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  1. Had to get reading glasses yesterday. Another step nearer the coffin.
  2. chris71

    Only another 559 Travelodges to go

    Saying now he was paid and it was a delay on the banks side. Doh!
  3. chris71

    Them Lot (H) 16/12/18

    Just read we only beat them once in the league in the 80's ,jesus,knew it was bad but not that bad.
  4. Go full throttle and hammer these fuckers before half time and for the second half another 2 or 3 goals keep the boot on the throat for 90 mins.
  5. chris71

    Holly Willoughby

    Shame, oh well. Can still jizz to it though.
  6. chris71

    Holly Willoughby

    My work Wi-Fi has gone into over protective mode. Assuming the picture must be a tasty one from Anubis ?
  7. chris71

    I'm a Celebrity

    Shame about the Mr bean nips.
  8. chris71

    Introducing : Emily Ratajkowski

    Actually not far from me down in Bantry. Unfortunately got the receding hair and bootcut jeans but no finger banging.
  9. chris71

    Introducing : Emily Ratajkowski

    Can't post the vid, but check it out on the showbiz section of the mail online of her on the beach. Dear God, that arse.
  10. chris71


    Halloween has gotten huge over here the last 10 years or so. Doorbell was going flat out from 5.30 yesterday evening till 9 with groups up to 7 kids. Next year lights off, pub.
  11. chris71

    Cat Pics

    Our lady went missing last week. Daughter is in bits over it ,sitting by the window waiting for her to come home and taking a stuffed bear to bed because the fur feels the same. Heart breaking.
  12. chris71

    Souness (Poll)

    Wasn't Ellis left still report for the scum from Anfield for years after Hillsborough as well?