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  1. Maybe it's because we seem to see the games the same way that I really like these reports. I laid into the front three on Twitter I'll be honest (no tags or @ to the players in my defence) out of sheer frustration. Bobby's game at Southampton should have been the start of a run of form, he's always been a streaky player. Instead he's back to being terrible. I said on there that if Salah wants to go then let him and got ripped for it but I honestly would. Mané offers more to the team defensively as well as in attack so like you I'll give him a pass but he looks out of sorts. They need a shake up, teams don't give them the space behind and crowd them in the box and that stops them in their tracks it seems. Jota's injury in a meaningless match is unfathomable. He got success because he offered something that other teams hadn't planned for. Minamino is a massive disappointment, Origi offers nothing so until Jota is back we're stuck with the three but I'd be looking to break up the band this summer and sell one or two of them. The owners have a plan but we're in danger of this season spiralling away out of control and we need help right now. Preferably a CB to get the first choice midfielders playing in midfield. What you said about our title just being overlooked by the time crowds are back made me sad but it's true. If we don't start to score goals w'll be also rans. I am dejected and maybe over reacting but this is just shit.
  2. bigal

    Newcastle 0 Liverpool 0 (Dec 30 2020)

    Said on the match thread that the subs is an area I think Jurgen isn't the best. Too little too late is often the case, Shaq's last night an example. Hendo looked tired, it was his weakest game in some time. We needed more thrust in midfield, it was a game for Ox to play with two midfielders behind him, or Shaq. Trent is a concern, he was finally regaining form when he got injured and it's back to square one. His set piece delivery has been dreadful in all honesty. Alisson, Robbo and Fab were the only ones to come out with any credit for me. Thiago was the main positive. But as a North Easterner this is one game I always want to win, we should have done and it's annoying the hell out of me. Other teams being so close is annoying but we can win still.
  3. bigal

    Liverpool 4 Wolves 0 (Dec 6 2020)

    Lovely game largely because, for once, I never felt like we'd get pegged back or beaten even when I thought Coady had cheated a penalty. The front three are recovering their form, Sadio's shooting is still off but they look better. You're right about Kelleher, it's his calm and unshowy way of going about things that impresses me, plus his claiming crosses and catching them. Good on him. 100% on Gini, just get it done, he can have any money he wants.
  4. bigal

    Liverpool 1 Ajax 0 (Dec 1 2020)

    Excellent, I say that because I agree with everything from VAR to the game to giving Neco MOTM.
  5. bigal

    Brighton 1 Liverpool 1 (Nov 28 2020)

    I don't enjoy it any more because of VAR. Couple of points. Are all European leagues the same in using VAR? Do they all get out the slide rules? I suspect the FA are making more of it than others. I honestly don't know just asking. I do have a problem with the first offside. You say he was off by a centimetre, agreed. But based on a freeze frame selected by whom and why that one? When was the kick by Bobby, when the ball first contacts his foot, during contact or at the end of it, that all amounts to more than one frame. They cannot know when the ball was kicked exactly so how can they say that it's offside by a few centimetres? It's not exact. There has to be margin for error. I hate the whole "oh it's proven by technology argument", it's bollocks. It's all random and we are spending more time discussing ref decisions than before. Just get rid of it, even Jota's goal I thought they'd find a way to rule it out, can't enjoy it.
  6. bigal

    Ray Clemence

    I'm of an age where I saw him play a lot, he was a genuinely great player. Sad news, thanks for everything Ray RIP
  7. bigal

    Manchester City 1 Liverpool 1 (Nov 8 2020)

    Always a great read, with you all the way on what is happening to the game and how it's being strangled, all the joy and emotion with it. It was a good point, fair result. It's sad to see Bobby devoid of confidence, he had a chance to chip the keeper first half and just took another touch. But then we do seem reluctant to hit it sometimes and look for one pass too many.
  8. bigal

    Ajax 0 Liverpool 1 (Oct 22 2020)

    Adrian is a ticking time bomb, he had ages to clear that ball and ended up with the rebound fortunately going wide. He has clearly been told to hoof it up as he has since Villa but he still takes risks. Don't trust him at all. Gomez deserves credit for stepping up, Fab, rightly, got all the plaudits, but Joe took responsibility. Obviously it needs to continue for months. Trent is the other whose form has dipped significantly this year, I like the fact he is using his weaker foot much more (take note Mo) but he's not been near his best. However, this was a night to take the result as you said. Time on the pitch for the squad is good too but let's get the points and then have an easier finish to the group, something which we seemingly never do. Big night it felt like to me.
  9. bigal

    Everton 2 Liverpool 2 (Oct 17 2020)

    Yeah, furious yesterday, furious this morning when I woke up, still furious. That twat has to be sacked and humiliated publicly for either incompetence or cheating. The reports about the rest of the match are irrelevant really as down to 10 men the game would have been different. You're right about Richarlison, he has a tile loose, he's just out to cheat and hurt people. I went to a non league game immediately after this and, yes, the ref made mistakes but, you know what, the players moaned for a moment but then just got on with it. That's football, not a computer game which is what VAR is making the PL. If it is going to decide offsides they have to have a margin for error as selecting the exact freeze frame for the moment the ball leaves the foot is inexact at best. Level used to be onside, I have no idea what the rule is anymore. It seems designed by Dido Harding. The news on van Dijk just makes everything worse. I'd do harm to Coote if I met him. Oliver doesn't escape, why didn't he ask to see the footage or did he think Virgil was having a laugh? If Liverpool didn't mean the world to me I'd bin the PL altogether, many of my mates already have what with VAR, PPV and all the other marketing acronyms. Fuming.
  10. bigal

    Aston Villa 7 Liverpool 2 (Oct 4 2020)

    Penalty incident was at 1-0 but it's irrelevant really, just more proof that Atkinson and VAR are crap. You're kinder than I am about Adrian and if he plays against Everton I think we'll be in trouble as they will look to exploit him and the lack of confidence in him. Otherwise I agree with everything you say, the attitude just stank from the defence (Robbo apart) and the midfield. Bobby has been my favourite in recent years but I don't recognise him these days as the man who was the key to how we played. Keita's fan club can bleat all they like but he's never convinced me and no idea what he was doing last night, Fabinho was awful too. It has to be attitude after we played so well 6 days before. Hendo's face on the sidelines was thunderous. I have been watching Liverpool for 50 years and I am sure I have seen worse performances but I just can't recall one, perhaps some of the Souness era UEFA Cup games. I thought Salah was Motm, took his goals so well though Robbo never gave in and created more than anyone else.
  11. bigal

    Liverpool 3 Arsenal 1 (Sep 28 2020)

    Agree with everything, as usual. I hate these offsides being allowed to go on too, it'll lead to an unnecessary injury at some point as well as the scenario you describe. It's just stupidity.
  12. bigal

    Liverpool 2 Aston Villa 0 (Jul 5 2020)

    First half was abysmal. Origi simply isn't good enough, we all know it. Financial restraints or not we can't rely on the front three being fit all next season and we need someone in their league at least. I wish him well but please Jurgen, much as you like to improve players, you have gone as far as you can with Div.
  13. bigal

    Manchester City 4 Liverpool 0 (Jul 2 2020)

    Actually disagree about the Ederson thing, it bounced and hit him was what I saw. I got annoyed about the linesman on the far side though who first half dodged making offside decisions to let VAR rescue him, City go through and get a corner which is allowed to happen of course. So they get a chance on goal because he didn't do his job. Good points about the front three, I am concerned that we let Werner go though the wages were way too high. We need better than Origi as backup for sure, very grateful for his contributions 2 years ago but he's done nothing this year. I'd give Williams a game at left back to see if he can play as backup for both sides
  14. bigal

    Liverpool 2 Atletico Madrid 3 (Mar 11 2020)

    Trent giving away a stupid freekick at the end which led to their offside goal, needs to cut that out