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  1. xxxxxxxxx Jackson 5 Beach Boys Prince and the Revolution Public Enemy Nirvana NWA R.E.M. Velvet Underground The Doors CSN (&Y?) Pixies
  2. I agree with this, and that's why I voted for The Clash. If the Stones has called it a day in about 1975, then no question, I'd vote for them all day. But all this Thatcher loving, knight of the realm tax dodging $500 a ticket for their 'last' tour bollocks has tarnished their (undoubtedly excellent) legacy.
  3. or having 1 big hit moaning about how all these new bands were getting famous by getting MTV airplay, and then spending shit loads of money on a video to launch MTV Europe. And then having Sting on it. Sting.
  4. anyone who voted for Dire Straits defo likes Jeremy Clarkson
  5. I've voted Pink Floyd but I think it's closer than people are making out. Personally, it's a drugs thing. When Bryan Ferry started caning the coke, the music went to shite (like quite a lot of bands really) while Floyd seemed more acid and pot, which arguably helped their music develop.
  6. markcd

    The shitness of modern football

    Trent will still be eligible for the Young Player award in 2 years time (2022/2023) when potentially he could have 250 appearances for us.
  7. markcd

    The shitness of modern football

    Imagine voting for anyone other than Trent
  8. markcd

    The IPTV Thread

  9. markcd

    The IPTV Thread

    I'm not on FB anymore - do they have any other way of contacting them? thanks
  10. markcd

    The IPTV Thread

    just tried to renew (ready for unmentionable) and the provider has gone. Could anyone recommend anyone? VOD would be nice, but mainly sport. thanks
  11. markcd

    eBay raffle for NHS

    Buy a raffle ticket for £5 - winner to get signed shirt. https://www.ebay.co.uk/e/special-events/nhs-liverpool
  12. Every twatting advert being made on Zoom - cos it’s like we’re all in this together, and it speaks of now. or some advertising wankspeak by some twat who calls himself a creative but actually just watches YouTube and TikTok videos all day while wearing clothes that don’t fit them.
  13. markcd


    Hancock: Civic duty to engage with test and trace The health secretary is pressed on who gets to decide on the grey areas of whether something is in keeping with the law. He responds that in areas where regulations have been made mandatory, there is a normal police process and the court system is there to make decisions. But he insists NHS test and trace will not be a mandatory system. He says it is a civic duty and personal responsibility for people to follow the rules of test and trace. These people are losing the plot. Public confidence in them is shot because they sacrificed public goodwill to save Cummings. I'm 100% sure that the row over him breaking the lockdown will impact the take-up of this app - which will presumably result in more lives lost.
  14. markcd


    imagine Katie Hopkins using #'ScumMedia' unironically