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  1. RedPaul

    Villa (A) - FA Cup - 8/1/2021 - 19:45

    This is more like it! No mercy!
  2. RedPaul

    Villa (A) - FA Cup - 8/1/2021 - 19:45

    Slow, predictable, lacking any intensity. What's happened to us, where's the pace, movement, speed, skill and incision? Sideways passing, slow, easy to predict and then a looped cross with hardly anyone in the centre to meet the cross, or easy for the opposition goalkeeper to collect, if not overhit. It's like watching a completely different team to the past two seasons. Feels like we are holding back. Where is the heavy metal football? Feels like they are walking through treacle. Like they've all got covid on the brain. No imagination. Am not usually one to overreact, but the players really need to start playing like the champions they are.
  3. Fulham deserve their lead, full of energy, running, strength, first to the ball. We're making mistakes, bad decisions and looking very lethargic. No wonder Klopp is raging.
  4. I'd go one step further, every single slight kick anywhere on the pitch should be a free kick!
  5. Is that a free kick anywhere else on the pitch? I don't think so. Players didn't even appeal.
  6. RedPaul

    Gomez Injured

    I fucking hate international football.
  7. RedPaul

    Everton 2 Liverpool 2 (Oct 17 2020)

    Great report which mirrors how I feel. I hate the whole injustice of it all. The problem I have with Pickford's challenge is he didn't need to make it at all. He's the keeper, and whilst he may be prone to rash moments, I can't see why he did that in that particular situation. Who makes a crazed challenge like that in the penalty area when the ball is heading out of play and the player running for it is at a sharp angle to the goal? It's an appalling challenge to make on a fellow professional, totally out of control, and potentially career-threatening/ending. Benefit of doubt, maybe he lost his head in the moment, but he must have been so hyped up at that moment to do that, or, as you say, there is more to his psychology that we don't know. As for Coote, he's either massively incompetent at best, biased, or a blatant cheat and corrupt at worst. I find it intriguing that we in England don't seriously consider for any moment that one or two of our refs might be on the take. It's English exceptionalism at its finest. They're human beings after all, no different to anyone else. It's happened in other great footballing nations, I honestly can't see why it wouldn't happen here.
  8. Yeah me too. Thought it wouldn't bother me after a while, but the more I see of the images it seems that there are three calls there David Coote on VAR got completely wrong. The Pickford red card, the Mane offside and for me even the VVD offside. I honestly don't see how a VAR ref can get those wrong when they have so much time to review them. Only question I have is how are the offside lines drawn? Is it a manual process or computerised? Always looks manual to me, but appreciate could be wrong on that. As for those two tackles. They should be punished with longer bans. Like I said before I am beginning to think the ban should last as long as the affected player is out injured for. (where it is deemed violent conduct/serious foul play). I suppose this is controversial, but these days there is no excuse for challenges like that and they need to be stamped out of the game (forgive the expression). We've topped the fair play table for 4 years in a row playing some of the best football ever seen in the Premier League, you don't need to put in tackles that could end player's careers.
  9. Two horrendous challenges, only one given the card it deserved, but to be honest these kinds of challenges ruin the game as it can put entertaining players out of the game for months. The suspension should be much longer (at least 6 games, or perhaps the same length of time the injured player is out where the tackle was deemed reckless/serious foul play) to stop players putting this kind of potentially career-threatening foul in. They know what they're doing. It's really bad sportsmanship against a fellow professional and needs to be wiped out. In terms of the game, from what I can see both the offside lines for the Liverpool players appeared to be drawn from the elbow, not the shoulder and given the very fine margins, it feels like both were also wrong. We'll get some decisions in our favour, but VAR is making the game worse, when it should have ahd a positive effect.
  10. So sorry to hear this. My condolences and best wishes.
  11. So the only people who think it wasn't a red are those officiating the actual game? Fucking appalling tackle and decision. Almost sure I saw Picklford walk off with a little smirk too, but that might just be me over reacting!
  12. RedPaul


    It's outrageous that doctors and NHS workers are having to crowdfund online to get the proper PPE equiment they need. Absolutely scandalous. They should have had it weeks ago. It should have been ready to go! I can't find the words to describe how angry this makes me. This government has been dragging its feet over every small detail with this virus and yet they had a heads up from Asia. Our amazing NHS staff are basically knowlingly putting themselves in medical care situations with PPE equiment which is not up to standard (if they have it at all) and potentially exposing themselves to viral loads which could make them very ill. It's just very very sad that we as a nation have allowed this to happen. I know people who voted for our current government and they lap up the spin, and in spite of the evidence presented, won't accept how this governent and past governments have badly treated the NHS. I despair!
  13. RedPaul


    It's looking a bit grim sadly, over 1000 cases now and starting to rise more quickly. A lot of the initial cases were imports from travellers from Europe, the UK being one of the main exporters (why is the UK border STILL open??). So they banned travel from the UK and other high risk countries. Then a week later as cases have started to increase more rapidly and with evidence of local transmission, to be fair the government here has taken quick and very decisive measures to try and hopefully stem the spread. Whatever your politics, the president gave an authoritative and clearly explained speech which I feel has galvanisied the population to an extent. He showed true leadership in his words (unlike one or two others around the world I can think of...). There was no ambiguity, just clear, well-presented instructions. International air space is now closed. We have started a proper full on lockdown here for 3 weeks ( I suspect it will be more), not even allowed out to parks and stuff. Only reason to leave is for food, medical and if you are an essential worker to keep the country running. It's scary though as obviously there are lots of high density settlements and a high % with HIV, a number of whom are not receiving treartment. If this virus gets into any of those groups it could start to get really grim. I'm here working and there is talk of an evac back home if the healthcare side of things gets overwhelmed. But there is little evidence of major panic buying. We went to the shop yesterday and very few people were buying excessively. Plus there was a queuing system and the elderly were given priority. There has been some social media stuff which has turned a bit anti-european, we are receiving the blame for introducing the virus into the country. Hoping that that doesn't create any security issues here. Anyway, look after yourselves back home and I am hoping that these lockdown measures here will have been in time to prevent a health crisis.
  14. RedPaul


    yeah true that, I'm just trying to get my head around why they don't seem to give a shit about possibly high numbers of people dying,
  15. RedPaul


    The cynic in me senses that Johnson and his team want to thin the herd, it makes economic sense after all! That's why they are not testing anymore, why they are telling people to stay at home with what could be severe symptoms and why they can't produce any significant scientific evidence that their policy makes sense.