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  1. kop

    Mohamed Salah

    So is he any good this Mohammed Salah fella?
  2. kop

    Youtube clip of the day

    This ghost clip is very creepy, don't watch it if you have heart problems or something like that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aY0Mycma34
  3. Just occured to me that Mr. Usher has sausage fingers. ESPN just wanted a pretty face to front the articles, someone else is doing the writing for him. It is impossible to write with those frankfurters.
  4. kop

    This Anders Breivik dickhead

    He will never get out. We can have people in custody for as long as we want if there are any danger of the person doing something seriously criminal again. Breivik will fall under this category.
  5. kop

    images of war

    It's bullet cases, and the photographer won a prize for that picture.
  6. kop

    Avon Barksdale or Stringer Bell?

    Oh man I miss this series, best show ever. I think I will watch it again in 2012, for the 3rd time. Avon for me; I just like the fundamental street smart, strongest survive aspect that Stringer tries to move away from. Marlo takes it a step further, he is more cynical than Avon but still probably how Avon would've been if they came from the same generation. Stringer is not exciting enough in comparison, too reasonable.
  7. kop

    Norwegian Butter Shortage

    The whole story is a joke. I was in the store today, loads of butter there. Didn't buy.
  8. Today is the first day Breivik has access to media. No internet, but from now on he can read papers, listen to radio and watch the 15 TV-channels they have available in the prison he is held. He got a collection of news of his defence today, from the first 5 days from all the biggest norwegian papers + CNN and a few other international news media. I seriously doubt he will react any different after this though, which again should build up under his insane diagnosis.
  9. kop

    Gimme some music reccomendations!

    I need some recommendations. Something new, like 2011 but not necessarily December 2011
  10. kop


    So you failed a political philosophy essay on word count? Are you sure you took the right class?
  11. kop


    - If what you say is wrong you will be hung. If what you say is correct you will be shot. What do you say? - You are going to hang me
  12. kop

    Work secet santa conundrum

    Buy her a bottle of wine. Most muslims are not agianst alchohol so you will be fine. Or a scarf or something neutral like that if you are affraid of missing the target with wine.
  13. I wonder what she said when you came on her for those reasons. And don't knock the second part until you've tried it; many people come on their women for those reasons actually. It's a thing apparently.
  14. kop

    Whatever happened to Rep Power?

    And more important; the more rep you have the more neg power you have. Edit; and why don't we have another level after Alonso's beard? Everyone is cooler than Alonso's beard these days.
  15. kop

    Paddy Berger 15

    I don't for a second think he is pulling tricks by the way, I was just curious how he managed to write it. Someone else might have helped him or even written it, what do I know