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    Accumulator for tonight

    Ah, sorry! Not my mother tongue. Forgot to mention that just before the match they attacked the goalkeeper, Stankovic and Zigic prevented them from beating him up. He refused to go on the pitch afterwards.
  2. Jasmine

    Accumulator for tonight

    There hasn't been a murder, but there were riots in the streets. Gay pride is just an excuse for them, they go mental any time they find anything close to an excuse and never get serious punishment. On Sunday the policemen had orders only to defend themselves and hundreds of them ended up in a hospital, instead of the other way round. And now they decided to have a prolonged weekend in Italy, the utter cunts, we deserve to be kicked out of the qualifications, perhaps then someone will do something about them.
  3. I love her view on AIDS and condoms, here's a boss clip, a bit long, but Rachel Maddow is brilliant here mpKvc3O7Pak
  4. Jasmine


    But you didn't find it... beautiful, did you? I've been living in Belgrade since forever and find it still difficult to grasp tourists' fascination with it. It's the long-legged girls, right?
  5. Jasmine

    Those Chilean Miners

    Mistresses and wives clash over trapped Chilean miners
  6. Jasmine

    Friday Fives

    Top 5 Pet Peeves 1. People 2. Time 3. Phones 4. Sentences 5. Dependency
  7. Jasmine

    Who were your childhood crushes??

    David Boreanaz David Cubitt in Traders
  8. Jasmine

    Too tall for school

    That's the average height in Brazil, it's omitted in the subtitles. I'm somehow more shocked by that house she lives in.
  9. Jasmine

    Women of TLW take your pick....

    Amazing. I'd rep you if I could.