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    First memory of the reds was crying when Charlie George scored the winner in the FA Cup Final 71-I was 7 at the time.

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  1. cestrianred

    Notts County at home

    Wisdom worries me
  2. cestrianred

    Notts County at home

    Wisdom and mistake as per Celtic game
  3. cestrianred

    Other football

    Win Sunday go top....
  4. cestrianred

    Other football

    Ahem meant Schurle
  5. cestrianred

    Other football

    De Bruyne runs like Damian Duff Keep thinking its him at first glance as he's a similar height and colour
  6. cestrianred

    Suarez: Sell or Keep?

    Just don't feed the Nordic troll, should have learned by now
  7. cestrianred

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    Looks reasonable But as ever with a YouTube video?? How great would Sterling & Ibe look with their own videos on there (complete with shite music gangster style I guess!) & what price would that make them look worth?
  8. As the probable Willian news filters, and the others that Spurs seem likely to bring in like Lamela, doom & gloom has struck with most. Many seem to write us off for a Top 4 spot. I DO NOT! If we can have a team with Sturridge, Coutinho and (here's the IF) Suarez playing at the top of their game, we can be a match for most. It also relies on Sterling, Aspas, Ibe, Alberto and Borini to step up to the mark when required, and be hungry and chomping at the bit to take their chance. Would you rather have Carroll, Downing and Cole than the above? Easy answer. We haven't got trips in the Channel 5 cup to Racing Tirana or Athletico Torremolinos like Spurs, and no Thursday/Sunday games. WE CAN get top 4 but we need a hungry united squad, no major injuries and the fact that the others all take points off each other (Southampton is a tough game now!). We need the hunger of Toure to prove he still has it, and the desire of Aspas, Alberto and Mignolet to prove how their signings were the right ones. Let's not forget the form we started to show in the 2nd half of last season. Also Spurs have a lot of new names to accomodate, and the Europa factor to accomodate as stated earlier. Arsenal I don't fear & I think a CL elimination by Fenerbache possible & would send them into a tailspin. SO it's tough to get Top 4 .....BUT POSSIBLE! Believe!! Remember Istanbul at half time. Get behind the team & manager-nothing is a given.
  9. cestrianred

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    God there's some whiners on here For the last 4 years we have come 6th to 8th I'm all for letting Pepe move on & getting a good experienced hungry keeper in Let's see how we stand at the end of August. I'd let Skrtel go also. I was not 100% sure about Brendan last year but I'm 100% behind him now He knows he has to have us challenging for top 4 this year or he will be off. Aspas, Coutinho, Sturridge is a pretty good attacking threat,and Borini will improve, if Suarez goes (and I'm not arsed if he does after his recent antics) we'll spend it well I am confident, if he stays I think we'll get top 4 Get behind those that want to play for us & sod the rest.
  10. I haven't read the story (deliberately) but 2 are owned by a "Businessman" a headline on NewsNow says who "Wants his day in Court". Will just be a greedy git who saw his opportunity & wants a small fortune playing hostage taker. This is the one occasion when I'd not be against a Reds supporting Heavy or two to go and talk with him & ask him to see it different!
  11. cestrianred

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    Read it again!? "top of the list....IN THE POSITION HE PLAYS IN"
  12. cestrianred

    The English media and Suarez

    Obviously I'm missing an English translation? I just see an interview on Spanish on YouTube on that twitter link ??
  13. cestrianred

    The English media and Suarez

    Rhubarb! If he came out and said " I gave you 2 1/2 years and 100% but I am not playing CL football and want to go" fair enough But to say nothing in the UK of the sort and saying he would stay etc etc and every time he sets foot in Uruguay suddenly develop a voice hmmmm Real haven't even said they want him He's whoring himself to a club who haven't even said they want him He's naffed off most supportive fans You appear different!
  14. cestrianred

    The English media and Suarez

    (Have to confess you're one poster I seem to agree with on most post subjects) 100% Agree. He's lost me & quite a few mates with his ramblings in the last week or two. After all the support he's had from everybody (club, fans) he can sod off now to the Madrid Circus. But I think he'll end up at Atletico as he's desperate for Real who seem to have him as 4th option (Bale, Cavani and another I forget)
  15. cestrianred

    Warrior Kit Deal - Not bullshit

    Warrior have succeeded in getting known through this And ..... Ducks for cover ... I like the. 3 rd kit