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    Watched my mother die in my arms today. sooner they find a cure for this horrible bastard fucking disease the better. Watching someone suffering in that way is unbearable for everyone. My heart goes out to anyone that has suffered in any way through cancer. the nurses at st davids hospice are angels. god bless them.
  2. withnail71

    Ebay wankers.

    Currently having a bit of bother with some fucking meff on ebay and tbh, i can't see why he has got a bee in his bonnet. Here is the situation. I advertise 2 pairs of jeans on separate listings with £3.50 post and packaging on each item. This bloke buys both pairs , and to save fucking about i send them in the same package. The twat gets them both very fucking cheap, and then sends me a shitty message telling me that i have to refund him him the postage on one of the items or he will make sure i have a 'very rough ride' . Nowhere did i advertise postage discounts on multiple purchases. If the shithouse had contacted me before buying them, asking if i would discount the packaging, i would probably have done it for him, but he has been such a thundercunt for the sake of a couple of quid, that im going to dig my heels in. Anyone else had a prob with a tard like this ?
  3. withnail71

    Guitar enthusiasts.

    Listen to this. I don't think i've ever heard anything as good as this guy. I had an eargasm.
  4. withnail71

    Meat !!!

    Fucking marvelous stuff, i just dont understand vegetarians. if we arent meant to eat animals why are they made of meat ? my neighbours 2 sons are both butchers and im off to their house in a bit to stuff my face with steak,minted lamb, ribs,kebabs, the works !!! my fave meat is chicken, whats your favourite meat ?
  5. recently started buying asda's own brand stuff to save a few quid. This week i thought i would give their own brand special k a go. so there i was , happily munching away on my cereal at 6.30 this morning when all of a sudden there was a huge CRACK ! and a searing pain in my gob. i spit out the contents of me mush, to find a fucking whole cherry stone and half of my left upper molar ! It cost me £250 today to have a cap put on my tooth !! Injured by Asda and robbed blind by a fucking dentist :telloff: moral of the story, dont try to save money on cheap grub.
  6. withnail71

    Whats your favourite war film ever?

    Saving private Ryan Deer hunter Apocalypse now
  7. withnail71

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    Vikings. Damn good. 8.5/10
  8. withnail71

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Mr Church. Eddie Murphy's finest hour. A really well produced feel good film. I got the same feeling as when I first watched The Shawshank Redemption. 8/10
  9. withnail71


    I just can't get my head around people who enjoy running. Even when I was in the army I fucking hated running. Boring, monotonous way to keep fit. Actually it's only footie that I enjoyed. Maybe that's why I'm a fat cunt.
  10. withnail71

    Rate the last film you watched...

    A War Really good war film about a Danish unit in Afghanistan. One of the best war films ive seen in a while. 7/10
  11. My 13 year old son insists on showing me 'hilarious' clips of things on YouTube.i have yet to see anything remotely funny. I honestly think kids today are so dull they will literally laugh at anything.
  12. withnail71

    That bird that bummed her mate

    How did I miss this story ??????
  13. I have no idea why anybody would want to 'dab', and I am confused why young people are flipping bottles everywhere I go. If you were to do those sort of things when I was a kid, you would have been classed as a 'window licker' or a 'fucking deacon', after the disabled ald fella on blue peter.
  14. withnail71


    It's looking likely i am heading toward divorce after 8 years of marriage. Not happy about it and i hate seeing my kids suffer, but if any of you have been through it and can offer any advice on how to make it as painless as possible i am all ears.
  15. withnail71

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Capsule True story of a British astronaut in a fucked space capsule in the 50's. 6/10
  16. withnail71

    Adam Lallana

    I still think my Lallana song is fucking boss
  17. withnail71

    Adam Lallana

    I've thought of a song for Lallana. Listening to absolute radio the other day and they played Ocean Colour Scene " the day we caught the train ". The chorus is perfect. " oh oh Lallana, oh oh lallana"
  18. withnail71

    Rate the last film you watched...

    The Jungle Book =2016 CGI on a different level. Fantastic film ! 8~10
  19. Now , Mane is a good player, there is no doubting that, but a marquee player ? Im not having that. It worries me that we look at the like of Utd bringing in Mkhitaryan and Zlatan, City with Gundogan and Nolito, Chelsea with Batshuahi,Cuadrado,and Atsu, and all we seem to be doing is attempting to scavenge around in the bargain basement. Leicester proved last season that its not always the big names that win you trophies, but as a general rule of thumb, the teams that spend the big bucks on the big names tend to win the silverware come May. last season Klopp did really well with a team inherited from Rodgers, there was some proper crap in that squad that needed shifting , and still is, he has brought in many new faces so next season there can be no excuses for failure. Can you imagine the fucking shitstorm if we end the transfer window with a nett spend of fuck all and get off to a really poor start ? Imagine we win nowt again next season ?This season, on the back of record breaking tv deals, ridiculous amounts of money at hand , is the perfect opportunity to attract seasoned , quality internationals to compliment our promising youth. Is this really a genuine selection tactic , or are FSG just fucking tight fisted cunts ? With Klopp hinting there may be no more signings, we may go into the season without a quality defensive central midfielder, and with a shit left back. This would be inexcusable in my opinion, spend some fucking money on a bit of experienced quality ! If once again this squad fails next season, there is going to be one biblical type shitstorm.
  20. withnail71

    The biggest gamble of the FSG reign ?

    they got 30m for Modric and 91m for bale, thats pretty much why they have a nett spend of zero. When we were competing for the likes of Paulinho,Eriksen, Sigurdsson, we simply wouldnt pay the money the wanted.
  21. withnail71

    The biggest gamble of the FSG reign ?

    Nothing to do with getting over 90 million for Bale then ?
  22. withnail71

    The biggest gamble of the FSG reign ?

    We have more than enough money to sign top quality players from abroad. At present we arent even going toe to toe with the likes of Arsenal, Spurs etc.What does that tell you ?
  23. withnail71

    The biggest gamble of the FSG reign ?

    They are footballers, they couldnt give a flying fuck, they will play for whoever pays the best. Do you think the current crop of quality players plying their trade in China went there because of the quality of the league they are playing in ? behave.
  24. withnail71

    The biggest gamble of the FSG reign ?

    So are you saying we simply cant attract top players ? Two words for you . China. Money.