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  1. ferryman

    Top four - is it too late?

    Tottenham and City are destined to crumble. They "always" do. I´m sure we´ll make a good run at 4th.
  2. ferryman


    I love it when it´s "tight down there"
  3. ferryman

    Johnson to miss rest of season!!

    That´s just plain funny. Thanks M-M. Just what I needed today.
  4. ferryman

    Mac Widgets and other Mac stuff

    A bit late but, hey... I´ve used Opera´s browser as long as I can remember on my Pc´s and thought that it´s as good as it gets, but no. Opera is even better on a Mac. Get it, try it, love it. Onyx - Cleans up your Mac, IF it starts getting slowish, like. (Careful, it´s a powerful tool. If you don´t know what happens, don´t do it!) OpenOffice.org - For all your Office needs. Gimp - For great picture editing. VLC - Plays 99% of the media out there. Good movie player. HandBrake - Encoding media files from "whichever" to "whatever". FlashVideoDownloader - Browser-widget that allows you to download a bunch of videos that you otherwise can´t. I use 9 separate widget-clocks simultaneously, in a row, on the Dashboard, as a "world clock" with local time in the middle. Also, 1 calendar, 1 translator, 1 multi-converter, 1 dictionary, 1 Wikipedia, 1 calculator and 3 weather-stations (1 for each city I frequently visit). The point is: Dashboard is really cool and useful. You can alter how you access Dashboard, Spaces, the Dock and other built-in apps in System Preferences. Mac is, as you probably have figured out by now, full of cool widgets, gadgets and apps and don´t really NEED anything extra. I converted from 15 years of cursing at the virus infected, blue-screened, noisy, outdated-within-6-months Pc´s to Mac, 2 years ago and never looked back. Enjoy!
  5. Keane sucked more during his spell with Liverpool than anyone in the history of the team. In the history of sucking! (Loosely paraphrasing Po there, sorry) If someone finds it THAT hard to fit in (or whatever) in a team, there´s maybe no other outcome than a split up. I trusted and hoped he would be a success though and feel he could have been, if given more time. Bygones...
  6. ferryman

    Rate the last film you watched...

    2012 - How many near-plane crashes can we cram in two hours? Flying under trains, trucks and crumbling skyscrapers. Combined with out-of-this-world crash boom bang and Independence Day looks like a low budget, backyard movie. A couple of laughs, (Woody Harrelson) some spectacular views and nice effects though. 5/10
  7. ferryman

    Greatest film Cop duo

    This thread needed only the one suggestion.
  8. ferryman

    Dealing with rude customers

    Oooooh...RUDE customers! I read NUDE customers. Well, it has to wait until the right topic come along. Ta.
  9. ferryman

    The world of a woman.

    I work on a ferry. We were discussing what kind of activities we would like to have on-board, for the crew. E.g. darts, game boards etc. The whole thing started to get out of hand and quite funny when helicopter rides and on-board go-cart track was suggested. When someone said we should have a bowling lane, we all burst out in laughter. Then one of the girls (she´s been sailing for 5-6 years) asked: But why AREN´T there bowling lanes on ships?
  10. ferryman

    Kirkby knocked back.

    Hehehe. I can almost hear the song in the Theater of Screams: ":monkeytongue: Are you waaatchin Merseys... :monkeyshocked: oh SHITE!" It doesn´t do US any good, but I´m happier when ManU is loosing. Also; Porto is unlucky not to lead v Chelshit.
  11. ferryman

    Alberto Aquilani

    This is the epitome of the TLW forum. Simply wonderful.
  12. :lol::lol: Are you taking the piss?
  13. ferryman

    Media Led Witch Hunt

    FFS. The reporter bitch on CNN in Hong Kong (!) laughed out loud as she talked about Liverpool´s CL exit. Just a minute ago.
  14. ferryman

    The Derby Match Thread

    A bit late now, me think. The match is next week and the window is closed until January... :smile: