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  1. Scratchcards. My good woman loves em. No matter how much she wins, she spends the lot untill until it's all lost. Pointless waste of money, unlike coffee which is always money well spent.
  2. Plewggs

    Secret Santa 2011

    Playlist as requested. Absolutely awesome. I aint gonna get a better pressie than this for Xmas. As for the artwork.....Tracy Emmin, die of shame! Review to follow. 1 Alexander O’Neill - Criticise (12” remix) 2 Jesus Lizard - Fly on the Wall 3 Truly - Air Raid 4 Beck - Pay No Mind (live acoustic somewhere) 5 Mercury Rev - Opus 40 6 Sugar - Man on the Moon 7 Black Flag - Six Pack 8 Unknown - What Can You Do? 9 Dead Kennedys - Halloween 10 Dinosaur Jr - Little Furry Things 11 Fugazi - Merchandise (live) 12 L7 - Pretend We’re Dead 13 Ministry - Stigmata (Update Mix) 14 Pailhead - I Will Refuse 15 Pixies - Holiday Song (live) 16 Screaming Trees - Black Sun Morning 17 Shellac - The Guy Who Invented Fire 18 Soundgarden - Holy Water 19 Sam Sham and the Pharoas - Wooly Bully 20 Spiritualized - Let It Flow
  3. Plewggs

    Secret Santa 2011

    Just received mine. Only heard of three of the bands, one of which is the one and only Sam the Sham and the Pharoas. The CD is bound to be a masterpiece. Review to follow.
  4. Plewggs

    Secret Santa 2011

    I tried some different this year. Tested it in the car; enjoyed it so much I can’t bear to part with it. Will send tomorrow.
  5. Whatever happened to this pair? They used to rule here at one time, especially during SS season. Has the Law caught up with them or have they been banned?
  6. Plewggs

    what are you cooking?

    I know, but I'm out of dripping. Can't eat raw bread, it's Bohemian and hard to chew.
  7. Plewggs

    what are you cooking?

    What a smoothie. I only eat man-food: Fray Bentos Steak & Kidney pie, cooked in it's original tin. Lashings of brown sauce with a few slices of bread and Flora. Awesome!
  8. Plewggs

    Gary Speed

    I agree with that.
  9. Plewggs

    Gary Speed

    No, not the net. His dad was very upset.
  10. Plewggs

    Gary Speed

    Just heard fro a reliable source, he was in a gay relationship. Speed told his dad two days ago a tabloid was going to run the story. You know the rest.
  11. Skrtel Bellamy Maxi Good to see Maxi start again. Hope he gets a regular game for the rest of the season. Special mention to Dirk. Had a poor game but, as usual, never stopped getting stuck in. Always admired him for that.
  12. Plewggs

    Desperate Scousewives

    Some stunning looking girls there, but Cloie is awseome. One day Cloie will have the last dance with me. Bet she can't wait.
  13. Plewggs

    The smoking ban.

    This was discussed on R5 earlier today. Best comment was from a guy who was walking in London with an east European customer when the giggy ban was first introduced. After passing various groups of office workers having a fag break on the pavement the east European said: I must say, the prostitutes in London are very well dressed!
  14. Plewggs

    Those of you who are well read...

    Moby Dick. "Call me Ishmael".