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  1. corro

    The Official Cricket Thread

    Couldn’t agree more. The batsmen have been letting them down all series. Great effort today considering the injuries.
  2. corro

    The Official Cricket Thread

    And they’re not going to. Great effort from Wood. Best chance they’ll ever get to piss these Aussie off.
  3. corro

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Yeah they are. Obscenely so. No big deal you not knowing. It won’t change anything.
  4. corro

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Yes that’s the same one you fucking Bobby dazzler. Well in brother I knew you’d get there. Took a bit of time but nevertheless well done.
  5. corro

    Man City - the new bitters?

    No mate. The X factor is the fucking obvious. Fucks sake.
  6. corro

    Man City - the new bitters?

    What results? Don’t be getting carried away with the genius of saint Pep.
  7. corro

    The best ever

    All the best brother. Here’s a new year resolution for you.Stop calling that despicable cunt prime minister Boris. He’s not your mate. You’re the shit on his shoe. Fucks sake you cunt.
  8. That’s been around for years at this time of year so no big deal.You’re right though. Sending them boring cunts down the M6 totally pissed off knowing in a weeks time our first team will turn up and smash them in their own back yard is as you say warming. I imagine our away crew might be about it.
  9. corro

    Gerald Sinstadt

    As a kid being on the barrier if you could. Hands on the shoulders of the fella in front. When they pushed forward you got pushed off so you had to be quick to jump back on when they come back. If you missed it you had to duck under or you got crushed. I fucked up a few times. Got passed out once. Had to bluff the St. John’s ambulance I wasn’t well. We scored so we ran on the pitch then jumped back into the lop. Miracle cure. Happy days.
  10. corro

    January 2022 Transfer Thread

    Why would we go for Rice? He looks comfortable enough playing for defensive minded managers in Moyes and Southgate. He would have to add a lot more to his game playing for us. It would cost a lot of money to find that out. Fabhino has that spot covered. When fit of course.
  11. We seem to enjoy playing there. Plenty of space to run them ragged. Hopefully have Henderson Fabhino and Thiago starting, with the centre backs keeping Antonio in check we win comfy.
  12. Fabinho missing is huge as it means the captain playing in a position he struggles in. That midfield was always gonna struggle as it’s patched up. Potter is a good manager who has his team well drilled. Hard working. The midfield got the run around in Madrid. Utds midfield is dogshite so that doesn’t count. Today was always gonna be tough against a well organised hard working team. Fuck it Matip, Fab and Thiago back Wednesday to twat Them cunts.
  13. We need to be on it from the start here. They’re a very good football team who work like fuck throughout. Our midfield will find it tougher than against last weeks pile of shite.
  14. corro

    Favourite TV Theme Tune - Nominations

    Man in a suitcase Beverley hillbillies The Protectors.
  15. I would be happy with him. Hopefully not for ages by the way.
  16. corro

    Alex Ferguson

    A very good manager no doubt. His European efforts leave it a Calm down captain. Vlad is right about the European failures. This is what separates the very good from the great. Out thought and bamboozled by his euro counterparts season after season. A very good manager no doubt. He doesn’t get a chair with the very best. It would be disrespectful to think that brother.
  17. No mate. Strictly results shite. You still watching the game on flash scores. It’s the only way I can follow our games these days. Too nervous watching the games
  18. I reckon I speak for a lot of old school reds who felt that no matter how shite we were the season before we always believed we were gonna piss the league this season because we were Liverpool FC. Nothings changed. We will piss the league this season.
  19. corro

    Georginio Wijnaldum

    Fucks sake he’s left so why should I read his quotes. He’s fuck all to me as we are fuck all to him. Not that I’m arsed but why didn’t he have a go at the internet warriors while he was still here.
  20. corro

    Georginio Wijnaldum

    Touchy cunt. It’s our fault now. Fuck off and slot your oil dough you pampered prick