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    Do you want Europa League next season.....

    Yes that's 100% correct.If Vardy and co were in Europe,you think they'd be top? If we were in Europe when we came 2nd,do you think we'd of finished second? Klopp hasn't had a pre season or brought in one of his players yet turned us into a superb side since turn of year
  2. old skool tom

    Dortmund home leg

    Klopp fucked up first half by not attacking their only weakness (slow CBs) By my word he made amends in 2nd half Firmino is worth 32p not million and if he don't get jibbed off in summer I be gutted.he is pooh If Allen is not a better player than Can,Milner,Hendo then I must be blind Mobile,intelligent,versatile,comfy on ball Don't do it Jergy please!
  3. old skool tom

    Dortmund home leg

    Fucking class these To those who pin our future success on Firmino and Emre......think again guys Lack of pace will keep them in the decent/good catorgary and unable to reach the top levels sadly Looks like they're running through treacle
  4. old skool tom

    The Fucking Yeeeerrrsssss thread.

    Fuck the cup! We put them cunts in their place that'll do for me tbh
  5. old skool tom

    Klopp Kopped.

    Yep,not major improvement but a recognisable pattern of play and ideas.Honestly,it's like pub football and so basic."get stuck in boys,win 1st and 2nd balls,leg it forward when we get the ball and leg it back when we lose it" seems to be the tactics. We also do the exact same training drills pre match as under previous manager.when we get into final third we have no idea or plan of what we are doing.I expected a bit more from a German coaching staff to be honest.
  6. old skool tom

    Klopp Kopped.

    I hope to god Klopp has more up his sleeve than this tub and chest thumping football because i can watch this for nowt in any local park.i hope he's a master tactician and judge of a player and not the German Keegan or Pullis like I've heard some people claim. We're so shite it's untrue,the only thing that stops me calling the Samaritans is the fact that OUR game has all but been stolen from us.
  7. old skool tom

    Leicester City - Away - 2 Feb 16

    Is Kolo injured? Still can't believe you'd start slow arse Lovren against Vardy and his pacey pals.Fucking shocking how blunt we are
  8. old skool tom

    How can we help get back the Anfield atmosphere?

    Says everything this image! wonderful yet frightening this should be on a plain white t shirt/hoodie and sold then bought by all true old skool reds whove had enough!
  9. old skool tom

    The all new caption thread...

    LFC coaching staff watch as LFC coaching staff watch Sturridge put his boots on
  10. old skool tom

    Sure signs that someone is a paedophile

    Spectacle Wearers Beard Growers Kagool Owner
  11. old skool tom

    Klopp Kopped.

    You can't blame him too much really,my only gripe is that we don't play 2 upfront until we get players he needs for his system.He obviously thinks it's more important to get squad used to formation in prep for next season.the thing that I like most about him is his (seemingly) strong belief in his system if not the players.He also doesn't seem to be panicking too much either.Hopefully the players he wants he gets in summer and we hit ground running because it soul destroying at present.Love the way he was honest about Sinclair saying to play Central Striker that u also need strength and the way he's binned Bogdan out.He knows exactly what he wants this fella Also loved the way after Exeter he said our younglings got pushed off ball and that it's the coaches fault and not the players.He will also sort Sturridge farce out one way or other by next season too.Didi Hamann has probably told him to bin him off because apparently he was mentally and/or physically weak at city too and was always saying he was unfit
  12. old skool tom

    Klopp Kopped.

    What's Klopps turnover of players like in January window? Seen the stats of big turnover in summer at dortmond. Hope it's his choice and all his targets are available in summer and it's not the board being tight arses. Don't think I've ever wanted us to sign somebody as badly as I do this month.Its gonna be a depressing second half of the season unless he can get a striker who fits his style of play.were like a fucking tiger without any bastard teeth
  13. old skool tom

    How can we help get back the Anfield atmosphere?

    I sit on kop by an old woman who seems bloody lovely but that's part of the problem.she doesn't say a word (even too her husband next to her) until her 2 mates come up to say hello to her and have a chinwag at half time.its the kop for fuck sake,go and sit in Main Stand or better still.....just watch it at home cos it's no help to players or atmosphere! I actually feel like a stranger in the kop now as the lack of working class folk with passion and stress to relieve from a shitty job is frightening! Think I'll jack it in after this season
  14. old skool tom

    How can we help get back the Anfield atmosphere?

    Worst utd game atmosphere ever Half and half scarves Twats taking pictures of utd players Cunts having pics taken with manc players! Half hearted booing of their players Singing same 5 songs all game zzzzzzzzzzzzzx It's all over I'm affraid *need a simple war cry like the mancs Red Army chant yesterday.very impressive,like the old "miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilwaaaaaaaaaaaall" chant
  15. Anyone struggle to recognise the players or sometimes the ball when it's at far end of pitch? My vision is perfect in day games but when the midweek games come everything seems a bit blurry and unfocused when actions at far end of pitch.im only in row 40 on kip so not too far back. Can floodlights actually make visibility worse? It's both frustrating and X Filey
  16. old skool tom

    Vision at night games at Anfield

    Well I was on cocodimol & Carlsberg for a back complaint on Wednesday but it has been the same problem before the Arsenal and pre Sherry drinking days! I'm thinking binoculars or night vision goggles may be ?
  17. old skool tom

    The XBMC thread - What it is, how it works etc...

    Used to have Showbox on old android box. Can I put it on my firestick or can I add it on to kodi on my firestick through a simple add on?
  18. old skool tom

    Klopp's transfer record

    It's nowt to do with Klopp or any manager really it's all about scouting systems.I'm also worried that foreign managers don't realise it's a different game here.pace,power and attitude is sadly more important than skill in PL at the moment. Klopp believed Firmino was a great signing in the summer for LFC.......fingers crossed he was just blowing smoke up his Brazilian arse otherwise we'll be in even bigger fucking trouble!
  19. old skool tom

    West Ham 2 Liverpool 0 (Jan 2 2016)

    Lack of pace power courage and goals in midfield is frightening! Here's an idea? Maybe when we get into their final third and stuck......get players in box around our target man and feed him with balls from wide for a change instead of expecting him to do a Suarez and dribble past a few players and win long straight balls against 2 CBs? Just a thought
  20. old skool tom

    West Ham 2 Liverpool 0 (Jan 2 2016)

    Brenda has a better points tally than Norbet this season in comparison....we're doomed I tell ya!
  21. old skool tom

    January Transfer Window 2016

    Another great signing by the foxy Foxes,,,,,, Weren't we supposed to have first dibs on Gray after loaning them Ibe? Hope it's not gonna be another Deli Ali situation and we've got something else lined up! Can usually judge a manager by his first five or six signings on how good his player judgement is.......fingers crossed Klopp knows his stuff
  22. I hope Klopp is a tactical genius and great talent spotter because it's gonna need 90% more than just tubb thumping effort to succeed in this league as most team give everything and run till they drop! Our heavy metal football is more like Glam Rock! Let's Pray too god he is more than an German joe royle!
  23. old skool tom

    IPTV help/advice

    Can I watch it on my kodi firestick? Can I use paypal? Best sites for sport? RUYA any good? What other plug ins apps does it require? Just loade kodi on to my firestick so feeling like Bill Gates and on a roll today!
  24. Just seen that Ngolo Kante on MOTD and again he was brilliant.Not the most skilful player but he'd be a cracking player for us and our Heavy Metal Hurry Scurry style.Add him to the squad Norbert son! Ryan Bertrand,thought he was shite and was gutted when we were linked with him in summer but he'd be an excellent back up full back for Clyne & Moreno as Randall isn't gonna make it here and Flanno is gonna struggle after his nasty injury. I'd save the big money for the creators and goal getters because The Kloppster could probably organise a defensive with 4 Phil Jones' IMO If we can find a left footed/sided Ibe to raid down the opposite flank I would jizz in my pants