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  1. fezzman

    The Ailment thread

    When you first start on Allopurinol you'll get an attack, and a nasty one at that. Once it kicks in, though, it'll reduce the frequency and severity of attacks. I started taking it 15 years ago, and my last attack was over 3 years ago.
  2. fezzman

    Yorkshire pudding poll?

    Have to say A. The fat was obviously hotter when the batter was poured in, resulting in a crispier, but less uniform-shaped yorkie. B are still good though. I'd also say that neither of them are overcooked, but that might just be my taste.
  3. fezzman

    This forums political compass

    Leftie libertarian, like most on here.
  4. fezzman

    Retro beauties

    Used to see her from time to time in Addison's by the New Strand in the mid to late 80's. 'Twas a good place to go at the weekend!
  5. fezzman

    Who will win in your constituency?

    Mid Bedfordshire for me, too. Nadine Dorries. Even the local Toroes don't like her. She lives in Tewkesbury on the other side of the country!
  6. fezzman


    ^This^ Serious flavours going on in this bunch. Laphroiag is probably best value. Lagavulin is my personal favourite.
  7. fezzman

    Who were your childhood crushes??

    Lysette Anthony and Julia Sawalha as mentioned before, but also Clare Grogan, especially in 'Gregorys Girl'. A film worth watching just for her!
  8. fezzman

    Help wanted please from fellow reds.

    Done, with a vote for Katie as well for obvious reasons.
  9. fezzman

    FAO Photography virgins

    They seem to be going for around £350 on fleabay. £200 may be a bit of an insult. Good camera, though. Depends how good a friend she is.
  10. fezzman

    \m/ ROCK in peace Ronny James Dio \m/

    Cheers! Duly reciprocated for posting the clips.
  11. fezzman

    \m/ ROCK in peace Ronny James Dio \m/

    Rest in Peace Ronnie. Probably the best live vocalist I've ever seen. Black Sabbath and Dio, Liverpool Empire in the early eighties.