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  1. slartibartfast

    Cryptic Bands Quiz

    1 - Husker Du 3 - Hermans Hermits
  2. slartibartfast

    Cryptic Bands Quiz

    1. Sneaker Pimps
  3. slartibartfast

    Cryptic Bands Quiz

    2. Jamiroquai 5. Jurassic 5
  4. slartibartfast

    Cryptic Bands Quiz

    I'm guessing the number of words is wrong for 3 and it's get cape wear cape fly.
  5. slartibartfast


    Your Achilles tendon connects your calf to your heel so it sounds like that. If it is you'll just have to rest it.
  6. I read that it was about the guy that did the shipping forecast on the radio.
  7. slartibartfast

    Sick of being Fat

    In my experience, most people who are overweight, have specific habits in their diet, personal to them which are causing the weight gain. It can be as simple, (I'm not saying easy), as identifying what your specific issues are and changing those particular habits. For instance, one of the things for me was that I got lazy/haphazard with taking my lunch to work, but if I went out to get something, I couldn't just buy a sandwich, I'd come out of Morrisons with a meal deal including a millionaire shortbread and an extra steak pie. Just by being more vigilant in taking my own lunch made a massive difference without apps and counting anything. Just identifying my own weaknesses and addressing them.
  8. slartibartfast

    Lesser-known, older or unappreciated kids movies

    Time Bandits
  9. slartibartfast

    Halloumi recipies

    Had it last night in a Kebab with fried mushrooms & onions, salad and a dollop of garlic & herb dip.
  10. slartibartfast

    Naby Keita

    'The current situation' A.K.A 'show me the money!'
  11. slartibartfast

    Grenfall Tower Fire

  12. slartibartfast

    Famous Criminals Jukebox

    Road Rage - Catatonia ft Kenneth Noye.
  13. slartibartfast

    Great opening lyric lines

    Burning, looting, raping, shooting.
  14. slartibartfast

    Great opening lyric lines

    I was born in a crossfire hurricane, and I howled at my ma in the driving rain.