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  1. Dare I say we have gone too strong. Its a risk given our luck with injuries.
  2. I remember a similar game losing at Bournemouth 4-3 with virtually last kick of game a few seasons back. Since I think we have won every trophy in world football while they sold lots of players and eventually went down
  3. Brentford are still surfing a wave. Sadly they will get a couple of injuries, someone will thrash them and they will cave for the rest of season. Fair play to them- well deserved
  4. Making him face the media wearing a Villa tie was a bit unfair
  5. Dave D

    Winter of discontent

    I havent bothered. Im not worried about the fuel queues, its just that around here it seems to be tradition to fill your car and then do a full food shop in the station while leaving the car at the pump. I bet its still happening
  6. Given his comments yesterday, the poetic justice of it all is quite something
  7. Dave D

    Winter of discontent

    Or its a sinister joint effort by the big hauliers and petrol barons who dont want to start paying drivers more money so they put the shits up everyone by shutting a few stations......predictably, they get their headlines, chaos ensues, and the government hands them back their cheap labour. Fat cats back to purring in baths of money
  8. Dave D

    Winter of discontent

    Id been planning to cook with Petrol to avoid high gas bills. Thwarted again by the fascists
  9. Dave D

    Winter of discontent

    David Essex might release "A Winters Tale 2021"
  10. Dave D

    Norwich 0 Liverpool 3 (Sep 21 2021)

    Totally agree about clubs like Norwich basically throwing away chance of a trophy/cup run- it makes no sense at all. Maybe these managers are on such a knife edge that they dont want the risk that they get dumped out by a lower league club whilst fielding a strong side
  11. Dave D

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Ladies and gentlemen, a warm welcome to Bramley-Moore Docks. Please ensure you are all back on board for prompt departure at 4:45pm on Saturday- this is to show respect to the weekly gathering on the docks of Local tribal leaders. Safe viewing of this event will be available once we are 500 metres off shore. You won't want to miss it!
  12. Dave D

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    All the big cruise ship companies will be desperate to add it as a destination. It will be a hotbed of culture
  13. I actually had a poster of him playing for us from Shoot! magazine. I always could spot a proper player. Managed to get him on my wall just slightly overlapping my Julian Dicks poster from Match magazine, nestled nicely alongside the legend that is Mike Hooper is his Green Candy goalkeeper shirt
  14. Dave D

    Klopp - Specs?

    Not sure he can pull off his mad faces without the specs
  15. City allowed someone to score a hat-trick against them despite spending a gazzilion quid. United managed to lose despite becoming the Unofficial world champions when signing Ronaldo. Milan couldnt get past the half way line largely because the Liverpool eleven picked for the game played them off the park. We let them back in, then turned it around and won the game. Marvellous stuff
  16. On this kind of form Cantona wont fancy facing Ruddock in the final
  17. We should win but Id be more confident if Klopp started wearing his glasses again
  18. Dave D

    Laura Woods

    Seems to have remarkably shit furniture in her house
  19. What a great shout-, your right, I had entirely forgotten that show-every Sunday night
  20. Seem to remember One Foot in the Grave being a Sunday night
  21. Not evening but The Waltons used to be the signal that the weekend was now downhill to hairwash and school
  22. I had to re-read the Stan Boardman Taiwan gag several times before I got it........
  23. Dave D

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    The squad lists posted above do put a different spin on it. If you break it down window by window then arguably that squad has to get us through the next 12 weeks. A bit simplistic I know. Chuck the champions league in and we will come up short up front at some point. The obvious improvement is a big upgrade on Origi.