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  1. Wow, almost tangible irony.
  2. Both are about a personal choice to ingest something into the bloodstream - the comparison is apt and stands, Your Honour. But I do apologise for derailing the thread. Anyway, I'm off to drink the sweet nectar from Mrs TK's vag. Now that's a substance I could never quit. Don't miss me too much.
  3. Carbon footprint slag.
  4. I nominate Miss Daisy. Lazy slut.
  5. For personal reasons, I'm not a massive consumer of experimental mRNA vaccines although I love vaccines! I've gone for long periods without experimental mRNA vaccines, up to one year, and it is often met with surprise/opposition, there have been times when I've had to be forceful that I'm not getting jabbed, not even one! It does seem to upset a lot of sheeple.
  6. This reminds me of something but I can't quite put my finger on it...
  7. Outfield I'd go mostly full strength with the odd kid, e.g. Morton/Gordon. I wouldn't risk Alisson for this. Kelleher is a competent deputy dawg and deserves to retain his place in the domestic cup team.
  8. Not all decisions are clear cut, that's just the way it is. There will always be marginal decisions and matters that come down to interpretation. I don't think it was a penalty and would feel hard done by if the same decision was given against us in our penalty area. But Kevin Friend was given the opportunity to look at it in slow motion numerous times, and came to a different conclusion. He's a professional referee and came to his own decision. Fair enough. Next week it'll be some other decision that everyone gets their Calvins in a knot over.
  9. I don't drink, but I'd tax the fuck out of them anyway for being a little bit different. Wait a minute. Non public poll - textbook RiS-Up.
  10. TK-421


    How much Arsehole Tax will you be paying, mate? I'd imagine it'll be a fair whack.
  11. He says, whilst dutifully paying his monthly direct debits. The only way Sky are getting rid of Carragher and Neville is if people vote with their wallets. But no doubt their research will also show that people will be happy to continue to pay up. Enjoy the bantz.
  12. TK-421

    Alternative 'rona thread

    https://hatchardreport.com/relationship-between-covid-19-vaccination-and-all-cause-mortality/ December 17, 2021 Relationship Between Covid-19 Vaccination and All Cause Mortality This release presents the association between weekly vaccination totals and all cause mortality for the 60+ age cohort. This has only been possible because of our unique situation in NZ. Protected at our borders, we have a very low incidence of Covid and therefore the short-term impact of vaccination on health can be reviewed in isolation from the confounding factors of Covid infections and deaths. This has been a painful release to write because it involves personal tragedies affecting families and loved ones. Some of whom are not actually aware of the causes of their loss or in other cases have been misled through preventable mistakes of government and civil servants. For some time it has been clear that the rate of adverse effects proximate to mRNA Covid vaccination is unprecedented throughout NZ vaccination history. Adverse effects reported to CARM are running at 30 times that of flu vaccines. It is also apparent that many of the adverse effects are very serious indeed. Medsafe has continued to maintain that they are unable to determine which effects and deaths are related to vaccination. I have previously written about indications pointing to a causal relationship between a wide range of adverse effects and vaccination. Effects range from those already admitted such as myocarditis to others recognised in a leaked Pfizer document dated April 30th 2021 including respiratory illness internal bleeding kidney and liver disease neurological disease thrombotic events including stroke immune suppression and many more Without mandatory reporting, the identification of related adverse effects will remain incomplete. There is an obvious need to investigate vaccine safety here in NZ because overseas trials are as yet incomplete—the long term effects of mRNA vaccines are unknown and the short term effects are incompletely assessed. The Data Released Under OIA Grant Dixon obtained figures from Medsafe through an OIA request graphed here: The temporal association between all cause deaths and vaccination for the 60+ age cohort during the roll out of the mRNA vaccine in NZ between the beginning of March 2021 to the end of October 2021 is graphically rather obvious even to a lay person. As weekly vaccination numbers rise to a peak, deaths peak. As vaccination numbers begin to fall, deaths also fall.
  13. TK-421

    Alternative 'rona thread

    Gonna go to the next one in my town. Gotta stand up for what you believe in, right? No mandates for NHS.