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  1. loadsoftrophies

    Missing (posters) in Action

    Haha! It's a weird world at the moment, i'm at a point now where i'd gladly sit down and listen to Johnny Nelson commentate on a live fight.
  2. loadsoftrophies

    Missing (posters) in Action

    The bastards have taken over everything, 2 boys who cause carnage. Good to see ye all, this is a great throwback to that brilliant boxing thread we had. That was a proper thread with great knowledge, we made a few pound too!
  3. loadsoftrophies

    Missing (posters) in Action

    Ah jeez this is nice, feel all warm now. I've not died anyway which is a good start. No sports is horrendously shit so i've basically logged back in to see if the Katy Perry thread has any new decent pictures or even any old thread with boobs. I hope you are well Captain, i've been watching a few old fights to keep me ticking over.
  4. loadsoftrophies

    Boxing 2019

    I remember clearly that fight against the Cuban in the quarters, Savons nephew i think and Joshua was absolutely gifted it. He was always getting gold after that. He's obviously a good fighter with power but he's massively overrated, in fairness Hearn has made insane money off him. I think that's it for him now though, he may beat Ruiz but theres a massive vulnerability in him as a fighter now.
  5. loadsoftrophies

    Boxing 2019

    Really good fight up to it. Stoppage came out of nowhere as well, i thought Hooker was going to take over so fair fucks to Ramirez.
  6. loadsoftrophies

    Any interest in a new boxing prediction league?

    Yep me as well.
  7. loadsoftrophies

    Boxing 2018

    Frampton put his phone number up on twitter once for the laugh, i texted Paddy giving him a lighthearted jeer, in fairness he texted back laughing about it. He's always getting the piss taken out of him but he's a sound fella, heard only good things about him.
  8. loadsoftrophies

    Saudi Arabia

    It's raining men(s bits)
  9. loadsoftrophies

    Boxing 2018

    No mention of Crawfords performance, thought it was top class and that uppercut was ridiculous even in the replay it was hard to see it was so quick. I remeber reading about Benadeviz when he was sparring in the wildcard gym at 17, he was being touted as a superstar back then, they mentioned during the fight that the strapping on his leg was down to him being shot, pity that as it clearly held back his movement. Crawford v Spence jr is a dream fight, please make it!
  10. loadsoftrophies

    Boxing 2018

    For all his talent i'd love to see him never box again. Horrible individual.
  11. loadsoftrophies


    35 euro a bottle so in for a quick buck. It'll be off the market within 5 years. Shite.
  12. loadsoftrophies


    Malinaggi (yeah i know) but he has always said he doesn't have one punch power , he does have some decent power but that it's just he's very accurate with it and in general MMA fighters are not at that level of accuracy. Gives him that extra edge on striking. Looks like Khabib has a decent chin on him as well so that was even worse news for Mcgregor.
  13. loadsoftrophies


    It's a pity White didn't get a dig himself, he's left Mcgregor do and say what he wants for years because he's the cashcow, he messed with the wrong people this time. Tensions were hyped to fuck for this fight, genuine hatred between the two camps so there was always going to be a massive fallout after this especially after the bus incident.
  14. loadsoftrophies


    Not that i really care but Mcgregor threw the first punch on top of the cage just as Khabibs man jumped up.