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  1. scudger99

    Andrew Robertson

    There's been a saying doing the rounds for a few years that Liverpool won't win the Premiership without a Scottish player in the side. Box ticked, and then some.
  2. scudger99


    Fab's settling in, Keita's settling in, Shaqiri is a step ahead of them both. Alisson is making people forget about his transfer fee, he and Van Dijk are simply world class. And Salah is just starting to find his mojo again. If it wasn't for City, I'd have us down for favourites for the Premiership. Klopp has the nucleus of something special here. Ultimately his level of success will be determined by silverware won, but the potential of this group of players to develop as a team is absolutely massive. I can see Fabinho and Keita being very astute signings, the bedrock of a powerhouse midfield for the net few seasons.
  3. scudger99

    Roberto Firmino

    Lallana last for 2 games ? What alternate universe is this going to happen in ? Moreno for Robbo I can get, but for Salah ? Eh ?
  4. scudger99

    Burnley 1 Liverpool 3 (Dec 5 2018)

    It's becoming a recurring theme now. Trent Arnold free kick, Van Dijk with an assist and a forward mopping up on the line. Fucking great stuff. And the third goal was all one touch stuff, right from Alisson's quick throw. 3 touches, 8 or 9 seconds and it's in their net. And fuck Dyche, the upside down headed ginger cunt.
  5. scudger99

    Roberto Firmino

    Christ on a bike you waffle some shite.
  6. scudger99

    Boxing 2018

    Unless I'm watching some fucked up mirror image wasn't it the left that was the knockout blow ? Is Usyk a southpaw ?
  7. Again that could have been said about Ox. Milner was probably labelled as similar at various stages in his Liverpool career. Our perception of players can be misleading. Andy Robertson was dismissed as shite by many and Shaq was labelled as "lazy with attitude issues". Now the former is classed by many as the best left back in the country and plenty of folks are calling for the latter to be in the starting eleven. I've learned enough about Klopp to know that he is excellent at picking out players and encouraging them to shine, so if Ramsey rocks up at Melwood during the next summer break it'll be because Klopp thinks he's a genuine quality addition to the squad.
  8. A lot of that could have been said about the Ox, and he wasn't exactly shoddy before disaster struck. Personally I agree with Ramsey's injury concerns, but if Klopp sees something he thinks he can polish and use for the benefit of the team then who am I to disagree with him ? It depends on whether Klopp and his back room staff already have their eye on a younger, less known and more robust player who can provide what Ramsey does.
  9. scudger99

    Exclusive interview with Neil Ruddock

    That would be during the warm up too. If the fat fuck is so interested in on the pitch fun with a quid coin, Carra should have obliged the cunt in his own fashion with one, right on his forehead. "He's scouse, he's sound......"
  10. scudger99

    Someone's having a real laugh - shitcoat to Utd.

    That is fucking brilliant ! Just the sort of thing that'll stick in Maureen's craw too.
  11. Our telescopic legged midfield enforcer. He's made a solid start, hopefully he can maintain and build on that standard. I could see Belgrade players getting pissed off with him hounding them and coming away with the ball, he makes good use of the ball too when he gets it. Hopefully that's a sign of good things to come. Him, Keita (once he settles) and Shaq are very astute signings that not only beef the squad up, they could potentially improve the first team midfield. With a rock solid defence and keeper, world's best front 3 we just needed to add a bit of quality and depth to the midfield. I reckon Klopp's signings this calendar year will be pivotal when we look back in years to come.
  12. scudger99

    Xherdan Shaqiri

    He wanted to go, he went. And it was fuck all to do with Lovren or Mignolet. Magnificent player, but I'd far rather concentrate on those who want to be at the club rather than see it as a stepping stone to fucking Barcelona. Good luck to him, and fuck him. All in the same breath.
  13. scudger99

    Liverpool 4 Cardiff City 1 - Player Ratings

    Pace isn't everything. Fabinho isn't exactly greased lightning but he's got enough of everything else to suggest he's going to be in the first team more than he's out of it. Speed of thought is just as important as speed of foot.
  14. scudger99

    Dog Pics

    Does he bark with an Aberdonian accent ? I don't know if I could have another dog. I've had two wonderful Staffies during 20 plus years of marriage, and it absolutely rips me up when I have to let them go. In the meantime my daughter comes round regularly with her two mental bastard Boston Terriers and they help to fill the void. I've got a strong bond with them, but they're not mine..... 'Tis a very special thing that bond with your own mutt, and the whole atmosphere of the house changes when they finally leave you. I envy Redder as he starts out on that journey with a new source of joy to focus on, apart from picking up dods of shite in the garden every day ! Enjoy every minute mate, it goes too quickly.