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  1. robbief

    This Nation

    It can't be much longer now until everyone has had enough. Everyone seems to be brain washed to fuck! The place is being run into the ground and the majority of nuggets are still believing the 'we could be somewhere much worse' shite. All this shite about upping taxes, rates and other charges that fund the government and cutting back in all departments that the government funds in order to reduce/make up the defecit is bollocks! they are hitting the public where infact, instead they should be retracing their own mistakes! Companies such as Orange, every bank (except Co-op) and TopShop and so on owe billions in taxes. Enough to actually put the country back into the black but the government let them anually tax dodge. I'm sure anyone who has visited town recently will have seen the protests outside such stores yet seem to take no notice and let them get away with it. I'm not saying a boycott of such companies is in order as this would obviously cause trouble and hassle in peoples daily lives but everyone needs to make a stand and take no more. We buy crude oil, turn it into usable fuels, sell it abroad and buy it back. Why? Because the country makes more tax wise to do it this way. Instead of these daft actions the cocks should be looking to make the huge companies pay the taxes they should. Hopefully when the shit hits the fan the police will be on our side seen as they are facing the cut backs too. The military are also facing another oil fuelled war so they should be with us an'all. No doubt they'll be their usual 'yes sir, no sir, how fucking high sir' selves and act under orders from the people who are taking advantage of them. When people say this wouldn't be accepted in France or Italy it's true. They would be blocking all major roads, airports, docks and so on and shut all the big cities down until they get what is right. Time to notice that the bull shit that's going on here is as bad as it actually is. It's effecting everyone of us and we need to come together and let Maggie's fucking rent boy know who we are. MAGGIE MAGGIE MAGGIE! DIE DIE DIE!
  2. robbief

    youth/junior football

    Looking for a saturday league in the liverpool area for under 16s. Any info appreciated.
  3. robbief

    wind up emails

    anyone know any mailing list things that will bombard an email address?
  4. robbief


    I was accepted on an accounting degree with Edge Hill last year however I broke my leg in the september and they allowed me to start this year instead as I couldn't drive and was 'off my feet' for a long while. Anyway I'm made up it has fallen as it has because my fees are around £3400 per year and will freeze at that even if my course is still running when the new fee tariff kicks in. I've already got the cash to pay for 2 of the 3 years but I'm not sure whether or not I should just get the loan anyway? I'm a little confused with how this all works but I believe you pay it back at something like less than £8 a week anyway....... Any body have any experience with the financial side of things? As for the actual course, I studied a business course at college which gave me the knowledge to carry out basic accounting practices. For the last two years around March time I have been doing all my mates tax returns which has been rediculously easy. Most accountants charge £120 for the priviledge of doing this job and I was getting £80. It is true that a good accountant saves you money so charges are not really an issue however when it comes to forking out £120 up front you will find many sole traders more than willing to save forty quid! I have no doubts that I'll take to the course really well and I am dedicated enough to stick at it and work hard to gain top marks.
  5. robbief


    I want to know what everyone listens to, why and when. I listen to a lot of old music, Floyd, the Doors, ACDC, the Specials, the Kinks, the Beatles and so on. It's not really old music, it's timeless. I also listen to a lot of local-ish stuff, Cast, the La's, Space, Oasis, Franky and the lightning seeds. I love this kind of music because every track has a meaning or atleast makes you think. I can't stand this nonsensical dribble Simon Cowell is spoon feeding the youth because it simply has no meaning. I find it very rare that people sit down and listen to music these days. It's usually just background noise while your doing something else which is probably why bell ends make millions by recording bollocks. I quite often just chill out and bang an Album on. Probably about twice a week I'll just listen to some stuff, even if it's just turning the telly off and floating around youtube. so...... do you make time for music? what are you into? and why?
  6. How aren't we a threat? We wellied chelsea and had united shitting. Every team in the league is still made up to get a draw off us.
  7. robbief

    Negativity Breeds Negativity

    Do you not think getting the chance to play has braught these players on? If Gerrard and Torres where fit they wouldn't be in the lime light.
  8. We need to bite the bullet now and act like Liverpudlians. We have got a negative manager, who insists on negative football and negative tactics and I think many people are coming round to the fact that we let rafa go because he was playing negative football but atleast he was a character. I don't think anyone can see Roy going before seeing atleast this season out so we need to get behind the team and nurture what is coming through. We've got players like Lucas, Babel and Ngog who were previously ripped and labelled shite turning up for a game and having a go and showing some great qualities. Now is the time to get our heads out of our arses and have a go, we are showing ourselves up as thinking we deserve to be good just because. The fact is thinking we should beat teams like Wigan and Stoke because WE ARE LIVERPOOL isn't enough. We need to beat these teams because we want it. Realise now that we can still win with Roy on the bench and we can easily gain ten points. I've just read a thread Sniggering at a lad who bet on us finnishing top four, thats only two or three games out of reach at the minute and everyone has already given up. NOT FUCKING GOOD ENOUGH! We are ten points from the top. Ten fucking points with 22 games to play, thats a potential 66 points that we can get, my bet is for chelsea to beat Man U this week and we showed chelsea how to play. We have been unlucky and had shite results and we're still 4 games from the other shite that have been labelled 'world beaters' and other such over hyped bollocks this season! LET'S HAVE IT EY!
  9. By the way, 5/1 is a steal. Everyone in football is waiting for us to wake up, you can tell by the way they are carrying on, playing us down. As said above, a good run could see us flying, and now is the time to do it with the teams at the top all playing eachother leaving dropped points all over the place.
  10. Shame it's woy we're sending the shops then eh? He'd go to get his bird a christmas present and come back with vinigar the daft twat.
  11. robbief

    Great cups of tea

    My girl loves tea. I never drink hot drinks other than boiled water with lemons in. At the minute there is a lot of burglaries in our area and my bird insists on the dog sleeping n the bedroom when I'm out. This morning I went in and had a cuppa for her. I fell over her hair dryer and swilled the dog. Bad times.
  12. robbief

    Che Guevara

    and regardless of whether or not you agree with their views, the fact that they went to the world to get what they wanted and make things they way they saw right, means they where in the 5% who took stand. Hats off. The point of this thread is about those who stand for their beliefs. Not just about communism, terrorism, marxism, racism, sexism......... but the things we are involved in here, today aswell. If everyone grew a pair and told that bell end in the berghaus not to spit on the bus or swear in front of their little girl or sister instead of rushing home to log onto this to let every know about it we would be better off.
  13. robbief

    eBay scammers

    I'd just close your account and sell it from another one. And sign his address up to as many postal order companies as possible, my dad's got these leaflets that you put a name and address on and tick what free samples you would be interested in and just throw it in the post box. Theres only so many incontenance pads and blood pressure stockings a guy can take!
  14. robbief

    Che Guevara

    I saw the ANC, of which him and his wife where influential members at the time, 'necklacing' a group of people. Any business or organisation can do something, usually it's the low ranked members who actually carry out the actions, common sense and all that....... What I'm saying is being in prison or being out in the street with a stack of goodyears, he was as bad as the rest.
  15. robbief

    Che Guevara

    Correct, he was in prison when the bombing of bars, restaurants and so called 'necklacing' started. He was still a lead figure of the ANC, and even after the ANC got banned he was leading the protests for them to start their own military.