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  1. bigal

    Man City 2 Liverpool 2 (Apr 10 2022)

    Great point that if they can change their game plan we can do the same. When they are pressing so high, just turn them round with a longer pass forward. The back 5 can all play them so just do it. We invited more pressure when we were already under enough. Mané's two halves were chalk and cheese, the team was but the difference in him was stunning.
  2. bigal

    Liverpool 2 Leicester City 0 (Feb 10 2022)

    I hate wanting Bobby not to play, he has been my favourite player for so long. But you're right completely that he's a distant 5th now. That creative play has just disappeared and though his pressing is still good he's often having to because he gave it away. Thiago was a treat, I kept seeing great bits of play, thinking who was that and repeatedly it was him. A joy to watch.
  3. bigal

    Arsenal 0 Liverpool 2 (Jan 20 2022)

    That was a great European away performance, contain the early enthusiasm of the home team then gradually take control. Robbo's best performance of the season for me, superb in marshalling Saka and much better delivery when getting forward. Kelleher seems so calm and assured, we'll do well to hold on to him I fear. I also liked Konaté's passing, his ball to Trent for the second goal was typical, getting it forward down the line. But an excellent team performance all round. Klopp is full on with Martinelli, praises him every time. I do like Saka, going to be a very good player, too good for them obviously.
  4. bigal

    Chelsea 2 Liverpool 2 (Jan 2 2022)

    Think that's a very fair and accurate report, a draw in the match was a good result against a strong team who played very well but the context of the Leicester game just makes it two points lost not one gained. The midfield was awful, Milner's work overshadowed by that horrendous foul to open the situation for their first goal. Fab looked like he was in treacle, Hendo was awful and I say that as a big admirer. I said in the comments after the last report that I thought the team has been held together one season too long. Thiago or Keita would have been fine, both means we are paying two wages for effectively one player given the time they have off.
  5. bigal

    Leicester City 1 Liverpool 0 (Dec 28 2021)

    Yep, I was disgusted by the whole game. I thought we were poor the first half, slow, too deliberate. The second half was inexcusable, agreed about everything you say. Matip apart the players and manager were just not at it. There's a look of having kept the team together a year too much, we need freshening up. Lookman seems to reserve his good games for us, but we made it so easy for him. But he showed what running direct at a defence can do, as did Salah for the penalty. Did we do it again? Just crap.
  6. I ripped Keita last time so fair play he was excellent when he came on this time. Not for the first time I hope he can put in a consistent spell of games. That second half was just brilliant, made up for everyone. As you say Dave their dickhead fans certainly ramped up the desire to win. Terrific entertainment.
  7. Yeah spot on all round though I'd be harsher on Keita whose passing was crap and bottling was unforgivable. I was ranting about Tierney but you're right, it's Kavanagh who should be under the spotlight. That game should have been very different because he's either corrupt or a totally incompetent Raab-like tit.
  8. bigal

    AC Milan 1 Liverpool 2 (Dec 7 2021)

    It was brilliant. Their goal had me fuming because they deserved absolutely nothing from this game, nothing at all. At home, needing a win against a mostly 2nd team and they couldn't raise any threat other than a corner which should have been cleared easily. The two CBs were excellent, if Konate can add guile to his physical ability he is going to be some player.
  9. bigal

    Youth Team/Cup

    Well done the defence, especially CBs. Disappointed at lack of link up further forward. Bit harsh maybe?
  10. bigal

    Everton 1 Liverpool 4 (Dec 1 2021)

    Those dives really wound me up, and Robbo got a card for nothing because they've even taught their kids. The arrogance of mediocrity.
  11. bigal

    Liverpool 2 Porto 0 (Nov 24 2021)

    That Mané VAR decision was dodgy as. If they drew the lines based on the feet only it would be clearer for everyone.
  12. bigal

    Liverpool 2 Atletico Madrid 0 (Nov 3 2021)

    Spot on. I know what they're going to be like and yet they still wind me up rotten. Ref let them too but he clearly just got pissed off with that knobhead. Completely right about the crowd on all counts.
  13. Really good stuff, loved the comment re Burnley as the most northern South American team.
  14. bigal

    Liverpool 2 Burnley 0 (Aug 21 2021)

    That incident that MOTD showed annoyed me at the time. The Burnley player was well offside yet no flag despite linos being told to this season. Same happened in at least one other match. Just stick the flag up before someone gets injured.