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  1. chacha shakoor

    Huddersfield(a) PL- match thread

    Fuck the international break, at this point it's just who's going to get injured, not if someone will.
  2. chacha shakoor

    How confident do you feel for next season?

    I genuinely think we have a chance of winning it. We've actually covered weaknesses with our signings and I'm really excited for Naby. I think he'll turn out to be world class. Sure, City still have a better squad than us but weirder things have happened.
  3. chacha shakoor

    Doping in football

    I personally think it's more likely that the doping is being provided by the club rather than individual players going on their own. There were scandals of Juventus' team at some point as they had hired a doctor who'd give all the players shady things and they got caught. Even players from Glenn Hoddle's England squad have said that they would be given injections before games that would make them feel more energetic and less tired but they didn't know what they were, they just went with it. My main suspicion of course as I pointed out would be Man City because of Guardiola's history as a player and while he managed Barcelona, but at the same time with this train of thought I think it'd be naive to assume that most teams aren't doing it. Just imagine how it would ruin the image of the sport if it were to come out. One individual player however who has stood out to me is Ibrahimovic, this man literally got better with age everywhere he went. It doesn't really make sense.
  4. chacha shakoor

    Doping in football

    Of all the places I thought I'd be made to feel bad about that I didn't think it would happen here. I'm still absolutely gutted.
  5. chacha shakoor

    Doping in football

    So I searched and only found a thread with an article from 2013 talking about the issue. I just wanted to get you guys's thoughts as this has been something I've been discussing a lot recently with my friends. There's actually instances of doping in football, or have seem to been, that have been covered up. While Guardiola managed Barcelona his team was charged for failing to tell their whereabouts for drug testing, something that has also happened since he has moved to City. On top of that he was caught twice as a player and had more nandrolone in his system than Justin Gatlin the American sprinter who got caught for the Olympics. There was a scandal called Operation Puerto, if you haven't heard about it you can read more here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operaci%C3%B3n_Puerto_doping_case Or if you don't find wikipedia a credible source there are others. It doesn't confirm anything but definitely raises suspicion. If you're too lazy to read or don't really care heres a short summary: Basically this doctor in Spain, Eufemiano Fuentes, was prosecuted for helping athletes dope. There were multiple blood bags in his possession that once confiscated by the Spanish government were destroyed. They only didn't destroy the bags belonging to 10 cyclists who also got prosecuted. The doctor himself said he would say the names of the rest of the people if they wanted to know them, I guess they didn't. The cyclists have also been known to say that they saw Madrid/Barca and Spanish national team players dealing with the same doctor. On top of all of this, football probably has some of the most lackadaisical drug testing in all of sports which really doesn't make sense. The Spanish doping control only test their players 200 times annually which doesn't even average to a test per 0.5 La Liga players, not to even mention they have lower divisions. Football is the biggest and cleanest sport in the world statistically which really doesn't add up considering people in curling get caught for doping. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DeDIjmBV0AAecZi.jpg:large Also just some interesting things that really have no evidence but just make me feel suspicious personally. Look at the difference in the size of Gareth Bale in the year he went from Spurs to Madrid. I'm not even saying English teams don't dope, because in my mind they probably do. It doesn't make sense for these players not to when they don't get caught and they could potentially make a profit of 200,000 a year or more from just doping. Another thing of interest, if you guys have ever seen the documentary on Netflix called Icarus, or if you haven't I recommend you watch it, it talks about the state funded doping scandal in Russia. Their olympic athletes were being doped by pretty much the higher ups of the country. In that time period none of the Russian olympic footballers who would have been subject to this national doping ever popped for a test in UEFA competition. There are many ways to beat drug testing and footballers have more money than anyone to do this. Basically if you don't want to read all that shit, do you think there's doping in football? I believe it's probably widespread.
  6. chacha shakoor

    The New Cricket Thread

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yod_MQewIF8 That was quite brilliant. He's still so young as well.
  7. chacha shakoor


    I personally thought he was alright postfight, gave Wonderboy a lot of credit and constantly apologised for missing weight. Even agreed on the fact that he doesn't deserve a title shot based on the fact that he missed weight and that other people in the division have achieved more than him. I don't think he went on like he was Bruce Lee or Muhammad Ali. I'd love to see him fight Usman as I think that'd be the toughest fight in that division for him.
  8. chacha shakoor

    roma away,

    I'm always shitting myself before these games
  9. chacha shakoor

    Mohamed Salah

    It honestly isn't that difficult, the last hour or half hour can get pretty hard but before that you don't really think about eating. If you're travelling you don't have to fast anyway so if we go to Kyiv, Salah is good. I'm pretty sure if your job requires you to drink water/stay hydrated it is also a legitimate excuse to not fast and cover the days you missed later when you can.
  10. chacha shakoor

    Stoke Home - Sat 28/4

    What's a fair few? I can only recall Salah being offside for the first goal against City at Anfield and Sane's disallowed goal at the Etihad. I don't really think that's that many decisions, but yes we have gotten absolutely bummed in the league by terrible refereeing. Edit: We also fucking won the tie 5-1 so there's nothing to say we would have lost the tie with those decisions being made correctly either.
  11. chacha shakoor

    City away 10/4/18 UCL 1/4 2nd Leg

    So you're saying we tore them a new one and United just used the hole we had already torn?
  12. chacha shakoor

    Mohamed Salah

    I wouldn't say Salah is more two footed than Messi, definitely pacier though. The fact that we are even having this discussion though shows how good Mo is. I love him
  13. chacha shakoor

    Someone's having a real laugh - shitcoat to Utd.

    Hunt's on crack, the thing that shook me most was he said Hazard can be as unplayable as Messi who this season is a '9.0', a drop down from his usual '9.5'. Messi is always a 10.
  14. Roses are red Violets are blue Don't look at Bobby's teeth They'll blind you
  15. chacha shakoor

    Southampton vs Liverpool, Sunday 11th February at 4.30pm.

    The only match threads I've ever started were Dortmund in the Europa League a few years ago, thinking about giving this CL run a go.