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    Comment withdrawn. It was stupid and unnecessary.
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    The people of Manchester might well think that, yes. Fine people they are too. But we are talking about the pond life who sing those songs. Seems that the FA/PL have left it up to clubs to decide if they will do a silence or not.
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    MU confirm no minute's silence for Thatcher this evening. Given her views on Hillsborough I expect that will come as a disappointment to the Stretford End faithful.
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    Worst ever Liverpool performance?

    It's been called out already but the 0-1 to Wolves under Hodgson was truly awful. Don't think we managed a shot on target. Torres was effectively on strike. You could see the difference a month later when we beat them 3-0 away and Torres knew he was leaving. The 0-0 away to Barca in the 2001 UEFA Cup was numbingly awful, but the trip made up for it. Under Houllier remember going to Boro - only time I've been, place is just one enormous chemistry set. We were top after 12 games, turned up and played for a point, got beat 1-0, abject lack of ambition or intent. Utterly deflating - although the pork barm (not a euphemism) for 70p after the match sweetened the pill a little. Seem to remember that ale was startlingly cheap too. The 0-0 with Stoke under KD was dreadful simply because with the team he started with you knew even as you were walking across Stanley Park under inky skies that that was all we'd get.
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    Does Rodgers deserve another season.

    Are we not a bright mid-table team? The last three seasons we've netted 63, 58 and 52 points - albeit the last two seasons with managers who should never have been let anywhere near the place. Today's result is infuriating and, given we've had a week to prepare for a game against a bottom five side, inexcusable. And it sounds like mistakes were made in the starting XI (what is wrong with the XI that started against Arsenal?). But - it can only be taken in context at the end of the season. The number of points achieved, goals scored and League place will dictate whether he gets another season. Given the horror show that was last season - 47 goals in 38 games, fewest points and lowest place for who knows how long, bettering that season of itself isn't going to be enough. His job is stop us getting worse - and we've been getting worse and worse for three years. Only if we are not getting better can we possibly justify another change, and we won't know the answer to that til next season.
  6. In Rafa's first season we finished 5th with 58 points. I know there are those who like such things.
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    The many coats of Brendan

    The best coat is that grey one Fergie used to wear before they won the League. Had it on when we beat them the year Leeds won the League. The "disappointment coat". Happy times.
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    The unpopular opinion thread - amnesty applies.

    The Chris Kamara Ladbrokes adverts make me laugh.
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    He has shown enough to suggest that he could be a very useful player, if not absolutely top drawer. Playing that position in a top league takes more than ability though and the experience he us getting will mean that he gets better and better. Not many top teams have a 20 year old pulling the strings in midfield, and as a model he looks like he would be better going down the Tom Cleverly path of getting a year's experience at an outfit like Wigan (where he'll see the ball) - he is no Jack Wilshere after all (few players are). I've liked him since the pass he played for Suarez in the 5-2 at Fulham a couple of years ago. I think he can play, but has been playing poorly recently.
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    Other football

    Sully Muntari - articulate, interesting, measured and sensible.
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    Other football

    For a second there it looked like Jamie Redknapp thought Muhammad Ali was part of Al Qaeda.
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    Other football

    What's the fuss with El Sharawaay? Doesn't look all that to me. He looks a whopper to me. One great kit on show, one appalling kit. Who comes up with these things?
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    Fabio Borini

    For some reason I'm imagining Borini wearing a white t-shirt and a leather fishing cap, starting a song with the words "Standing in the door of the Pink Flamingo crying in the rain...". Time for bed I suspect.
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    Fabio Borini

    A dislocated shoulder usually happens after a heavy fall onto the arm. It takes 12-16 weeks to heal after the arm has been reconnected. Dislocating your shoulder means your arm bone has popped out of its shoulder socket and the supporting tissues may have overstretched or torn. The shoulder is one of the easiest joints to dislocate. This is because the top of the arm bone, which is shaped like a ball, sits in a very shallow socket. While this makes the arm extremely mobile and able to move in many directions, it also means that it's not very stable.
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    Liverpools New kits leaked?

    No Champions' League kit then? SSM...
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    What do you make of this?

    And let's not even get started on how the Mayan calendar plays into this. You thought you could stop worrying about that when December 21 came and went? Think again.
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    Other football

    Is Tom Huddlestone is by far the slowest top flight footballer ever? Dempsey gives him a slow out-of-puff jog for his money. He was a great swerve.
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    Other football

    The sssh-ing is one of the saddest things I've seen in a while.
  19. UnwelcomeinPeru

    where is Doni?

    Maybe some third party ownership thing, aren't they not allowed these days? The club spent a lot time and money fixing things for Mascherano on that score?
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    mancs away 13/1/2012

    The consensus is that the first half performance wasn't quite up to it then?
  21. UnwelcomeinPeru

    Andre Wisdom - right back vs centre back?

    The loan shout is a good one. He got caught in the first half for their two best/only chances, the second one he lost his man quite badly - a bit like Flanagan did with Larsson last season. He looks a good defender but also looks like he needs more schooling in being part of a back four. (The sort of thing 10 games with Sami or Carragher would give him.)
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    Andre Wisdom - right back vs centre back?

    We're ruling out Danny Wilson making a comeback then?!
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    Rodgers In

    Dalglish was asked to buy potential. British potential. Well that may be true, but either he's very far-sighted, or got it wrong. The British potential is now worth half at best what it cost and has not produced anything of note so far. There's a lot of salary been paid to players who haven't shown it yet. I think - and frankly I don't know and and just enjoy guessing - that he and the owners agreed at the start of last season that there was a realistic chance of 4th. It didn't take much - Spurs improved by 19 points a couple of seasons ago to finish 4th. I suspect that if Rogers can break 60 points this season that will be seen as success.
  24. UnwelcomeinPeru

    Rodgers In

    Same as most people I imagine - I looked at the teams that we'd most likely finish below and counted on my fingers. So a range of not higher than 7th and not lower than 9th.
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    Rodgers In

    Over-complicated? In the Rafa farewell season, Liverpool finished 7th with 63 points, 7 off CL. In the Hodgson/Dalglish porridge that followed, it was 58 points, although 6th place, 10 points off CL. Dalglish was asked what it would take to win an extra 10 points and was backed with money to buy in the players he wanted. The League season was a catastrophe. 52 points and 8th place, 17 points off CL. Whatever explanation Dalglish had for that - and whatever plan he had to put it right - didn't wash and quite rightly he was shown the door. Any manager would have been. The PL was poor last season and has been for some time - in the last three seasons, the team finishing third has done so with 9 or 10 defeats. Rafa only lost 11 in his swansong. The amount they had to get better by was not much - win an extra 3 or 4 rather than losing them. But Kenny went and won the fewest games we've won since something or the other. As for BR, well it is obviously too early to say really. He wasn't told to get 4th this season so he won't be moved on anytime soon. They look to me like couple of players off being able to compete so he - like Kenny - will get judged on his signings. Ultimately that's what did for Rafa.