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    Originally from crosby but moved to newcastle for 'our lass' but I manage to get home for most games

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    House insurance problem

    They have to put you in a position that you were in before the incident without betterment - hence the 3 walls being repaired and the re-tiling sections . They are probably using a general exclusion of damage caused or condoned by you the removal of the toilet to get to the leak, you condoned the this and the resultant damage. If they have agreed settlement with you over the phone and put it in writing in full and final settlement then that's a contract! You are right to pursue the complaints line and i would guess they they would drop an appeal before it escalates further. Accept their revised offer as an interim payment only so you can get on with the repairs. Oh and Slag them off all over twitter etc that usually provokes a response!

    Personal Injury Claims

    Best advice I can give is for your wife to approach her employer direct, if you instruct sols your wife will get what shes entitled to but the sols will get 3-4 times her award in costs (only one winner!). By going to the employer they can put you in touch with the Insurers (if not you can get the details from the employers liability certificate.) By doing this you are being open and honest and keeping the companies claims reserves down which shoudnt affect the premiums too much. A solicitor is only useful if you need to litigate and if your employer is reasonable that shouldnt be the case and Insurers can arrange medical evidence etc. If the employer doesnt play ball then go to a solicitor but im my experiance when an employee makes a claim there cards are marked!

    Free Sky multiroom?

    we had a similar problem getting an upgrade to HD - when we went to disconnections the lad gave us what we wanted - he said after being a customer for over 7-8 years you are entitled to free installation/boxes etc but if they can get you to pay they will..if they say no to something we ring back a day later and get someone else who usually does the honours and sorts us out.

    F.A.O Newcastle dwellers

    The closest stations are Newcastle or Chester le Street - if you are staying in Washington regardless you will need a taxi.

    Blackburn Rovers (a) 05/01/11

    defence getting ragged by the man ure's 6th choice striker!

    Newcastle United away match thread

    If anyone has any spares for the match let me know

    Newcastle United away match thread

    Any of the pubs in the town are within 5-10mins walking distance. Most pubs have strippers on before hand also which is pleasant!

    whiplash? advice with car accident?

    Correct - the main thing is to see your gp just to cover your back. If the pain isnt that bad take pre med offers bear in mind that if you use a sol a med report willcost between £200&£400 so get them to factor this in any offer - dealing with claims for a living I would simply say if you are badly hurt get all the medical advice & treatment possible if your not so bad get the holiday brochures out and haggle!

    Car insurance gobshites

    Most motor insurers are making a loss on their motor book and have had to inject extra funds into their reseves -therefore premiums are increasing -it's actually better to move insurer as your current insurer will quote low to get you and hope you will show loyalty and stay or just hope you cant be arsed to move. As ive said before you need to be speaking to call centres rather than comparison sites - the call centre bods have targetsto achieve and managers can shave some premium to catch new business.
  10. BRANDS

    two new bids to buy the club..

    Forgot about Kop Cayman - surely they can be told to do one with that loan?
  11. BRANDS

    two new bids to buy the club..

    how can they be owed £150m when they owe £280M?
  12. BRANDS

    Allianz Insurance - Help?

    Im off to watch Inbetweeners Ill mail you tomorrow.
  13. BRANDS

    Allianz Insurance - Help?

    Melons - I moved my companies insurance from Allianz last year because they are fucking crap - saved over £100K doing so. Allianz claims are wank - without knowing the full (whole) story and reading between the lines they are a) making a cash offer to entice you to settle early to make savings(credit crunch people want cash) b) think the claim is dodgy but cant prove it so have threw some cash at you c) reduced the offer on the basis of wear & tear etc. If you want to pm the full history I can review it for you - Im also on a good terms with one of their Investigators so if you can pm a claim/policy number ill see what i can find out if its possible.
  14. BRANDS

    Newcastle - The reprise

    Most of the thread highlights most of what Newcastle has to offer - could be worth a little trip into Durham fo the afternoon only 5 mins or so on the train.