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Klopp: Squad will remain intact after my departure


Jurgen Klopp has gone out of his way to calm any fears that his exit from Liverpool will lead to a player exodus.


The shock news that the German will end his tenure come the end of this season naturally saw its fair share of headlines, but along with that came some tenuous links that senior players may also be considering their future.


None more so than captain Virgil Van Dijk who in the the aftermath of the announcement discussed how different the club landscape will look next season, and when the question was put to him whether he will be a mainstay of the future, he replied ‘ That’s a big question. I don’t know.”


But the Dutchman clarified that comment yesterday and ended any doubts of his commitment by saying:


"Let’s make it clear. I am 100% committed to the club, I love the fans. It is fully taken out if context. It’s not about me, it’s about us. Five days ago we weren’t even talking about my contract (which has another 18 months to run), so it’s a bit silly!”


While Klopp has plenty on his plate regarding upcoming fixtures and keeping the title quest on track, that doesn’t mean he isn’t aware of what has been said about his players and their future.


 As any Reds fan knows, there is no manager presently in the game  that provides as much support to his players than Klopp.


And once again he left no one in any doubt to what he thought of the speculation per the Echo.




“Nobody has to worry. That's why I say this team, the majority is exactly like it is. If you want to find someone who isn't safe and doesn't have a contract in 2025, you will find it.


"I knew this (speculation) was going to happen because you (the media) can’t wait with these questions. Virgil didn't go out of his way to say it. It is always about the questions. We always need to answer. Write what you want - this club is stable, 100%.


“Everything will be fine, I'm 100% sure. We have to get through this, through your questions and give answers. I people I would recommend to stay calm in this department, massively."


Klopp went further and believed that the fanbase at large see through this kind of hysteria that is whipped up with the presence of social media platforms and is basically a 24-hour football news cycle.


“Very often the fans concerns aren't as big as the media might think. You underestimate the IQ of our supporters, I think. They know these things come up. It's completely normal - there's nothing to worry about.


“All these talks could be part of a possible destruction about this season, and that's the same in all seasons whether you know the manager is staying or not. It's human the boys have to think about things, whenever you make a decision about something then you think.”


And he lastly reminded everyone that the players themselves have a special bond with the club.


“There is enough time to do everything. These players love to be here, don’t forget that. It is not that they have one foot out. They want to know a little bit of perspective but that is there and will happen, especially behind the scenes.


“The only annoying part is you (the media). Because everything is fine, just because we constantly answer questions it feels like 'What's going on there? Why don't they do that?'. Things – especially important things - need time. Don’t worry. You (media) can worry for you at home, don't worry. It is all fine. The boys love this place: I know that for a fact and when will what happen we will see."



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2 minutes ago, Bobby Hundreds said:

Where will they go bigger than us? Madrid, Bayern who? An oil club for paydays.


Bramley Moore will be open soon after their contracts expire, who wouldn't want to be playing football with cruise ships in the background like a poundland Monaco.

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I read the Virgil stuff and just thought it was sensible. How does he know whether the new manager would want him to stay ?

But I also realised how the shit-stirrers in the media would spin it. Good job Jurgen realised my IQ is through the roof.

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I think there’s a desperation from people outside for it all to fall apart where actually we’re being left in great shape.


its similar to the obsession with wanting Nunez to fail 

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