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Torres: LFC fans have loving words for me

Fernando Torres is 30 today and it would appear he's overdone the partying somewhat, as he's bizarrely claimed that "the Liverpool fans I have come across have had loving words for me." Put the bottle down, Fernando, you've clearly had too much.


The Spanish striker who left Anfield for Chelsea in January 2011 in a £50m deal, was speaking to Spanish newspaper AS on a wide range of subjects including his time on Merseyside, and once again repeated his "the fans don't know the real story" mantra before once again declining to set the record straight and tell us the 'real story'.


"I played three-and-a-half years there and they made me feel at home," Torres said. "The affection of the fans was tremendous and made me feel a quiet confidence."


Speaking about his reasons for leaving, he trotted out the same old lines we've heard several times before, both from Torres and also his former team-mate Javier Mascherano who had jumped ship a few months earlier: "They (the fans) haven't understood because all they've been told is the version that some people have given the club and the media. They have been sold something which isn't reality.


"I'm sure it's not easy to understand when a player leaves, but I have the thousands of letters I've received in London from Liverpool fans thanking me and now following me in another team. Last year we went to play at Anfield and a man over 70, almost in tears, thanked me and wished me the best.


"There will be every kind of reaction but the Liverpool fans I have come across have had loving words for me."


Thousands of letters eh? From Liverpool fans still following you as you play for Chelsea?  Sure, Fernando, of course you have.

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His best years with us coincided with him playing with an obviously younger Gerrard and I think more importantly Alonso. After we sold Alonso, Stevie was half the player and Torres started to go to shit. The 09/10 season showed just how important Xabi was to our attacking play after he'd gone and it's looking that way with us this season after selling Suarez.


Depressing times...

Torres wasn't shit for the 2009-2010, his goals to games ratio was superb.

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Here's some loving words, go and bury yourself in shite, you greedy half witted rent boy loving shitehawk!


We had the best of you, you've been chimp wank ever since!

I bet you don't see poetry like that on RAWK.

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Bought a ticket to Chelsea away hoping he'd score the winner. By the time of the match he was plAying for them. Had to stop my old man storming the pitch and assaulting him. Lucky Pierre had a banner that we wrestled from the stewards. One of my favourite aways


He's a cunt



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Something definitely happened to him in 2010 that has turned him into a shell of a footballer, and I don't think it was the injury.


It was the start of his sulk period.  He stopped trying for the manager and the team, basically.  Then when he got his move, and he started trying again, he found he'd forgotten what made him such an exciting instinctive goalscorer.  That's what I meant above when I described what happens when the wind changes.  

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