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  1. fowler_god_9

    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    I guess we could get trouble with his workpermit.
  2. fowler_god_9

    Wolverhampton Wanderers 0 Liverpool 2 (Dec 21 2018)

    Brilliant report as always Dave. Van Dijk is just unreal, a beast of a player. Best defender we have ever had I think.
  3. fowler_god_9

    Virgil Van Dijk

    Yes, please! De Ligt is going to become a beast of a player.
  4. fowler_god_9

    Watford (A) - Saturday 24 Nov 18 at 3pm

    Any decent streams out there?
  5. fowler_god_9

    Liverpool 4 West Ham 1 (Feb 24 2018)

    Hahaha, that's the funniest thing I've seen in a while!
  6. fowler_god_9


    I thought he played well last night, if you ignore those mental passes of course. It's a shame he got injured. Does anyone know if it was that hamstring again?
  7. fowler_god_9

    Dejan Lovren

    Lovren has apparantly picked up a injury in training with Croatia. Our typical luck, I just love these internationals breaks.
  8. fowler_god_9

    Adam Lallana

    That sucks. I reckon he will miss perhaps 3 matches then. Maybe he will be back for Villa home if it is 6 weeks out.
  9. fowler_god_9

    Lazar Marković

    Confirmed now on the official site. Welcome to Liverpool FC Lazar. I'm thrilled, he looks ace. http://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/latest-news/166355-reds-complete-markovic-deal
  10. fowler_god_9

    Lazar Marković

    Benfica confirm the sale of their 50 % ownership of Lazar Markovic to Liverpool FC for 12,5 million euros. http://web3.cmvm.pt/sdi2004/emitentes/docs/FR51293.pdf
  11. fowler_god_9

    Dortmund Fans Honour The 96.

    That's pure class.
  12. fowler_god_9

    Norwich City vs Liverpool (Apr 20 2014)

    I guess that is our best option with the players available. It should be more than good enough to destroy Norwich if they are put in a decent shift. I hope Suarez is up for it as Norwich clearly is his favorite opposition. A comfortable would be nice, I don't know if my heart will survive 4 more nerve wrecking games like the ones against City and West-Ham.
  13. fowler_god_9

    Featured: Rodgers hails international class Flanagan

    Just saw this "european team of the week", look who's at left back. Flanagan is just fantastic, you just gotta love his attitude and passion. He's our new Carra and is going to be our biggest cult hero in this decade: I fucking love him! http://www.whoscored.com/Statistics
  14. fowler_god_9

    Summer Transfers 2014

    Hahaha, lovely stuff! I wouldn't be surprised if that turns out to become true either. Brendan is actually a football genius.
  15. fowler_god_9

    Yevhen Konoplyanka

    Fuck! FSG and Ayre is fucking useless. We're a fucking laughing stock when i t comes to transfers. Other clubs must be laughing at us. Jesus...