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  1. chris71

    Vaccine - Hands In The Bucket...

    Had the one jab Janssen last week. Next pretty wiped out with tiredness . 4 days later came out in a right itchy rash down the legs arms and hands , antihistamine tablets took that away. Fine since.
  2. chris71

    Donald Trump

    Where are all the decent assassins these day's when you need one ?
  3. chris71

    Most Shocking Celebrity Stories

    Bryan Robson caught hiding under Clare Tomlinson's bed. Garath Gates poking a pregnant Katie Price.
  4. Just finished Das Boot 2 , thought it was great and gripping. Only complaint is that there is a lot going on in each episode ,switching from the different stories. They could maybe have spread it out a bit over another episode or two. No matter how many times you see those U- Boat underwater scenes the dread never eases. They must have had nerves/balls of steel down there. Think I would've cracked soon as the hatch closed !
  5. chris71

    Club announce change in ticket buying process.

    Lads sorting out tickets season after next.
  6. chris71

    Your Top 5 Television Theme Tunes of All Time

    The Sweeny The Saint The Royal family Top of the pops, Thin lizzy one. Motd.
  7. chris71

    More Barrymore Bollocks

    That news of the world prick deserves to be found face down in a pool. What a cunt he is.
  8. chris71

    Peep Show

    Looks like the full series is being repeated on Gold. 11pm every night ,2 episodes.
  9. chris71

    Matched betting

    Practically everything that I find. Netbet normally have 2 or more a day. Mr green, Boyle's, Dunder , winstar anything +ev really. Have 2 accounts with a load of casinos .
  10. chris71

    Matched betting

    That Ews bot has killed my accounts in no time lost 365, bwin , sporting bet, will hill, sky bet , betstars , coral and lads all in less than 2 months. Casino is my main income from it now had a tasty week last month of 3.6k with 1.9k from one offer.
  11. After the good Italian police raided those thieving iptv providers last week it's with much regret that I report mine is only back up and running again. Shitbags.
  12. chris71

    Pogues thread

  13. chris71

    Pogues thread

    That was definitely not the video I was expecting, for this tune, when I heard that song first all those years ago. Some thought went into that.
  14. chris71

    Cat Pics

    No way are those birds spotting me here.