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  1. RedPaul


    It's outrageous that doctors and NHS workers are having to crowdfund online to get the proper PPE equiment they need. Absolutely scandalous. They should have had it weeks ago. It should have been ready to go! I can't find the words to describe how angry this makes me. This government has been dragging its feet over every small detail with this virus and yet they had a heads up from Asia. Our amazing NHS staff are basically knowlingly putting themselves in medical care situations with PPE equiment which is not up to standard (if they have it at all) and potentially exposing themselves to viral loads which could make them very ill. It's just very very sad that we as a nation have allowed this to happen. I know people who voted for our current government and they lap up the spin, and in spite of the evidence presented, won't accept how this governent and past governments have badly treated the NHS. I despair!
  2. RedPaul


    It's looking a bit grim sadly, over 1000 cases now and starting to rise more quickly. A lot of the initial cases were imports from travellers from Europe, the UK being one of the main exporters (why is the UK border STILL open??). So they banned travel from the UK and other high risk countries. Then a week later as cases have started to increase more rapidly and with evidence of local transmission, to be fair the government here has taken quick and very decisive measures to try and hopefully stem the spread. Whatever your politics, the president gave an authoritative and clearly explained speech which I feel has galvanisied the population to an extent. He showed true leadership in his words (unlike one or two others around the world I can think of...). There was no ambiguity, just clear, well-presented instructions. International air space is now closed. We have started a proper full on lockdown here for 3 weeks ( I suspect it will be more), not even allowed out to parks and stuff. Only reason to leave is for food, medical and if you are an essential worker to keep the country running. It's scary though as obviously there are lots of high density settlements and a high % with HIV, a number of whom are not receiving treartment. If this virus gets into any of those groups it could start to get really grim. I'm here working and there is talk of an evac back home if the healthcare side of things gets overwhelmed. But there is little evidence of major panic buying. We went to the shop yesterday and very few people were buying excessively. Plus there was a queuing system and the elderly were given priority. There has been some social media stuff which has turned a bit anti-european, we are receiving the blame for introducing the virus into the country. Hoping that that doesn't create any security issues here. Anyway, look after yourselves back home and I am hoping that these lockdown measures here will have been in time to prevent a health crisis.
  3. RedPaul


    yeah true that, I'm just trying to get my head around why they don't seem to give a shit about possibly high numbers of people dying,
  4. RedPaul


    The cynic in me senses that Johnson and his team want to thin the herd, it makes economic sense after all! That's why they are not testing anymore, why they are telling people to stay at home with what could be severe symptoms and why they can't produce any significant scientific evidence that their policy makes sense.
  5. RedPaul


    No. He basically said people are going to die before their time. He's accepted this and as our glorious leader says we should just accept it too. He's telling people this is what he is going to allow happen. Survival of the fittest. It's totally wrong at a basic human level. If you can take absolutely any action (and there are many) to even slightly reduce the risk of vulnerable people becoming infected then you should take it. Fuck everything else. It's the right thing to do. We should be about saving lives not allowing them to die! If we don't take these actions then we're basically allowing people to die who might not have done if certain actions had been taken. How can anyone be ok with this? We don't even know enough about the virus to state beyond reasonable doubt that the UK government's actions will bring about herd fucking immunity. Even Jeremy Hunt doesn't like the idea! It's appalling.
  6. viruses mutate, isn't that why there is a new flu vaccine out each year? or am I mistaken?
  7. Yes, but as has been said you would have to maintain that isolation from their families, friends, other club staff, get someone to do their shopping, take their kids out etc etc... And that isolation would have to be done by everysingle player and over a period of weeks. I can't see the discipline being there, especially with the general message being given by the government. No idea how this is going to play out, but it's more likely that players are going to keep self-isolating and therefore keep putting games off etc...
  8. Highly unlikely it will start again on the 3rd April as the number of cases rise in country and as more players become infected/isolated. They will be looking at a number of scenarios. I can't see anything other than cancelling the summer Euros and finishing the season as and when the situaiton allows.
  9. RedPaul


    What a patronising cowardly cunt that man is. So we're moving into the 'delay' phase...make people stay at home with none to little contact with the outside world. At what point do you contact the doctor? How ill do you need to be? Oh and don't worry, after 7 days you can mix with the big wide world as even if you're still ill you won't spread the disease, that is medically certain, You know how they are going to 'delay' the virus? By not testing anyone... this little nugget from the BBC website "As part of the new measures, testing will only focus on identifying people with the virus in hospital."
  10. Played well enough to win this easily, but you got to take your chances at this level. Saying that we were ahead and only had to manage the game, then there was that horrible mistake.
  11. RedPaul

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    It's surreal it really is. I've been working with 3 blues and away from talking about football they're really sound, but as soon as the conversation turns to us, they turn into these horrible vile human beings and any sane normal conversation with them becomes impossible. Any conspiracy theory, any angle to have a go or bring up poast events, they're at it. I just find it bizarre to be honest. The level of hate is irrational and it can't be good for their health. One of them is married to a red who also works with me and she said she just doesn't say anything at home because he just loses his sh!t anything Liverpool related especially when we're winning of course!
  12. Unbelievable they've allowed those fans to travel, especially when you see what's happening in Spain and elsewhere and also what's happening at home now. When you look at how one person alone can cause many whom they have been in contact with to become infected you see how ridiculous this situation is.
  13. There are games getting cancelled all over Europe now, it's turning into a bit of a clusterfuck. It's only a matter of time now for the UK, which seems to be behind the curve on how to deal with this in more ways than one. The answer to me has to be cancel the Euros til next year and finish the leagues/cups over the summer. There is a real danger that players will test positive at some point, especially if governments don't act decisively and quickly, in fact some already have in Italy, and when that happens, it's game over until it all works through the system. Panic over!
  14. RedPaul


    Re testing - some countries are taking it very seriously and testing high numbers of people (see South Korea), others are making all kinds of excuses or placing very restricitve criteria on who gets tested (see USA). In fact I would suggest that most countries are taking the latter approach, probably for a number of reasons including economic impact should they detect high numbers, cost implications of undertaking these tests, potential impact on their health systems, and global perception that their country should be avoided like the plague (forgive the unintended pun) should they suddenly start testing a lot of positives. Don't forget most deaths from this virus are as a result of viral pneumonia - whether you test that person or put it down to the 'flu' provides an easy get out. I think this is why a lot of countries are quick to point out that where they have identified positive cases these are from people who have travelled from countries known to have a high number of cases. You only test those people so you can easily put the blame elsewhere, not your own population who might be exhibiting symptoms. There's a lot of unknowns about this virus still, such as how long can it survive on surfaces etc and in what environmental conditions. What I would say though is that it has been shown to be very contagious and for a virus to have been about since around the beginning of December and for 80% of people to just experience mild symptoms I think it is probable that this is much more globally widespread than the tested figures show.