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  1. Yep. And a shame he doesn't get to play next to another experienced centre back to help him through. I'm guessing he'll eventually play with Henderson if he does get thrown in.
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    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    I'm no finance expert - I don't understand how we're not making any money? We're one of the biggest clubs in the world. We've won the league, came second, won the champions League and got to the final, won the world championship thing. I know there's a pandemic but surely we should have made SOME money over the last four seasons??
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    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    Haha yea Jack and the Beanstalk every night to the three year old. And she's constantly watching Peter Rabbit.
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    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    Jack and the Beanstalk. This story is BAD NEWS. Right, so Jack breaks into / is let in by the Maid into a castle (depending on which version you read). Then he hides in a cupboard until the giant falls asleep and robs the giant's golden coins. When him and his mum have spent all that he goes back to the castle and robs his magic hen which lays golden eggs. And then the NEXT DAY goes BACK to the castle, waits for the giant to fall asleep and robs his magical harp! And if that wasn't bad enough, when the giant chases him Jack chops down the beanstalk and kills the giant. Sorry, the 'big, bad giant' (more media propaganda). The maid says he eats English men, but where's the proof? This shit winds me up. Like Peter Rabbit - every day breaking into Mr McGregor's garden to rob his fruit and veg. Mr McGregor is a hard working farmer and that little shit with his gang of shithead mates Benjamin Button and Lily Bobtail every day legging into next door's garden to thieve and destroy. I know Mr McGregor killed his dad so there's obviously beef there, but sort it out like a man. No wonder my stress levels are off the charts reading this shit every night!
  5. Definitely prefer incest to alien/human rape. A fine line between them though.
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    crime and punishment

    Yeah it's like the Edlington brothers - lifelong anonymity. What a reward for torturing two kids almost to death. One of them went back to jail for being caught with a knife. Not sure where either of them are now. Could be anywhere. Could be dating your daughter, you wouldn't know.
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    The media determined to get schools open now. Even seen a couple of headlines for gyms reopening - they're planting the seeds of thought in people's minds. Crazy.
  8. People voting for Alien over BTTF?
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    I've taken Vitamin D daily for about 4 years. Still got Covid. Just been for a blood test for ongoing Covid problems 5 weeks later. Who knows, maybe I would have been worse off without it?
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    Liverpool 0 Brighton 1 (Feb 3 2021)

    I'm not watching us now for the rest of season. Injuries, VAR, referees, form, tactics, centre backs, FSG, I can't be bothered with it all. It's like we've been cursed for daring to win the league. Call me fairweather, but there's too much shite going on outside of footy and the last thing I need is this. I reckon Klopp (and the players) could do with a two week holiday somewhere nice - they seem burned out. Regroup and hopefully next season we'll be back to our best. I still think we've got the best first 11 in the country.
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    Man City (H) - Premier League - 7/2/21 - 16:30

    I just thought I'd cheer myself up with some fantasy football. Van Dyke is our new sweeper.
  12. Yeah I quite like Prometheus - it looked amazing at the pictures on the big screen. I never understood why nobody on set pointed out the many plot holes though. Covenant I probably would have liked if it was a standalone sci fi film and not linked to the Alien universe. I think Carry On Aliens has promise.
  13. Have you not seen Prometheus and Covenant?
  14. I love the Alien films (even 4!) but Marty leaves them in the dust of his DeLorean here. And you know, they're just more fun, aren't they? The Alien films are a bit miserable.
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    From the FT... How to save the world from long Covid ‘We need to spend whatever it takes on wartime-style mobilisation to make, distribute and inject vaccines’ February 4, 2021 5:00 am by Simon Kuper When I listen to scientists talk about where we might be a year from now, two main scenarios emerge. The first one is good: Covid-19 keeps circulating but loses its sting. Most people in rich countries, and the most vulnerable in developing countries, get vaccinated in 2021. The vaccines prevent disease caused by all strains. Covid-19 weakens: once it finds potential victims protected either by vaccination or past infection, it becomes at worst a nasty cold. “The most likely thing is that it will mutate into a more benevolent form. That may solve the problem,” says Anthony Costello, a former director at the World Health Organization. But there’s another scenario, less likely yet so momentous that we need to think it through: the world gets “long Covid”. Vaccine-resistant mutations cause years of mass death, repeated lockdowns, economic disaster and political dysfunction. What determines which one comes true? Precedent favours the benign outcome. “Four human coronaviruses . . . circulate endemically around the globe; they cause only mild symptoms,” write Jennie Lavine of Emory University and others in the journal Science. These viruses may once have been deadly too, until humans acquired protective immunity through infection in infancy. When people were reinfected as adults, their immune systems knew how to fight back. Covid-19 may make that same journey much faster, with vaccines hastening herd immunity. Even as mutations emerge, previous vaccines and infections should confer enough immunity to protect us at least from severe disease; some existing vaccines seem to be handling the British and South African mutations. In this benign scenario, poorer countries can wait for vaccines, as their young populations aren’t very vulnerable to Covid-19. (More than half of African people alive today were born this century.) Yet the malign scenario remains plausible, says Costello. New variants have appeared fast. Philip Krause, chair of a WHO working group on Covid-19 vaccines, told Science: “If it is possible for the virus to evolve into a vaccine-resistant phenotype, this may happen sooner than we like.” It may be happening now in the Brazilian city of Manaús: devastated by the first wave of Covid-19, it’s being devastated again, possibly because victims of the first wave aren’t immune to the new strain. Vaccine-makers could probably rejig them to combat new strains but it might take months. Then countries might struggle to summon millions of recently vaccinated people back for more jabs. And new vaccines might be only 50 per cent effective, like the flu vaccine. We also don’t know how long vaccines will provide immunity against Covid-19. Will people return for booster shots? Worse, highly infectious mutations have raised a country’s bar for achieving herd immunity. Getting there might now require vaccinating 78 to 95 per cent of people aged over 12, warns the consultancy McKinsey. Some will refuse vaccination. Meanwhile Covid-19 keeps circulating and mutating, especially in poor countries. By mid-January, 29 low-income countries combined had vaccinated just 55 people, all in Guinea, said the WHO. Ian Goldin, professor of globalisation and development at Oxford, sees a more likely scenario than global long Covid: a new pandemic. He notes the growing frequency of pandemics this century, as habitats of animals and humans become compressed, and global travel increases transmission. Imagine a pandemic that lasts years, killing millions. Whole sectors — tourism, restaurants, the arts, aviation, conferencing — could collapse. So might democracies, as isolated people mainline conspiracy theories in their bedrooms. Bankrupt states would helplessly print money. The jobless young might grow up unequipped to deal with people off-screen. Many would rebel against lockdowns, fighting the forces of order. The mental-health pandemic would rage beyond control. A few countries — New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, Vietnam — would become oases besieged by would-be immigrants from everywhere else. Between deadly waves, people would seek relief in the wildest experiences. A few countries — New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, Vietnam — would become oases besieged by would-be immigrants To avoid global long Covid, states need to hurry. The quicker humanity achieves herd immunity, the less time the virus has to mutate beyond control. We need to spend whatever it takes on wartime-style mobilisation to make, distribute and inject vaccines. Costello calls for a “Home Guard” of contact tracers and vaccine promoters, including retired doctors and nurses. We also need to get vaccines to poor countries fast. The Covax facility — meant to ensure fair global distribution of vaccines — is fighting hard to reach 27 per cent of people in lower-income countries this year, in the face of underfunding and hogging of supplies by rich countries. Covax’s funding target for 2021 is $6.8bn. Compare that to the cost of a week’s lockdown in a rich country. In total, says Goldin, “Rich countries have found $12 trillion for themselves, but only $100 billion has been pledged to developing countries.” “No one is safe until everyone is safe,” Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the WHO’s director-general, has warned. People in rich countries tend to dismiss such pieties. We’ve learnt from experience that we can be safe even while pandemics decimate the world’s poor. For once, this may no longer be true.
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    Man City (H) - Premier League - 7/2/21 - 16:30

    Allison TAA Gomez Van Dyke Robertson Henderson Fabihno Gini Mane Jota Salah Super subs to change things up when we're 3 nil up: Shaqiri Firmino Jones Thiago Matip Easy!
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    Brighton (H) Premier League - 3/2/21 - 20:15

    The lads earned their thousands of pounds today.
  18. johnsusername

    Brighton (H) Premier League - 3/2/21 - 20:15

    No no no - it was a great decision by FSG - it saved them loads of money.
  19. johnsusername

    Brighton (H) Premier League - 3/2/21 - 20:15

    He's got two gears - first and....oh, no, just the one gear.
  20. johnsusername

    Brighton (H) Premier League - 3/2/21 - 20:15

    To be fair every time he tries to tackle one of their players the referee is blowing his whistle. He couldn't wait to get his yellow card out before.
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    Other football - 2020/21

    Fuck off Leeds.