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  1. A_S

    Other Football 2021/22

    For what it's worth, VAR had as much reason to call for a penalty with Maguire's pull back on the Arsenal player. Clear as day.
  2. The great irony is that they could definitely do with a Jordan Henderson right now, both on and off the pitch.
  3. Fuck, he must have enjoyed that goal. This is undoubtedly the A1 midfield too- an excellent blend of creativity, intelligence and defensive nous.
  4. Obviously, you can question the choice of club with the Chelsea job. But he won the Europa League and still got top 4. Hardly a disaster of a season.
  5. A_S

    Mohamed Salah

    I'd take it!
  6. Still a slight chance for Mo to have a hattrick at both!
  7. A_S

    Other Football 2021/22

    Really want Leeds winning this. For me, there's only one relegation spot that matters, and that's Newcastle. A Leeds win would leave them 8 points and 6+ GD from safety.
  8. A_S

    Diogo Jota

    If there was an annual 'Arse in a Bucket' award, he'd have gone close.
  9. A shame the old caption thread isn't still a thing...
  10. Here's hoping the new manager bounce exists for at least one game.
  11. An empty chair would probably be more interesting. Doesn't scream excitement, old Michael.
  12. They've started 12 times together... 11 wins, 1 draw, 0 losses Liverpool in those games have scored 31 and conceded just 5.
  13. I wear contacts, and back in the day when smoking in pubs and clubs was still legal, I came home from a night out and my eyes were stinging like fuck. One of the lenses was being stubborn though and wouldn't come out. So there I stayed, blind drunk, pinching away at my eye for the next 10 minutes. Turns out I'd already taken it out and not realised. I had extremely sore eyes the next day.
  14. Old fella on AFTV described the Arteta antics as 'stirring up a bit of a hornet's nest'. He was spot on. It was a fairly neutral game until that point, yet turned in the home team's favour after. Basically the managerial version of his captain flying into stupid tackles.
  15. I know Arsenal are trying to toughen up their team, but bringing in a 80's movie villian is a bit much!
  16. A_S

    The Official Cricket Thread

    Yes, his bat is still recovering from said blow. Seriously, what a stupid fucking thing to do in any game, let alone a World Cup semi final! Good game so far.
  17. A_S

    Favourite Football Commentator?

    Shout out to Ian Dennis for his BBC call of the Barcelona game at Anfield. Brilliant. THE FLAG STAYS DOWN!!
  18. Probably should've linked it first time round!