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  1. chris71

    Pogues thread

  2. chris71

    Pogues thread

    That was definitely not the video I was expecting, for this tune, when I heard that song first all those years ago. Some thought went into that.
  3. chris71

    Cat Pics

    No way are those birds spotting me here.
  4. chris71

    Shit songs by great bands...

    No 9 The Beatles
  5. chris71

    The shitness of modern football

    Sky, Bt, Amazon fucking Prime. Thank god for streaming and the likes.
  6. chris71

    the banner thread

    That's my brain worm for the day , cheers.
  7. Paul Larkin who runs the Irishkop and got the flag made are working on it.
  8. Best weekend of my life. In Madrid from Sat morning till Monday, never drank,danced or sang so much in my life. Got about 7hrs sleep from getting up for work Friday till turning the key getting home Monday night. An absolute blast even with some scrote pinching my wallet.
  9. chris71

    Upcoming TV Shows

    Great show ,on the the 3rd one. My God is it scary stuff. And the planet covered with these bastard things.
  10. chris71

    Where are you watching the final?

    Going to be there absolutely poxed to come out in the ballot 2nd year running. Just win it this time , too many disappointments the last few years.
  11. chris71

    The McCanns...

    They were beans with a fry merchants.
  12. chris71

    Legends v AC Milan 23/03/19.

    Took the kids to this really enjoyed it ,myself included. Gerrards goal was the icing on the cake. Met Grobs in Hotel Tia beforehand he couldn't have been nicer my young fella was delighted to meet him.
  13. chris71

    Pawn Stars vs Hardcore Pawn

    The most recent one I saw that German blokes wife was after putting on a fair bit of timber. As Barry once said " I love to dip my cigar in Brandy" Kooky Mary would get a game to. Oh yeah , Pawn Stars.
  14. Had to get reading glasses yesterday. Another step nearer the coffin.