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  1. markcd

    Great Documentaries

    Thought this was really good. Found it quite sad in parts, but well worth a watch for any CSN / CSNY fans.
  2. markcd

    The IPTV Thread

    probably one for the ranting thread, but why does everyone involved in IPTV services just come accross as a massive cunt? Ignoring people, RTFM type answers, the whole range of shite for daring to ask why their service doesn't fucking work....
  3. my wife leans forward at left turn junctions so she can see if there is anything coming, and then I can't see anything out the window. "Yeah - your fine" I'm driving - get your fucking head out the way.
  4. markcd

    Liverpool FC: The 30-Year Wait

    Roy Evans still looks great and he's 71 to Ged's 72. He still seems pretty pissed off with the way he was treated though
  5. markcd

    Great Documentaries

    it is great - and he had a boss taste in music too. Maybe he could do some sort of top 20 bands to broadcast into space thread?
  6. markcd

    Slagging off Soccer Saturday - 3rd Jan edition

    Sky Sports is shit. But 7 pages of this 'political correctness gone mad' when they haven't even appointed anyone is worse. Much worse.
  7. by the time it gets on GOT - it'll be: "So some Albanian RS gang literally cut his sisters head off, and he was only defedning her. Then the police turned up all on PEDs that they get off that twat klopp."
  8. markcd

    Great Documentaries

    This bloke was terrifying and ace at the same time. I kept thinking "he's murdered loads of people him."
  9. markcd

    Great Documentaries

    watched this last night after your recommendation. really odd but in a really good way.
  10. markcd

    Donald Trump

    i think what he means is loads of people hating having a black president so they voted for a racist
  11. The fact she was failed by her mum doesn't excuse other people's actions - and I guess it comes down to whether you think a 14 year old can be a "willing participant" or not.
  12. When Jimmy Page was 28, he was (allegedly) dating the 14 year old Lori Mattix. I have a daughter who is nearly 14, and if I found out that a 28 year old was 'dating' her, I wouldn't need to think about physical vs mental maturity, I would stab the cunt.
  13. Exactly the same result as the Brexit referendum. Coincidence?