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  1. Dynamite

    South Park - Season 23

    Basic Cable Just 1 more episode to go in season 23.
  2. Dynamite

    January 2020 Transfer Thread

    Don't disagree with him being something of a punt, just a suggestion as someone who would be a backup/rotational player - someone who is completely different from what we already have. However, I don't agree that he's not proven. He's made 250+ league appearances in his career. Scored more than 100 league goals. He's a seasoned professional with good experience in a top European league. Suppose it depends on your definition of proven. Who isn't a punt these days? Haaland & Sancho have massive potential, but are either of those proven? No more or less than Weghorst I would suggest. Would still be a gamble paying what their respective clubs would want for them. I'd certainly not complain if we were to bring in either, or both, of them though. The links to Timo Werner will continue, and I'd be all for signing him too, but I have my doubts that he'd be willing to come and sit on the bench for us while he's the main man at Leipzig. Much like Havertz, I suspect that Werner will end up at Bayern in a season or two. He'll walk straight into the Bayern side to replace Lewandowski. No such guarantees here. As has been mentioned above, in all likelihood, we'll not sign anyone for the first team in January.
  3. Dynamite

    January 2020 Transfer Thread

    If we're looking to bring in a striker who is different to what we have now, who could make an impact from the bench or as a rotational option, then Wout Weghorst at Wolfsburg is worth a look. A 1 in 2 striker throughout his career in Holland and Germany, he's got a Peter Crouch vibe about him. With the number of crosses we get into the box these days, having an option from the bench like Weghorst makes perfect sense to me. At 6'5" he'd give most centre backs a run for their money in the air, but like the aforementioned Crouchy, Wout is also more than capable with the ball at his feet. 27 years old, Dutch international and has previously stated that it is his dream to play for us. Like Salzburg, Wolfsburg don't need to sell as they too are not short of money, but I reckon Weghorst could be had for somewhere in the region of £30m.
  4. Dynamite

    January 2020 Transfer Thread

    Red Bull own the teams, so not short of a penny. The asking price for Haaland is going to be upward of £50m. I see some of the tabloids quoting £75m, which is a little far fetched in my opinion. The lad's a unit and a promising talent, but you have to put his incredible season so far into context. He's playing for the best side in a weaker league. I don't doubt he has the ability to play at the Premier League level though.
  5. Dynamite

    Youth Team/Cup

    Appears that my feed is a bit behind the others, so I'll leave you to it and just enjoy the remainder of the game.
  6. Dynamite

    Youth Team/Cup

    Boyes on for Van Den Berg. Hill on for Elliott. Morton on for Clarkson.
  7. Dynamite

    Youth Team/Cup

    Looks like 3 changes incoming. Boyes, Hill & Morton getting ready.
  8. Dynamite

    Youth Team/Cup

    6-0 - Curtis Jones hat-trick. Left footed effort from the edge of the box.
  9. Dynamite

    Rick and Morty...

    One Crew Over the Crewcoo's Morty
  10. Dynamite

    January 2020 Transfer Thread

    He could comfortably play in a midfield role here, and from the right of a front 3. He'd certainly be best suited as a central attacking player - so Bobby's backup, but he's good enough to play in other positions too. The lad is an outstanding talent, and while there will always be a period in which he would need to settle into the squad and adapt to the differences between the Bundesliga and the Premier League, I have no doubts what so ever that he'd be anything other than a top player for years to come. Already looks like a player who will naturally drop deeper in playing position as his career progresses. I don't expect that we'll ever sign Havertz unfortunately, as I think he'll follow many other young Germans and join Bayern. Just stating that I would like us to sign him, if we were to bring anyone in during the upcoming transfer window(s).
  11. Dynamite

    January 2020 Transfer Thread

    If we've got money to spend in January and Herr Klopp wants to bring someone in, then I hope that someone is Havertz. Leverkusen are comfortably a mid-table side in the Bundesliga, and are likely to be playing in the Europa League at best come the new year. Havertz brings youth, versatility and massive potential for the immediate future and for the longer term. Young enough to be rotated, but also good enough to play in the side week in week out if needed.
  12. Dynamite

    Youth Team/Cup

    Cain on for Morton.
  13. Dynamite

    Youth Team/Cup

    3 goals in 2 games for Max.