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  1. discuit

    Kopfaithful Statement

    Ted Speaks sense (for once)
  2. discuit

    Saturday 27th November 2010 - TLW v TIA

    I'm answering a call from Twitter for bald short arses. Let me know if you are short and I'll come over for a game. Obviously if people who play regularly put the there names down, I'm more than happy to give it a miss.
  3. discuit

    Click Liverpool

    it basically rehashes news from other places 30 minutes after it has been published.
  4. Its the main reason we left Liverpool after having a child, that and being burgled 3 months after moving in. West Derby Village pubs have started getting shot at again, me and the mrs used to go there for a few drinks on a Saturday, or for a meal. Imagine getting caught up in that leaving a boozer at 10pm. Go for a meal with the mrs, end up getting involved in a drive by, as these cunts from Croxteth/Norris Green are doing it around 10pm middle of the evening when its busy. The Pub at the entrance to our estate, "The Deysbrook" Also got peppered with bullets back in January, weeks after we put our house on the market. Currently about 10% of the new estate are trying to sell their house and get the fuck out of that area.
  5. discuit

    Game Thread: Trabzonspor (a)

    What channel is it on?
  6. discuit

    Mafia 2

    reviews for it have been dreadful
  7. discuit

    Gift Ideas for a tart.

    tickets to something or other.
  8. I think he is working there for free on his days off, from his real job where he makes microwave meals in a chain pub. this is what i think is going on.
  9. discuit

    Pick my new TV

    Sony, I used to have a Samsung, now I have a Sony. The Sony wins hands down.
  10. Well this is all going incredibly well.
  11. discuit

    iPhone App Thread

    This forum runner is astonishingly good. It's miles quicker than the website.