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  1. rondeco

    Philippe Coutinho

    Phil, What the fuck are you at, Lad? We're gonna win the champs league. You're walking away from a champs league medal.. PHIIIILLLLL!
  2. rondeco

    Fit Birds Who Fly Under the Radar

    Nicola Mimnagh who did a video of a solo performance in a plane jacks and I have it on whatsapp!!!
  3. rondeco

    Danny Ings

    Ings can only get better.. As long as we D:ream
  4. rondeco

    Chelsea(h) PL- Match Thread

    My impressions from last night. * I had an amazing spice bag with curry sauce. * Chamberlain was excellent bar not tracking alonso back and allowing him a free volley over the bar * Henderson lost all discipline in the second half. There was a clear few minutes where the midfield was set up as milner and gini behind henderson who was obviously meant to sit on Fabregas but didn't * Sturridge didnt have the pace for this game. *Coutinho was generally poor bar a wonder pass for salah that chelsea just cleared. *Salah has so much more to his game than just pace *Hazard is the best player in the league.
  5. rondeco

    Jurgen Klopp

    Fuckwits on here going on about who leaves first, Mane or Salah.. This place reeks of women
  6. rondeco

    [NSFW] The All New Celebrity T*ts Out Thread

  7. rondeco

    Favourite Songs About: Heartbreak

    He has loads along similar styles. If you liked safety rope you'll love his stuff
  8. rondeco

    Spurs Match 22 Oct

    Any word on coutinho? Missed training on friday
  9. rondeco

    Favourite Songs About: Heartbreak

    This is an Irish songwriter who, for me, is probably the most talented songwriter to come out of Ireland in the last 20 years. His stuff is very like Tom Waits. That's enough of a recommendation I think..
  10. rondeco

    Favourite Songs About: Heartbreak

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8055IqijQzo Makes me tear up everytime I hear it