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  1. markcd

    Brighton (a) 12/1/19 EPL

    wish these shit teams would just fuck off and play footie instead of all this everyone defending really deep shite. The weird part is that it just doesn't work against us - we've played 15 teams outside the top 6 and we've got 45 points. Maybe they should actually try and attack every now and again?
  2. They’ve definitely been better than under that other twat, but they’ve played 4 shite teams. midfield and up front they look ok, but I can’t think of 1 defender they have who would get in any of the top 4 teams....? And their ‘best in the world’ goalie wouldn’t get a game for any of them either.
  3. I agree that he gets a lot of shit - but the fact the the captain is suspended against Everton and no-one really seems arsed probably says a lot really.
  4. markcd

    Have a rant thread

    Heritage Brands. Heritage? Fuck Off. Your selling me the same shite I bought when I was kid - but now you've just added a nought on the end. Wankers. I love these trainers. But they are £210. Currently the bargain price of £126 in the sale. Sale. £126. Twats.
  5. markcd

    Danny Ings

    West Brom defender Ahmed Hegazi will not be charged after appearing to punch Liverpool's Danny Ings in Saturday's 2-2 Premier League draw at The Hawthorns. Striker Ings complained the 27-year-old Egyptian jabbed him in the stomach after the pair tangled as they both attempted to head the ball. Referee Stuart Atwell did not see the incident, so it was referred to an independent panel of three referees. But they were not unanimous in the view it was a red-card offence. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/43871334
  6. markcd

    Summer 2017 Transfer Thread

    We should buy him for like 60 million and 1, just to wind up Arsenal fans
  7. If you use the code GOTD60GB then they up it to 60Gb free. I've just tested it using the Chrome plug-in and it works. You should understand what a VPN does and doesn't do - personally, I would be wary of using it on a PC that I used for my banking for example, but maybe that's just me and my tinfoil hat....
  8. might want to hold off for a bit - I can't get any of the links to work. Don't know if they are being blocked?
  9. at a bbq yesterday, and I heard; "Alexa - play Smooth FM"
  10. do you get a weird little box in the middle of the screen where it's blurry? I PM'd him ages ago and he said he was fixing it, but never changed
  11. markcd

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Henry Winter ‏@henrywinter 25m 25 minutes ago "We don’t have any big-time charlies. No gloves, no snoods. They’re not allowed to wear red boots because it’s red." Unsworth on #efc U-23s.
  12. thanks - do you know if there any shops that sell them? I can't see anywhere on google, and I really want to listen to it first.
  13. thanks - I'll go and listen to one of those Bose ones - and then probably convince myself to buy the £250 one that you bought.... It's hard to look online at reviews, as it just seems really subjective; one review says the UE Boom is the best thing ever, another review says its garbage. I guess I'll just have to go to Currys....(shudders)
  14. I want a speaker to connect to my Android phone, so I can listen to Spotify. That's about it really. I have a couple of £10 ones, and they're shite - so thinking spending upto about £100 ? Current thoughts is a JBL Charge 3 but, really, i have no clue. Can't afford a Bose one, but any recommendations / suggestions ta.