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  1. Jay86

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    Do not believe what the anfield plug says! It’s a parody.
  2. Jay86

    Russia World Cup 18

    How often does it actually hit and arm during a game though? It doesn’t even happen in every match so I don’t think it would make that much of a difference and tbh it would be a hell of a lot better than it is now because I watch tons of football and literally have no idea what the actual rule is! I’ve seen one given then exactly the same thing happen again and it not given.
  3. Jay86

    The ‘Buy Nabil Fekir’ Campaign

    If you could mould them into one player I reckon he’d be the best right back in Europe. Clyne rarely gets beat one on one and his positional awareness and covering his CB’s is usually spot on he’s just ponderous on the ball and not very good at crossing whilst Trent tries to quicken the tempo by playing one touch passes and has one of the best deliveries in the league he just lacks experience with his positioning at times but that’ll come in time.
  4. Jay86

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    Sampur always looked quality whenever I seen him, haven’t seen him play for about 18 months so not sure how he’s progressed but at one point he looked a sure thing to replace Xavi in their first XI reminded me a lot of Pirlo.
  5. Jay86

    Russia World Cup 18

    The handball rule is basically fucked at the moment. Nobody knows exactly what is handball and what’s not, I mean how many times is a handball actually deliberate? The rule should be unless the ref deems that the player with the ball deliberately kicks the ball at the opposition’s hand then whenever it hits an arm or hand it should be handball especially if it stops an attack whether it’s accidental or not. Like with a slip for example, if you accidentally slipped and pulled down a striker down it would be given as a fouled even though it’s a complete accident because you’ve prevented an attack from forming. I reckon there’s a deliberate handball once every 2/3 years so there should never be handballs given. Was it Mina who gave that one away for a penalty because he had his hands above his head and it hit his hand? That was a stonewaller but I don’t think he thought I’ll punch this away.
  6. Jay86

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    I think Allison goes to Chelsea and we’re left with Karius and Ward with Mignolet leaving, until someone else comes up who Klopp really wants. On a brighter note I’d guess were defo getting Fekir.
  7. Jay86

    Russia World Cup 18

    He is boss at scoring goals, the point I was making however was that unless he starts scoring 50-60 goals a season like Ronaldo and Messi any team he plays for will not win anything. He’s too self obsessed with scoring goals to sacrifice himself for the team so in turn he HAS to be the goal scorer, he didn’t for a second give a flying fuck how him claiming that goal would affect Eriksen and the rest of his team but he kept banging on until he got his way. Look if he scored 60 goals next season I’d be pretty certain Tottenham would win a trophy or two but the way it stands right now, him being Tottenham’s only real player who scores goals scoring 30 a season is not enough to turn them into a winning team, if he scored 20 but freed up space by making unselfish runs or passed instead of shooting from ridiculous angles for Son, Alli, Eriksen etc to all score close to 20 each they’d be in a hell of a lot better position than if they all scored 10 and he got 30 for himself. He’s a world class goal scorer and that’s it. If he played in a team where it wasn’t all centred around his needs then I think he’d become a better around player. You could even argue that Son is way more suited to the way Poch wants Tottenham to play but because Harry Kane is already there and scored he has to play. Similarly to what happened with Coutinho here, he’s that good that he had to play but it always felt like Klopp was shoehorning him in and trying to find a place for him, now our midfield and attack will look a hell of a lot better with him not in it.
  8. Jay86

    The ‘Buy Nabil Fekir’ Campaign

    How would Martin Tyler know any of what goes on at at Liverpool?
  9. Jay86

    Russia World Cup 18

    In that case they should just have one quick glance at the screen because if it’s that obvious they’d see the mistake in an instance. It was a debatable penalty which I’ve seen some say it was and some say it wasn’t, the referee is paid to make those decisions and he decided after a long look at it that it was a penalty. I personally didn’t think it was a penalty but I’m fine with the decision because it was a 50/50 and the man in charge had multiple looks and lent more towards the side of it being a penalty and gave it. They need to take that “clear and obvious” shite completely out of it because it’s confusing people, if VAR think the ref should look at something whether it’s clear and obvious or not and he decides he made an initial mistake then he should be allowed to change his mind. Which by the way I think they have been doing in this World Cup.
  10. Jay86

    Russia World Cup 18

    Until Kane starts hitting Messi and Ronaldo numbers any team he plays for will be unsuccessful in the end because he’s so greedy and selfish, if he was hitting 50/60 a season then Tottenham would obviously win trophies but whilst he’s not reaching them numbers the teams he plays for rely on his goals too much and he doesn’t score enough to warrant the team to sorely rely on him. Take this tournament for example the last two games he’s looks fucked and physically couldn’t run anymore, that comes from him wanting the Golden Boot over the team winning the tournament because he could have went off earlier against Panama but he was chasing the Golden Boot, granted he did get rested against Belgium but again could have come off against Sweden when it became clear after Alli scored that Sweden were never scoring especially after playing 120 mins against Colombia. It was literally like England played with 10 men against Croatia he was that bad. As for the VAR thing, it’s been brilliant in this tournament, even today. How the fuck can anyone blame VAR for giving that penalty. The ref gave it! VAR informed him that it was a contentious decision so he went and looked at it in about 5 different angles and in slo-mo and decided to give a penalty, why are people so thick they don’t understand what happened today.
  11. Jay86

    The ‘Buy Nabil Fekir’ Campaign

    Think with Shaquiri as a very adequate wideman backup if Bobby’s out we’ll move Salah or Mane in that false 9 role.
  12. Jay86

    Bluetooth Headphones

    I bought the Monster iSport Victory BT ones not long ago and they are pretty decent mid-value in ear for the gym etc £79.99 from Amazon.
  13. Jay86

    Loris Karius

    Yea I guess doesn’t rate is a bit harsh because if he thought he was absolutely useless he’d have shipped him out the second he could. More like he doesn’t think he’s of adequate ability and believes he can be massively improved on, which he’s right.
  14. Jay86

    Loris Karius

    Klopp clearly doesn’t rate him, same way Klopp didn’t rate the Matip/Lovren partnership same way he didn’t rate our midfield. He waited for the perfect players in them positions the same way he is with Karius, he said it himself that it’s pointless spending 10s of millions on a player that’ll only give you a slight improvement when you could wait and maybe spend a bit more but get your No.1 target, I’m 100% certain that if Roma lowered their fee on Allison he’d be here in an instance and Karius would be out the door but at the moment he’s obviously and rightly seen the best option we have so Klopp has no choice but to try to instil some confidence back and get him back to an acceptable level.
  15. Jay86


    That’s the way I feel, id feel like I needed to eat midday. Maybe psychological but I reckon I’d have the shakes and zero energy from 1/2pm onwards until I eat again.