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    Can I change xboxlive gamer tag to another email ....

    Cheers i give it a go
  2. address without losing all your games/points etc? My lad set account up years ago in my email adress but I'm pissed off with all emails i get from microsoft.can he set up his own email account now hes over 18 and pair it with his current gamer tag thingyo and not lose his downloaded content? He reckons you cant do it
  3. or do they use better/dearer type of receiver/satelite/system? sick of the andriod kodi buffering all the time.
  4. old skool tom

    Who's had the snip?

    does it hurt? are you asleep when they do it? how long does it hurt for? how long do you need off work? can you still cum your load? is the jizzing sensation numbed a bit?
  5. old skool tom

    Attainable defensive midfielders

    1. Matic 2. William Carvalho dont be surprised if Matip isnt used there though
  6. Big announcement tomorrow apparently!!!!!!!!!!!!! its gonna be on Sky News about toof hurty
  7. old skool tom

    What's Bogdan like?

    If he can actually kick the ball and dominate his box like he can save spot kicks? He should be first choice ahead of spaghetti legs and jelly brain!
  8. old skool tom

    Sadio Mane

    great signing,pace,power and some goals from out wide and on our counter attack which fizzled out when one of our 3 CAMs slowed it all down last season.........also seems a bit of a fighter so hopefully not the type to go AWOL when the shit hits the fan in games ala our Brazilians
  9. old skool tom

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    The fella was was voted in by registered members and now the blairites are jumping ship.Ive reached the age were I think all those who oppose old Labour should create their own party and let JC and his left wingers run the party as it was meant to be run,by the workers for the workers. Atleast then I will be able too vote for a party whos values I truly beleive in (even though it will probably never win an election) Ive reached the age now were I accept Tory rule will always dominate power but atleast I can sleep at night knowing I voted for traditional Labour and not the New Labour shite that is half hearted socialist views just for the sake of having a long 'career' in politics.
  10. old skool tom

    Europa League final

    And about six others
  11. old skool tom

    Europa League final

    Spot on,he's one dimensional.now,so sad to see such a great all round player finished by injury at 26
  12. old skool tom

    Europa League final

    Milner and Toure = BOSS REST WERE PISS POOR Sturridge is still a great finisher but his speed has gone and is useless unless it's feed to his feet and Coutinho went missing again.really do need to buy players who have the right mentality when it matters most as well as quality.
  13. If we don't get Champions League by winning the Europa? I think we'd have a fucking great chance of title #19 if we're not involved any euro footy but would accept finishing top 4 & and CL participation next season. Sadly (although it's his finest quality IMO) Jurgen hates losing (even at cards apparently) so we're probably gonna still try to finish in 5th or 6th
  14. old skool tom


    they done it The (70s & 80s) Liverpool Way and bought from lower leagues with a great scouting network. Instead of spunking 32 million on the Firmino's of this world.........maybe buy 32 x £1m valued players from (so called) lesser leagues,pay them a couple grand a week and maybe keep the 5/6 who are actually good enough? play the numbers game Jurgy lad! PL clubs are fucking idiots! if you won £50m on lottery it doesnt mean you have to spend the lot in one or two goes.................fools congratulations to The Foxes...............a wonderful story !!!!!!!!!!
  15. old skool tom

    The XBMC thread - What it is, how it works etc...

    Isn't it almost impossible to become a member of the subscription sites? Need something a lot more stable and concrete now because I'm missing half the game searching for streams.do you have to search on sub sites or is it a peice of piss and always on just one Chanel/link?
  16. old skool tom

    The XBMC thread - What it is, how it works etc...

    It's gone shite now hasn't it,can't be arsed searching for ad dons all the time. The gold rush is pretty much over for kodi me thinks
  17. old skool tom

    Do you want Europa League next season.....

    If MAN URE win fa cup but qualify through league,does that place go back to league or the runners up?
  18. One positive from tonight,it was like watching Houllier and Rafas side week in week out tonight.thankfully this isn't the norm under klopp
  19. I think we're out sadly The yellow subs won't come out all torpedoes blazing and I think we're in big trouble.playing Sturridge and Firmino either side of Benteke could be only hope by going long against these.
  20. old skool tom


    If he gets 2 years could we sell him to China or would ban be world wide?
  21. old skool tom

    Do you want Europa League next season.....

    Yes that's 100% correct.If Vardy and co were in Europe,you think they'd be top? If we were in Europe when we came 2nd,do you think we'd of finished second? Klopp hasn't had a pre season or brought in one of his players yet turned us into a superb side since turn of year
  22. old skool tom

    Dortmund home leg

    Klopp fucked up first half by not attacking their only weakness (slow CBs) By my word he made amends in 2nd half Firmino is worth 32p not million and if he don't get jibbed off in summer I be gutted.he is pooh If Allen is not a better player than Can,Milner,Hendo then I must be blind Mobile,intelligent,versatile,comfy on ball Don't do it Jergy please!
  23. old skool tom

    Dortmund home leg

    Fucking class these To those who pin our future success on Firmino and Emre......think again guys Lack of pace will keep them in the decent/good catorgary and unable to reach the top levels sadly Looks like they're running through treacle
  24. old skool tom

    The Fucking Yeeeerrrsssss thread.

    Fuck the cup! We put them cunts in their place that'll do for me tbh