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  1. As it should be. Only the churlish would try to deny us or say afterwards that it wasn't a real champion season. Christ, there hasn't been a team with this one's stats in effing decades.
  2. This is a totally unprecedented situation, so rushing to void things is a bit premature The Guardian is reporting today of a test that tells if you have Covid-19 days before you are even infectious. If this gets approved and mass produced, the stadiums wouldn't even have to be empty. They should hold off a decision as new discoveries are made. We might not have to live like this until 2021 when a vaccine is available. Mind you , if they just hand the league, which is rightfully ours regardless of any asterix seeing us we blew the others out of contention, it would be good for the boys to have a rest.
  3. This really has f-all to do with anyone else in the FA, but Man City, since they were the only team with a still theoretical chance of catching us. Otherwise Henderson would already have held the trophy aloft. Are Pepe and co going to be consistent and honorable and concede that we should be crowned or not. The rest have no right to vote anything but Yes to us being champions.Insert other media
  4. A new 15 minute test has just been approved here in the States. My brother works for the company that makes it, Abbott Labs. They could easily give these tests to all players and staff at a stadium for behind closed doors games. It would be up to teams to keep players and staff virus-free. The physios could administer the tests so NHS resources aren't being used up. It's not ideal, but definitely doable, and money talks so I doubt the Premier League would pass on that.
  5. I think it will be behind closed doors in about a month. First of all, they need to finish this season before thinking about starting another with so much uncertainty about when this crisis will end, return etc. But we do know that it will end at some point in the next year with the vaccines, so it is not like outbreak of war etc. Secondly, imagine what joy it will give everyone to at least watch live footie on TV again when we are all locked down with no bars, restaurants, movie theaters etc. The Premier League will get even bigger and more popular.
  6. Mojo

    Hull Away 4/2/17

    No Heighway for Hull
  7. Mojo

    Other football 2016/17.

    There is a God! Sadio will be back with something to prove
  8. Mojo

    Liverpool 0 Southampton 1 (Jan 25 2017)

    Isn't it the style of their play that made us look slow? Klopp talked about us lacking the enthusiasm to enjoy the task of breaking defensive teams down. He could be right. I'm still skeptical we are knackered, but we obviously do need to learn to break teams down without Sadio around, and getting another winger would not be too soon. I wished even Redmond was on our side last night. The media love to create dramas about our club and laugh at our fans in particular getting carried away with their emotions up or down. Why not resist playing into that crap and just get behind the team even more to make Anfield a real fortress. Don't forget Southampton didn't concede a goal at all in that competition, and we were inches away and really should have had a couple. They should give the Mancs a hard game.
  9. We need a confidence booster ahead of Tuesday. I'd try to blitz them in the first half, and then rest people. So many need more playing time anyway.
  10. Mojo

    Loris Karius

    This. The answer is to get behind him. Cheer his every touch. If he improves, there's that benefit as well as sticking it to the vile Manc Nevilles and their Fergie-inspired dirty tricks. If he doesn't improve despite all the obvious love we loudly show him, I can guarantee you that Klopp will then act. It's a dirty Manc mind-game. Don't you remember when Neville blamed Mignolet's starting position for Jagielka's unstoppable last minute equalizer. Best way to put an end to it is to stick it to them, and watch how they won't try it again with the most psychologically vulnerable position in the team.
  11. Mojo

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I hate to admit it, but Koeman has already improved their prospects.
  12. Mojo

    Transfers summer 2016

    They've done well to get Slimani, a new Collymore who can head the ball and is not screwed up with inner demons