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  1. Don't even think about coming up you dirty, dirty bastards.
  2. Rip DalyanPete ynwa.
  3. Cunts. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2021/jun/14/robin-hood-prince-of-thieves-kevin-costner
  4. BBC News - Man critical after bike hits Bootle lamp-post - BBC News https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/c80znn1w7z9o
  5. Yeah but was outdone by Johnny come latelies with their iPhone 52s "Oooh yours hasn't got Northern lights mode". My snaps all look like god ate a beetroot and took a piss.
  6. Aer Lingus and psychiatry brought us to this.
  7. It's a Chinese fire drill over there. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/boeing-whistleblower-dead-second-b2539697.html
  8. Immigration is an issue though, worldwide (partly our fault for destroying most of these countries), she can get fucked.
  9. Is liverpool the only place where the youngest sibling is referred to as "the baby' even if they're 57?
  10. Sounds like a blag Street fighter 2 selection screen.
  11. Genuinely read this in the voice of Jareth.
  12. Anyone have a bad arse when they had the vid? Asking for a friend
  13. Which polls have said any of this? Things only changed when Truss crashed the economy.
  14. "Sir Jim tells cleaners to shape up or ship out"
  15. Have you ever tried to open an Echo story? The entire wifi Network of south liverpool goes into complete systems failure.
  16. Interesting priorities for Sir Jim. What a magnificent addition he's been.
  17. I think the entire country is focused on getting rid of the Tories, it's like a pressure cooker, once the election is done politics will become more diverse, I reckon greens etc will start getting more backing.
  18. You do wonder who advised Starmer on 'optics' as he seems to govern entirely by algorithm and focus group. He's the anti Farage, the anti Cummings and Johnson. But in politics, sometimes you "need a bit of that". Harold Wilson drank bitter and smoked a pipe in public, but drank brandy and smoked cigars in private.
  19. We've been taken over by the Vindaloovian Empire, and we never stood a chance.
  20. Fish in a barrel, poor sod.
  21. Ah, that changes things. Elphicke, MP for Dover, has accepted that she will not be Labour’s candidate at the general election, when the constituency will have a new name because of boundary changes.
  22. Is she any relation to Michael? Genuine question.
  23. Ridiculous decision to admit her, horrible bint.
  24. I wouldn't call Galloway's party left wing myself, it's all about him - as it always is. I don't think the left (or what likes to brand itself as the left, but often isn't really) resorts to dirty tricks like that, not that I've seen - plenty will (and are) lapping it up though. Check out that 'socialist voice' comment under it (which also brands Luke Akehurst 'four eyes'). I shit you not. Bekind, grown up politics etc.
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