online membership with the expansion pass on a popular auction site. it cost about £12 for the year, and includes all the MarioKart tracks and Animal Crossing DLC. Works great and saves about £40 a year. PM me if you want the seller id.
  3. biggest club in the world might be pushing it a bit, but they were a brilliant team
  4. not sure I agree with this tbh. Fulham played 6 games in January, 5 in the Championship and Carvalho played in all of them. They are absolutely pissing the league, and look pretty certain to get promoted. Even if they lose 1 or 2 million if the transfer goes to the tribunal, maybe they figure that's ok if Carvalho helps them get promoted. IMO - it was always going to be at the end of the window if any deal was done.
  5. markcd

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    wonder if they've still got these?
  6. ok - which one of you is posting on RedCafe? InspiRED said: What's his present incarceration status though? If he's out on parole could he manage if tagged?
  7. markcd

    The Beatles

    i’m sure it will be a available on other sources, but Disney+ are doing a month for £1.99 which will have all 3 episodes of the Get Back documentary. https://www.disneyplus.com/en-gb
  8. markcd

    Nike deal

    are they made out of the same breathable fabric? Like, could you actually run in them?
  9. Billie Eilish. and yes, it's for my kids. And yes, they both will have decided they don't like her anymore by next June. fml
  10. I bought 4 tickets for the O2 for a concert next June. The tickets were the bargain price of £81 each - so £324 yeah? Oh no. Item Subtotal Tickets £324.00 Facility Fee £9.00 Booking Fee £43.00 Total: £376.00 Paid in full at time of purchase. Total amount includes £3.76 VAT. So £52 to book online. And then after you book, it asks you if you want to book parking at £25
  11. “it looks like you are using ink that didn’t cost the same as crushed diamonds and mermaid tears. So no printing for you dickhead” or when there’s no magenta ink so it won’t print a Word document that’s all just black text.
  12. markcd

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Last 5 years net spend table. 1) Manchester United: £-457.6m 2) Manchester City: £-357.31m 3) Arsenal: £-291.33m 4) Aston Villa: £-247.86m 5) Everton: £-233.92m 6) Chelsea: £-209.15m 7) Wolves: £-196.87m 8) Tottenham: £-173.30m 9) Liverpool: £-164.71m 10) Brighton – £-159.70m 11) West Ham: £-132.28m 12) Leicester: £-114.36m 13) Leeds United: £-106.39m 14) Newcastle: £-98.97m 15) Crystal Palace: £-55.99m 16) Southampton: £-37.80m 17) Burnley: £-22.09m 18) Watford: £-14.10m 19) Brentford: £59.42m 20) Norwich: £66.17m Our spend is calculated like this: 9) Liverpool: £-164.71m 21/22: £-16.65m 20/21: £-58.91m (3rd) 19/20: £28.08m (Champions) 18/19: £-126.79m (2nd) 17/18: £9.56m (4th) I don't know whether it means we are really good at transfers or just tight arses...?
  13. Hayfever can fuck right off. I’d never had it, then last year i’m sneezing like a twat and constantly rubbing my eyes. i’m a middle aged bloke, i’m not supposed to just develop a fucking allergy to tree pollen.
  14. that was weird. I think he must have known his partner is pregnant, and knew what he was going to do....?
  15. we'll be fine with our new Colombian drug-lord in goal