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  1. Redwooly

    Evra Out Of Ajax Tie

    It really wouldn't surprise me if fergie left him out just in case he was booed by the Ajax fans. They love Suarez, he's a hero to them, and had a full on farewell parade for him when he left! Wouldnt want anyone to think it was just us who dont believe Evra's version of events would we?!
  2. Redwooly


    Agree 100%. Would kill football the same way its gona destroy rugby league!
  3. Redwooly

    Spurs reaction

    Agree with every word Dave, i said to me brother that it was possibly the worst performance id ever seen, i genuinely feared we could have witnessed a defeat of epic proportions at half time, i honestly didnt think 8 was beyond them. I know its the league cup but no one can truly defend what we saw last night, the lack of fight was disgusting and ive never bought into the "its only the league cup", i think of that trophy as ours! Plus the fact i bet it cost hundreds including tickets, food, travel etc for the fans who went down there. Disgusting. Carra looked like he was spewing sat on the bench. As well as spurs played, they are still shit coz an half decent team would have put 10 past us last night! Hate to be so negative but last night simply wasnt acceptable!
  4. Redwooly

    Bolton/Blackburn/Wigan away games

    The JJB shouldnt be too hard as 2/3s of the crowd will be Liverpool fans anyway, while there'll be a few Wigan fans with scouse accents (Skem) so cant imagine it bein any bother. They generally sell well against us and the mancs tho (once again mainly coz the crowd is largely away (home) fans).
  5. Redwooly

    I want Luis Garcia back

    I love Garcia and will always remember him fondly and was lookin forward to seein him last night. Having said that im glad he was subbed at half time coz he was pissin me off! As someone else mentioned if he wasnt Luis Garcia id have hated him last night, even Xabi looked at him like "c'mon Luis WTF"! I wonder if hes always been like that and we were abit blinkered to it? Fuck it if he was he was ours, still love the little shit!
  6. Redwooly

    8 out of 10 twats....

    That dizzy yank bird got him with a gudun tho. Question: What would be your super power? km: To run at the speed of light Dizzy yank bird: Maybe you should learn to walk at the same speed as the rest of us! Ha ha One day i hope to be famous enough to be on the same show as that twat, id fuckin love that (6)
  7. Havent read the entire thread coz the whole england thing really pisses me off, so apologies if its been said but Paul Tompkins lets rip on this on the offal, and nails my feelings. They were on about it on the paper review on SNN too, the fat one with the glasses was talkin his usual shit - fuckin hate that guy. We know how good Stevie is! FUCK ENGLAND! And some fans wonder why we dont supoort the national team :no
  8. Redwooly

    Captain Rio Slags the WAGS.

    That ashley cole youtube vid is funny as fuck ha ha :lol:
  9. Redwooly

    Alonso is back!

    Dave U summed it up best with the clip he put up of the norwich game a while back in another thread. Alonso has played particularly well the last couple of games coz we now have abit of width to stretch play and let Alonso do what he does better than anyone when on his game! I agree and always have with what Tom R said, Xabi is class!
  10. Redwooly

    Ajax Fans at Cardiff

    We shud defo burgle that. A full Anfield singin that would be funny as fuck and would lift the crowd if were strugglin, while also providing a fitting soundtrack to the smell of skunk i jealously sniff drifting across the Kop from time to time!
  11. Redwooly


    I can see what you mean but not for me, theres already too much fartin around with the game, like the calls for technology. Im dead against any technology, it ruins the game. Despite what people say it doesnt work in rugby league and wouldnt work in football. They still dont know if that england goal was a goal n that was forty years ago (slightly off topic but part of the same paradigm). Sometimes you rogue sometimes you get rouged and has someone said, sometimes youve gotta give these teams credit (as much as it pains us). The game is fine as it, apart from the cheating, diving, economic deteminism, petulant players/chairmen, team bias, in-patient fans, offside rule, inconsistent handball decisions, respect the ref...obviously.
  12. Redwooly

    Poll from the offal

    Wigan...rugby league! Could never even think about supportin another footy team, as someone else said i only give a shit about other teams when their results affect us. And that offal poll is ridiculous, sheer unadulterated ridiculousness!.
  13. Redwooly

    Blue mates

    Dont have many blue mates at all. Used to go to college with a proper bitter blue from skem (arnt they all), he was a good lad (when not talking about football) but claimed radzinski was better than Owen and also claimed his reaction to the Gary Mac goal a few years back was to spit in his best mates face (who is a red) - classy. Nearly all my mates are a combination of reds and mancs. On Liverpool - utd match days, it gets very messy round ours (friends or no friends)!
  14. Redwooly

    Masch's celebration

    Ha ha he didnt get one but he probably got enough spare change to get a decent top up tho!
  15. Redwooly

    Masch's celebration

    He did the same thing at old trafford when neville nevilles son did all the badge kissing stuff he came over a little after and did the same thing, they unsurprisingly left that out of the live broadcast tho!