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Lovren: Klopp made me feel wanted

Dejan Lovren has talked about the positive motivation of Jurgen Klopp that transpired during a uncertain last few months for the defender.

It has been a challenging last 12 months for the Croatian, who has fallen from first choice Centre-Back to a clear fourth in the pecking order.

It has led to some personal thoughts about what may be the best move for his career.

Heavily linked with a move away in the summer, Lovren eventually stayed put after what he described as a good discussion with the manager.

The Mirror (via Croatian publication Sportske Novotsi) reported the defender as saying:

“ I feel relief the transfer window is closed. I got tired of reading and listening every day about me leaving or staying in Liverpool.

“Everyone wrote 'Dejan is here, Dejan is there', and knew nothing! 

“It annoyed me.



Lovren who was heavily linked to AC Milan and Roma in the past few months, admitted that he could have left the club that he loves.


However he felt he still had something left to prove.

“Yes, I did consider moving, I knew I gave my best for Liverpool, won CL and I am not kind of player that likes to be benched and earn money. 

“Some people around me advised me "What do you care, you are in big club, shut up take the money.

“But I am not happy on the bench.”

The 30 year-old was certainly grateful for the support that he received from the club, with the manager being on top of the list.

“I feel very happy because all the time I felt LFC was by me, I respect that a lot. 

“ Klopp told me "Listen, buddy, you are top class player, we will not let you go on loan. We need you.

“ I wanted to leave, it didn't happen, I was told Liverpool needs me and I accepted that.

“Last week I spoke to Klopp again, he told me he understands me, knows I am not happy, but he also said "Look, now it is finished, I want you to reset your head, I find you important". 

Never one to display a lack of confidence, Lovren says he will be more than ready whenever he is called upon.

“I am in my prime age, in great shape, mentally ready and you can not buy experience."


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Let's hope he keeps him wanted as 4th choice and our defenders that don't lose their heads stay fit. 


There's no way you can have Lovren in a successful high line. 

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I'm glad he's staying tbh.  It's more than likely we will get a couple of injuries in the back 4 and he will be needed. He can play the domestic cup games and give Virg a breather. 

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He's a very good centre half.


It's a tough station for him, Matip and Gomez, as the best footballer in the world will always take one of the two spots.


I'd imagine we'll move him on if that Dutch kid shows some potential.



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