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  1. Hayfever can fuck right off. I’d never had it, then last year i’m sneezing like a twat and constantly rubbing my eyes. i’m a middle aged bloke, i’m not supposed to just develop a fucking allergy to tree pollen.
  2. markcd

    The IPTV Thread

    if anyone could PM me a recommendation - would really appreciate it. thanks
  3. markcd

    The IPTV Thread

    any recommendations welcome.. have been using one for about 6 months but they have just disappeared (along with the rest of my subs) thanks
  4. that was weird. I think he must have known his partner is pregnant, and knew what he was going to do....?
  5. we'll be fine with our new Colombian drug-lord in goal
  6. i watched some film once set in the 1920's and they were referring to The Great War as World War 1. I was fuming.
  7. What about Goldilocks eh? Breaks into some poor bears house, eats all the porridge, breaks the chair, and then when they come home she's asleep in their kids bed like some crackhead burglar. She needs a kicking if you ask me.
  8. markcd

    What is the best David Bowie album of all time ?

    ok - I'll bite. Why would anyone take YouTube views as any sort of measure of artistic quality? Going by that measure, then the best 5 songs of all time are: 1. "Baby Shark Dance"[28] Pinkfong Kids' Songs & Stories 7.31b 2. "Despacito"[30] Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee 7.08b 3. "Shape of You"[31] Ed Sheeran 5.08b 4. "See You Again"[32] Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth 4.84b 5. "Masha and the Bear – Recipe for Disaster"[35] Get Movies 4.37b
  9. markcd

    What is the best David Bowie album of all time ?

    David Live is a top shout - the version of Cracked Actor is just ace.. Interesting that Let's Dance isn't on the list. I know lots of people don't like that Nile Rodgers sound - but it's his best selling album by far.
  10. markcd


    can you tell the difference with the Masters compared to the normal ones? I tried to look on Reddit and it was just a load of virgins talking about bitrates and DACs and bluetooth. Just wanted to know if it was worth it - thanks
  11. markcd


    Spotify have now started charging me £10 a month after my free 6 months, so they can get to fuck. Tidal are doing a 4 month trial for .99p - which I'm going to try. Or they do a hi-fi version which is £1.99 for 4 months, but then it's £20 a month. Has anyone else tried Tidal - is it shite? deal link here: https://offer.tidal.com/campaigns/5fb3049e202b4000188953cf/products?geo=GB&campaignId=5fb3049e202b4000188953cf
  12. markcd

    Great Documentaries

    Thought this was really good. Found it quite sad in parts, but well worth a watch for any CSN / CSNY fans.
  13. markcd

    The IPTV Thread

    probably one for the ranting thread, but why does everyone involved in IPTV services just come accross as a massive cunt? Ignoring people, RTFM type answers, the whole range of shite for daring to ask why their service doesn't fucking work....
  14. my wife leans forward at left turn junctions so she can see if there is anything coming, and then I can't see anything out the window. "Yeah - your fine" I'm driving - get your fucking head out the way.