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  1. Mr Nando

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    Breaking news a member of the Irish government thinks that Britain leaving the EU is a bad idea.
  2. Mr Nando

    Military Coup in Turkey?

    Errrrrr, what the fuck? How exactly was the UK EU referendum undemocratic? Either metric which is used in this country first past the post or win by %, leave won? How is this undemocratic? Both sides lied (as all political parties do). The remain side had the BBC on their side, making it look like all leave voters were racist bigots. And you can't really expect anything better from a country that still denies the Armenian genocide.
  3. Mr Nando

    US Election Thread 2016

    Whites hating blacks in America is racist. Me hating America doesn't make me a racist. Well that's nice what definition did you look up? Because there is no agreed upon definition. Italian fascism was vastly different from German national socialism and both were completely different to Franco's Spain and Salazar's Portugal Do you class all these countries as fascist? All had differing views on how to run the economy and what came first the party or the nation state. Do you class Soviet Russia under Stalin as fascist? Because Stalinism is a lot closer to Nazisim then Salazar's government was.
  4. Mr Nando

    US Election Thread 2016

    Another wake up call for globalists/internationalists, all good for the rich, but such policies piss upon the majority of a countries population from a great height. Whatever I personally think of Trump (I don't like him, but fuck me their choice was worse than ours, and our political choices are fucking terrible), it's nice to hear a western leader actually talking about putting their country first, not some cunt half away around the world. People calling Trump a fascist really need to look up what the term means. It's a term like 'racist' that has lost all its meaning, because people throw it about so fucking much. Hating a certain religion or country doesn't make you a racist, because a religion/country isn't a fucking race.
  5. Mr Nando

    Islamic Positive Thread

    Positives: If you are a corrupt Muslim politician, the fear of being branded a racist/bigot means a blind eye is turned to electoral fraud. See the report into electoral fraud in Tower Hamlets. A letter was circulated in signed by 101 influential Muslim clerics, stating it was persons religious duty to vote for Lutfur Rahman. What the fuck.... If you are a migrant/muslim rapist then your crimes will be kept hush hush, for fear of sparking racial tensions. Your victims; women and children, will be asked not to go out alone at night (Sweden and Germany). Yes that's right punish the potential victims! Why the fuck don't you impose a curfew on all migrants? Oh but that's racist and bigoted, not ALL migrants are rapists, so lets make potential victims (citizens of the country) change their behaviour, just fuck off. See Germany, Sweden and Denmark. Oh and of course Rotherham/Rochdale etc. in this country. Also is it any wonder Muslim men are prone to rape? (yes they are more likely to rape then European men, so the use of the word prone is apt) Considering how women are treated within the Islamic faith. In 2014 - 12% of convicted rapists in the Uk were Muslim and yet the Muslim population of Britain is only 4.5%! Hmmm, but pointing this fact out is racist and bigoted. Maybe that's how they got away with it in Rotherham and Rochdale for so long. 'He told police the attack was a sexual emergency as he had not had sex for four months after leaving his wife behind and coming to Austria as an asylum seeker in September 2015.' Iraqi national, convicted of raping a 10 year old boy. I mean what the fuck...? On an un-related note. Why do the BBC start off an article with 'It is feared a British girl in Syria was killed by a Russian airstrike'. Feared? Why feared? She was a terrorist bride. She married someone who wants to bring death to the west, and yet it is 'feared' that she is dead. Come the fuck on. Who the fuck cares? If you are so fucking stupid that you want to leave all the freedoms and comforts you have in this country to become a terror bride, then I say good riddance to bad rubbish. The BBC article should of read: One down, Two to go.
  6. Mr Nando

    ISIS - To Attack or Not?

    The history of Western Intervention in Islamic countries is just a series of failures. Who would of thought removing secular dictators from unstable Islamic countries would create a power vacuum that Islamic fundamentalists would exploit? If you want to destroy ISIS, just set up some tin pot secular dictators and let them have at it. Oh wait, shit, we got rid of Saddam (Iraq is a shit heap) Gaddafi (Libya is a shit heap, and I think I read somewhere has more ISIS fighters than either Iraq/Syria??) and we are trying to get rid of Assad (ISIS big in Syria). Do people see a connection? How about we stop supporting the moderates in Syria with weapons (that somehow seem to end up in the hands of ISIS) and air strikes and just let Assad sort his shit out? I mean will Assad kill a million civilians, like the Wests last ground incursion to the middle east? I think not. Set up some dictators instead of sending in Western troops. What it comes down to is the West can't or wont do what is necessary to defeat insurgents/guerrillas/rebels. The last time the west successfully persecuted a counter insurgency/anti guerrilla operation was the Malayan emergency between 1948-60. Unless you count the peace treaty in Northern Ireland. Although I somehow doubt people would call it a success if ISIS stopped attacking the west, set up a political party and then had MP's sitting in the House of Commons. And the only way we won that war, was through harsh tactics that the West frankly doesn't have the stomach for (yet) and would have war crimes levied against us (like the Mau Mau revolt) but for the fact that it wasn't technically a war. 1) Collective punishment of families of insurgents/rebels and villages suspected of supplying them or merely not providing intelligence on the insurgents. An ancient/medieval tactic beloved of the Nazis. 2) Concentration camps, invented by the British (in another one of the few examples of a successful western counter insurgency operation, the Boer War), made famous by the Nazis and the rebranded by us during the Malay emergency as New Villages (or something similar). 3) Use of chemical weapons. The Malay emergency saw the first use of chemical defoliates. 4) Indiscriminate mass bombing. 5) Murder & torture. Not the pussy bullshit like water boarding though. Aside from the Boer war (1,2,5)at the turn of the century, the Philippine American War (1,2,5) at around the same time and the Mau Mau uprising in Kenya (1,2,5), I honestly can't think of any other Western successes when it comes to counter insurgency work. When you have people being radicalised in months, without ever having visited a Mosque (Nice attacker), any Muslim, disaffected or mentally ill person is a potential terrorist. When you only have 1 full time police offer per 500 citizens there is no way that you can successfully monitor and contain every threat. Listening to the ex-head of some British security service, he detailed the amount of personnel needed to monitor every one on the terror UK watch list (24hr surveillance) would require the total police forces of France & Germany....
  7. Mr Nando

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    Ftse 100 now higher than its been since April 2016. Ftse 250 now higher than this years low points set in January and February. You remember all the hype and concern at the start of the year that are economy was going to collapse? Yeah, neither do I. 46% of British companies have seen an increase in exports since the vote (I know my small business has seen lots more international in the past week).
  8. Mr Nando

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    Flippant response. He's in fucking Greece! The cash machine is just out of money, like their whole country.
  9. Mr Nando

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    I really wish this insane myth that the north somehow gets the short straw when it comes to spending, would die. When you look at spending by head the list of regions in the UK goes like this. N.Ireland Scotland Wales London North East North West Yorks & Humber England (as a whole) West Midlands South West East Midlands East South East - Where I fucking live. As you can see outside of London (the shit stain) the north west and north east get the most funding. The south east gets dicked over the most, being the most heavily populated area which means the largest contributions to the government, but the least spent per person.
  10. Mr Nando

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    Just like the recession that was supposed to happen if we didn't join the Euro.
  11. Mr Nando

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    Oh just like in every general election, with a governments pre election manifesto, which they then subsequently go on to break/not deliver on lots of those promises. That's politics for you. Both sides lie.
  12. Mr Nando

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    How many years have we been losing money? How many industries such as Fishing have been devastated by the EU? How much lower are wages now because of the influx of low skilled labour? How much better could we of done in trade deals if we didn't have to come to an agreement with the EU that has to look out for the interests of 28 separate and differing economies? How well has the Euro done as a currency? Because before the vote on the Euro the majority of financial institutions and economists were in favour of joining the Euro and predicted terrible, nasty things, just like they did before this vote?
  13. Mr Nando

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    Did anyone actually believe the £350 million figure? I didn't. Do people not do any research? Do people seriously just make up their mind on an issue and then blindly believe everything that their chosen side/party believes? BBC literature has shown that we lose around half of what we put into the EU (that is after all the rebates and investment from the EU). So it's not a matter of if it costs us money, it's of how much. Controversial opinion. Fuck the NHS, that thing is a bloated bureaucratic nightmare, with spiralling costs (like the example of the NHS spending £89.50 on the same amount of cod liver oil capsusles the public could buy for £3.50) that far outweigh the level of treatment you receive (having had relatives die in hospital, cancer scares, confirmed cancer (one dead/one recovered) and many other issues, the only thing that links all experiences is the awful treatment/service). We need to go the way of private insurance, with government subsided support for the poorest. But that is another topic.
  14. Mr Nando

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    I think my opinions are pretty well documented in my past posts and I don't think anyone who has read them, would think I'd be in favour of an organisation that costs us a huge sum of money and is presided over by a body that not one member of the general public has voted for. Even if you disagree with the £350 million per week figure that we lose and go with the more conservative £140 million a week. That is still over £9 billion a year. That is over x9 what we spent on flood defences last year (annually storm and flood damage costs this country £1.1 billion according to the British National Insurer Association (or whatever its called) and nearly x3 what we spent on the police force last year. Why when council budgets have been slashed by up to 40% since 2010, should we be giving away a minimum of £9 billion a year? Why when we have around 1 million unemployed people should we have free movement of people?