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  1. JermainePennant

    The Petty Argument, WUM, and Bullshit Thread

    Curiosity made me come back to see what was said, after seeing some replies I have to say a proper goodbye. I'm leaving partly because I can't say anything without being called a troll because of some constantly talking shite and influencing others.Agent Ps reasons for deleting my posts confirm my thoughts that people are being led astray.I have no problem with Agent P as he's never said anything bad to me and I've believed others were trolls in the past aswell because of most of the site saying they were. My three posts which were deleted because I was apparently trolling are as follows.I replied to BBN who said I said I hoped we would be shit after BR went and fans would deserve it, what I actually said was I predicted our minimum target under BR would become the main target under the new manager.I stand by those fans who forced him out deserve it and I have been proved right. The second was a reply to Bert who said did I read his post, I said yes and that he said I had a fixation over Rodgers replying to a post where I said nothing about him. The third was to Mil ing around who took the piss out of me and others, I replied with smiley faces laughing as literally everything he said about me was wrong and I explained why. The other reason I'm leaving is because of those who call me a troll, wum and crazy because of things I have said regarding football.To them I want to say a sincere thank you, you've all made me feel like a football genius. Things that look easy to me and seem common sense I've been called crazy for and have been proved right.You've inspired me to write articles and if you do represent most fans after a couple years writing I'll be very successful when people see how good my football knowledge is.If not and you have been trolling and know more about football then you let on atleast I'll have a few followers with common sense. Thanks for the confidence boosts but everything must come to an end, I'll give one final prediction which will be proved right.Those who took the piss the most when I questioned Klopp will be the biggest cunts about him when his time is up.
  2. JermainePennant

    The Petty Argument, WUM, and Bullshit Thread

    Three posts deleted by me in the transfer thread when others wrote about ten paragraphs taking the piss out of others and other posts by people just moaning about anything left on there. That's it I'm done with this site and your paranoid and hypocritical ways, carry on with your Klopp wankfest in peace.
  3. JermainePennant

    Liverpool v Barcelona - Wembley

    Good game, Mane looked impressive but Barca left a lot of space for him to run in to.The true test will be when we see him against teams that sit back which is the case with most teams we play. Enjoyable game but Barca are not far in to their pre season and we battered Dortmund before one of our worst starts in the prem, friendlies are meaningless but a good confidence builder before the start of the season.
  4. JermainePennant

    Transfers summer 2016

    Thanks to Bert for proving what I've said all along, I do not bring up Rodgers but people assume I am talking about him and make points which sometimes I reply to. As for Kosma, anyone trying to say I'm a bad fan who was on here during Rodgers last full season is taking the piss and is a hypocrite.There was only a few on here who were good fans and I was one of them, I've never asked for Klopp to be sacked and have said even if he fails this season I wouldn't want him sacked. This summer window has been far from inspiring and I honestly can't remember a window where my expectations have been so low, Rodgers first summer window wasn't great either but atleast you could see he was trying to address weaknesses. That's my point and not a prediction about the season, no Europe and if Sturridge stays fit who knows.
  5. JermainePennant

    Transfers summer 2016

    The point is then there was actually a strategy and fans could understand what was happening, Cole was signed to help unlock defences and Poulsen was a replacement for the dm leaving.Back then you could see a scenario where we could achieve our aims, right now we are not addressing weak areas which have cost us for years and will continue to do so. We also were beating top teams to players and they did look potentially world class to some (before anyone takes the piss that's a fact and I could bring up quotes about Cole), now the players we are signing makes it look like 5th will be a good season.
  6. JermainePennant

    Transfers summer 2016

    Spot on, 90% of the fans could see what needed to be done yet the club/manager have not addressed our weaknesses.Im amazed that after the Sevilla game we haven't signed a dm and are getting rid of the only player who can play that role. As I said a few weeks ago this is the worst summer window I can remember since Hodgson, even that one wasn't as bad as I was excited about Cole and thought Poulsen would do a job.Normally during the summer Im checking the rumours everyday but this time I have no interest, when we are linked to someone it's embarrassing with players like Sissoko and others.
  7. JermainePennant

    Liverpool FC v AS Roma

    The problem with playing Milner at lb is he is the third or fourth best player at the club and was the most consistent player last season.Two of our biggest club legends Carra and Gerrard wouldn't put up with that, fair play to Milner for behaving professionally but I can't believe he will be happy with that long term. I'd play him on the rw, he does favor the cm position though and right now he is better than the players ahead of him.Hes being treated harshly imo but I don't think it will take him long to regain his place in midfield with the others who are ahead of him at the moment.
  8. JermainePennant

    Liverpool FC v AS Roma

    How about you and others who have such a problem stop spamming every thread with comments saying ignore him etc, better yet talk about football or LFC.
  9. JermainePennant

    Liverpool FC v AS Roma

    Whoevers responsible for us not getting a new dm and cm is frankly incompetent.The last game of the season we were played off the park by an OK side, the average fan could see what we needed so there's no excuse.
  10. JermainePennant

    Brendan Rodgers - New Celtic Manager

    He has been a welcome addition to the site as he's shown how some on here are blinded by their hate of Rodgers, he didn't say anything wrong when he joined but was negged and called a troll.It showed me that those on here are not making sense with what they say, are a bit delusional and I shouldn't be offended when they moan. Near the end of Rodgers time here I added a lot of people who supported him on Twitter, some liked the manager a lot more than me.If they were on here God knows what you lot would be calling them. As for the person saying I'm turning them against Rodgers because I always talk about him they are wrong, the problem is if I say something about the new manager or signings people take that as me trying to defend Rodgers or something which is not the case.
  11. JermainePennant

    Brendan Rodgers - New Celtic Manager

    Yeah better do it quick, there's more than one fan who is saying they like the man and appreciate the job he did.It was ok being on here the last few weeks while most took the piss when he had bad results.
  12. JermainePennant

    Brendan Rodgers - New Celtic Manager

    Your making yourself look bad now, you try to pass other opinions that you have off as facts with no proof but this time your doing it about something that your clearly wrong about. As for people saying Im making them not like Rodgers, why because I don't agree with their opinions which a lot of them time are factually wrong.Does that mean that white people supporting blacks back in the day were responsible for white people not liking blacks because they didn't agree with the racists?
  13. JermainePennant

    Transfers summer 2016

    Sure, we lost Gerrard, Sturridge and Suarez who were the key players during our title challenge.Ive never seen those top managers have a good season with all their star players gone.
  14. JermainePennant

    Brendan Rodgers - New Celtic Manager

    Maybe I don't know what a wum is, is a teacher telling someone 2+2=4 a troll? If I'm telling you something that is a fact and you don't like it I don't consider that trolling, maybe I am wrong though and don't know the true meaning.
  15. JermainePennant

    Liverpool V AC Milan

    Ibe has more potential than both of them and is a better player than Ojo at this stage imo.Hes as good technically as the other two and has more strength, in two years time I'm very confident most people will see him as the best out of the three. He's got the perfect move at this stage of his career, he's at a prem club where he will start every week and they play the right way.A permanent move was better for him as when teams struggle the manger drops the loan players and plays the players owned by the club, Ibe won't have to suffer that fate. I just hope in two years time when all the top clubs are trying to sign him he has forgiven Klopp for the shabby treatment and he returns to LFC.