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  1. bigal

    Liverpool 2 Chelsea 2 (Aug 14 2019)

    It was just a bad decision for the penalty, she didn't have to give it because of her lino. Bad decision. Otherwise I agree with all you say about VAR, absolutely ruining the game. The flag not going up, teams and fans unsure whether they can celebrate or feel gutted. Hate it. And not correcting the pen, your reasoning is the only one that makes any kind of sense. Pulisic looks a player, amazed we didn't do more to get him from the off. Kante is just brilliant and Kepa will get stronger too with time. Lampard giving their young players a go is good for them, will give them choices later. How pissed off they must be though that they get a ban and City get fined pocket money for a second offence?
  2. bigal

    Newcastle 2 Liverpool 3 (May 4 2019)

    Living in the North East as I do I can confirm that they are the most delusional fans around, hate that club. All the sweeter was the result therefore. Harsh on Robbo not getting the MotM, he is amazing. Chasing the ball down in the opposition half, forcing them onto an error out of nothing which led tot he Sturridge chance. What a find he was, never saw it coming at all two years ago.
  3. bigal

    Liverpool 2 Chelsea 0 (Apr 14 2019)

    Terrific, covers everything I thought about yesterday. This made me laugh, "Adam Lallana sagely nodding in approval in the stands (and probably pulling a neck muscle in the process)"
  4. bigal

    Fulham (A) 17/3/19

    He's not blameless but VVD should have cleared it rather than headed it, his job first
  5. bigal

    Everton 0 Liverpool 0 (March 3 2019)

    Sadly I concur with everything you say, hard to be positive despite all those who keep saying we still have every chance. VVD is a great player, has he had a poor match? Best defender since the great days of winning the League. Any player at this level who is so one footed does my head in, Mo is one of those and cost himself and the team goals yesterday by trying to shift it so much. He has great skills in turning which enables him to get away with it often but it wastes time in the box allowing the defenders to regroup. The substitutions were completely barking mad. Mostly though I am so annoyed at how the players are so passive in letting other teams dictate play, we should be grabbing hold of these games and making victories happen, instead the draw was obvious early second half. Death by draws.
  6. bigal

    Liverpool 5 Watford 0 (Feb 27 2019)

    Excellent, Diverlefeu too.
  7. bigal

    West Ham 1 Liverpool (Feb 4 2019)

    One of my regular complaints for years mate, amazing how this happens again and again. Stick it in the middle with pace, surely not too much to ask professional players at the top of the game
  8. bigal

    West Ham 1 Liverpool (Feb 4 2019)

    As usual spot on. Not only do we need to get down the side but to put some pace on the ball with the cross instead of soft floaters which the keeper or big defenders thrive on.
  9. Wasn't trying to minimise Milner's role at all. It was a shit pass to a man with 2 players surrounding him, a pass to just get rid of the ball. You're right Milner should have just booted it out in that situation and bollocked Moreno. The rest is on him. Just a terrible sequence of play.
  10. That pass from Moreno to Milner put him under pressure for the first Wolves goal, yes Milner screwed up but that pass was awful. Sturridge, Moreno but the other more experienced pros (Fab apart) should be utterly ashamed. Are they though?
  11. bigal

    Liverpool 1 Napoli 0 (Dec 11 2018)

    Great report, good to see you giving the midfield credit, they deserved it. Sadly, Matip's injury is the story of his career here - looking good then injury. He was very good last night. The ref was appalling, can the club not make some complaint?
  12. bigal

    Burnley 1 Liverpool 3 (Dec 5 2018)

    Bardsley is a thug, always has been, should have got a red card, got nothing. Poor referee but that is just standard these days. Henderson was fine, he was more forward passing than recently and did his job. Good report as ever
  13. Robertson was crap too, passing back all the second half, never trying to take on their full back. Yet can't argue, the rest were utter crap too. Lallana does not belong on an away fixture against a team trying for their lives, his flicks and fancy dan stuff and conceding free kicks all over the pitch, otherwise the picks made sense to me. But the midfield has regressed, Milner and Gini nowhere near what they were at the start of the season. Passing the ball to them for their second a new low point however. Henderson's energy and control were missed first half especially. Sadly, the two new arrivals haven't shown many signs of improving things so far. But you're right the forwards are the problem. The midfield was the same last year but the forwards disguised their weakness. This year the forwards are all over the place. Salah wants more time than he's getting, Bobby is a better defender than forward at the moment. Mané literally tried to pass the ball through defenders bodies not once but three times. He looks like he doesn't want to be here. There's no cohesion. You summed up Sturridge perfectly. But the manager takes a lot of this too. The team were complacent and, like so many times this year, unwilling to put their bodies on the line, tackle hard and win 50-50s. Something isn't right in the squad. I said on the forum I have lived through so many false dawns with this club the last 25 years and I fall for it every time. But this seems like a real punch in the guts. You said you were starting to trust this group, I have lost any trust.
  14. bigal

    Huddersfield 0 Liverpool 1 (Oct 20 2018)

    Surprised at that Robbo pick, thought he was fairly poor again tbh. That Mouniet chance was a blot on Virgil and Lovren too, lucky to get away with it, Alisson getting caught with the ball another example. It was dire stuff tbh. Worrying thing for me was how easily we got muscled off the ball again, it's like they expect other players to stand back and admire their flicks and tricks and seem surprised when they get tackled. Sturridge, Salah, Gini and others were all guilty of that, Bobby when he came on too. His form is alarmingly bad. He's had bad spells before and come out the other end, we need him to very soon as he makes us tick.
  15. bigal

    Liverpool 3 PSG 2 (Sep 18 2018)

    Loved Hendo's tackling, by the end they were ducking out of challenges with him. Hope he carries that on into League games