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  1. Speaking of Beckham. Did smile when I saw people saying he’d sold his soul last week. Like he’s had a single crumb of that left to flog at any point this millennium. Like saying Jordan’s become promiscuous lately because she’s been spotted holding hands with someone.
  2. Dr Nowt

    Jurgen Norbert Klopp

    Just lacking a wee bit of keeping your focus bitterly on future times when he isn’t here.
  3. Bollocks to that. I’ve staked an internet reputation I don’t have on Naby failing hard. The way I look at it, being proven correct here is my birthright and I’ll be damned if the realistic hopes of Liverpool winning silverware is going to put its filthy hands on my birthright.
  4. Every second he’s their manager is a day spent in pure sunshine for Liverpool fans. This really is a golden period. Thanks, Glazers.
  5. Really pleased I took out that subscription for MUTV. Worth its weight in gold.
  6. Sky Sports Premier League Live mate. Fuck knows re the second bit. Apparently Carragher, Neville and Jermaine Defoe’s opinion on what is wrong with Manchester United is of greater importance than what Jurgen Klopp thought about Liverpool’s record ever win over them. Priorities.
  7. They’ve switched channels and Klopp is allegedly about to come on, for anyone as slow on the uptake as me.
  8. According to BBC live text Klopp is already in his press conference. They’ve made a right fucking arse of this.
  9. And that was merely an hors d'oeuvre compared to getting Rafa sacked for cheering him relentlessly while doing this to them at The Pit in a few weeks.
  10. Fitting that the last touch of that game was from Peter Kay.
  11. ‘And we mustn’t forget how well that fella she met on Bumble has been pummelling my wife at ours every Tuesday while I’m at the office. He really has been performing wonderfully and I’m genuinely happy for him.’
  12. My Mum’s round and has been listening to me cheering, laughing etc all game so is fully aware we’re 5-0 up. Just asked me which side’s fans it was when we were giving it the oles in possession 5 minutes or so ago.
  13. He’s on a team who are 5-0 Martin, you fucking clam.
  14. ‘ALWAYS THE VICTIM, IT’S….oh’ * starts crying
  15. Or, of course, they could always show us who they are and go down another route.
  16. United fans seem pretty quiet. They should dip into that rich football culture of theirs, really mine their history of iconic songs about their own club to drag them back into this. ‘Oh yip Jaap Stam is a big Dutchman’ has the sort of gravitas and fiercely supportive atmosphere for the job.
  17. Forget Ferguson’s there, watching this unfold right in front of him. As he once said of Dion Dublin’s cock; ‘Oh, it’s magnificent’
  18. Martin’s completely ambivalent about how this is going and doesn’t really take a view on what he’d like to see happen next.
  19. Wonder if Solskjaer will still be manager in the second half.
  20. Word’s got round Turdseye’s in the ground and rattled these. It’s blatant.
  21. One of the modern day managerial giants on that touchline there. Jurgen Klopp also present.