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  1. I love this incredible team, this perfect manager, this proud city. What an amazing performance after such an intense season. The team deserves this and so much more. They are writing history and I feel so honoured to be able to live through it and enjoy this amazing journey.
  2. Great result after a tough few weeks/games and a massive Champs League semi final basically just over 48 hrs ago. It was inevitable Klopp would have to rotate players and those that stepped in did really well. Was worried that this might be the one we would slip up in, so v happy we got the win. What a team this is.
  3. Ah yeah, thanks, that's it. It was a terrible decision.
  4. I can't remember which game it was, but Jota had a massive shove in the back with much more force than those today and all the commentators were adamant it was a fair challenge and no pen. Their double standards reveal their bias.
  5. All about disrupting the game. It will continue second half. We need to be better than this,
  6. well this is frustrating after some brilliant performances recently. Everton playing all 10 behind the ball, every trick in the book to spoil the game and timewaste, which I guess is the only way they have a chance of getting anything out of it. We need to be quicker and sharper. It will come.
  7. RedPaul

    Mohamed Salah

    Unbelievable sums of money being discussed as per usual. It's why I can't take football too seriously anymore. This used to be a game played by people with some grounding in reality and with links to, or perhaps at least some understanding of, what ordinary working people's lives were about. Big money has ruined this, for me at least. These days it's a greedy, self-centred, grotesque example of what is wrong with this selfish world. I don't begrduge players getting a good wage, especially as careers can be short, but when money is the be all and end all, and when greedy publicity seeking agents are involved, it just turns me off the game to the point where I really don't give a shit if a player such as Salah leaves or not. He is a fantastic player, but there are a multitude of other players who will come in, show the right attitude (under Klopp at least), and who may not be as good as Salah is right now at times, but as a team I am sure (again under Klopp) we will always challenge for trophies. Jota has been outstanding since he signed and Diaz also looks a great buy from what we've seen of him. Life (and football) always moves on. If Salah wants to stay he will take the offer. If he doesn't, he won't. I'm tired of hearing about it to be honest. Que sera sera.
  8. Even game. Chelsea look dangerous on the break, but then so do most teams against us if they beat our high line. We've played well, just need to do a bit more from midfield or from that right hand side,.
  9. Much better second half, great goals, we obviously need to tighten up that defence though. Getting 2-1 up and then leaving a player like that completely unmarked on the edge of the box isn't the best defensive play.
  10. Only two players come out of that first half with any credit - Matip and Allisson. Bar the first 10 mins or so, we looked knackered, lacked concentration, second to almost every ball, and lucky to go in level. The crowd haven't been much better. Big improvement needed second half, which I am sure Klopp will make clear.
  11. Think Klopp said before the game 90% wouldn't be enough to beat the team and so it turned out. Half our team, mainly in defence, were not at their best for whatever reason and that meant we conceded three goals. Far play to Brentford who kept going and were effective in how they attacked us, but we had enough chances to put the game to bed.
  12. If we'd defended properly we'd have comfortably won this game. The back 5 have been awful.
  13. RedPaul

    Euro 2020(21)

    Not going to get an easier QF than this! Ukraine look absolutely lost and completely out of place. Looking very good for England to get to the final.
  14. Shoot on target and it's in the back of the net, who'd a thought it!? GET IN!