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Yes, another wireless problem!

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Fuck me I hate wireless networks!!!


Anyway, my brother asked for my help as he said 1 of his laptops in the house has "stopped" connecting to his home wireless network.


The laptop in question is reporting that the wireless connection, ie the adapter/card is disconnected and it has the little red "X" over the icon.


Thing is that other wireless networks are being picked up by the scan, all except his own router. The problem laptop is also not showing up on the homenetwork on other computers in the house.


I am at a loss. I've tried rebooting the router & laptop. Disabling & enabling device etc.


Any ideas???

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If the Laptop cannot see the router when you tery and view available wireless networks then it won't connect. If the laptop can see other routers it would suggest that the wireless adapter is still working..


What router is it? I suggest changing the wireless channel within the router - sometimes other peoples wireless routers can interfere with your own signal and prevent it being broadcasted/seen.

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Thanks George. Its a ZENxy thingy from the Post Office I think.


Thing is this router shows up in the "wireless network properties" list of preffered networks and its ticked automatically connect to this.


I had another laptop sat right next to the problem one and it was connecting perfectly so I cant see the channel number being the problem?


Aaargghh, it just doesn't make sense

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