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  1. This is one bizarre debate to be having on a Liverpool forum. I'm all for a healthy argument but this is not the topic for it. Never has been - never will be and if you can't acknowledge or see that you've got no fucking business at this club. JFT96.
  2. TaksimRakiClub

    London looking like Mogadishu...

    Telegraph reporting that "council red tape" in Clapham has thwarted the attempts of local people to clean up the streets. You really could not make this stuff up!
  3. TaksimRakiClub

    London looking like Mogadishu...

    Some epic entertainment on this thread lads particularly Noos' single contribution on the previous page - a real coffee all over the keyboard moment. The only surprising thing about the whole sorry episode is that its taken so long for the morons involved to actually kick-off. The fact that its "spread" to Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol etc proves beyond all doubt that monkey see, monkey do and whilst I would not wish these disturbances on anyone - the fact that certain elements in our own fair city felt the need to become involved leaves me totally depressed. Unfortunately we're now going to suffer night after night of watching Cameron, May, Boris the Idiot and the other morally and financially corrupt buffoons who run this country pontificate about the whys and wherefors on the BBC. And don't get me started on the Met. Still, I suppose it'll make a change from watching them lick Murdoch's arse or trying to justify how their mates in the Commons need luxury apartments in Westminster in order to do a job they never show up for anyway. And after George Osborne blaming the Royal Wedding - and the fact that the plebs got an extra day's holiday - for the slower than expected recovery in the second quarter he's got an absolute belter of an excuse lined up for the third. If anyone's passing JD tonight can they pick me up a pair of the Adidas Marathon 80 in the silver/grey colourway size 11? Ta.
  4. TaksimRakiClub

    Shit Authors

    Tom Clancy. Cannot fucking stand him.
  5. TaksimRakiClub

    Sammy Lee's replacement

    One of the lads I go the game with had a bevy with Sammy at Chester Races May Meeting and Sammy told him he thought he was getting the push - I posted something about it at the time. There's no way Sammy wanted out - he was gutted about it.
  6. TaksimRakiClub

    Sur la Route d'Anfield, Liverpool

    Just after Stanley Dock if heading towards the mouth of the river.
  7. TaksimRakiClub

    adidas arena?

    Adidas (by all accounts) were offered the chance to match the money Warrior were putting up so I can't really see them throwing their toys out the pram. Having said that I'll believe we are getting a new stadium when that mythical fucking spade is in the ground.
  8. TaksimRakiClub

    Guardiola praises LFC academy

    The press still don't seem to have cottoned onto the fact that we are now relatively debt free whereas our friends from down the road are up to their eyes in it. They're very slow to adjust their thinking to the fact that without the acquistion debt we are a very profitable concern with money to spend. There's a new sheriff in town and his name's John Henry. The fact that we've bid for Jones backs up his assertion that he'll go toe to toe with the cunts and I, for one, am very happy about it regardless of some of the weird and wonderful responses on various threads to the fact that we're supposedly bidding for Wickham, Clichy, Adam etc etc.
  9. TaksimRakiClub

    Guardiola praises LFC academy

    It is mate. Although by all accounts he's a bit bigger than Raheem.
  10. TaksimRakiClub

    Guardiola praises LFC academy

    A couple of new arrivals at U16 level: Jerome Sinclair (WBA) and Lloyd Jones (Plymouth Argyle). Jones is a Welsh international who supposedly signed a 3 year scholarship yesterday. Source is the excellent Youth thread on RAWK and Twitter. JS has definitely been playing in an U15 tournament for us in Holland (or somewhere) were we finished third behind Real Madrid and PSV - along with that Irish lad Alex O'Hanlon. I think Guardiola's comments are a little premature but things are starting to come together nicely at all junior levels and I might be spending a few saturday mornings in Kirkby next season.
  11. TaksimRakiClub

    England vs Sri Lanka/India

    Noted. Don't follow the game as closely as I used to to be honest although there are few finer things in life than walloping the Aussies at cricket, what? I think it all started to go to pot when they jibbed using the batmens' initials on scorecards A P E Knott I V A Richards etc etc Now that was proper cricket.
  12. TaksimRakiClub

    England vs Sri Lanka/India

    Kevin Pietersen is absolutely fucking shit. Really is about time we fucked him off. He simply doesn't score any runs. Give someone like Compton or Bairstow a go. And Hobbs and Hutton.
  13. TaksimRakiClub


    This is spot on. Either as the majority shareholder or with the controlling interest (ie over 50% shareholding) Moores carries the can. Him and that fucking gobshite Parry.
  14. TaksimRakiClub

    Back To The Eighties

    Old ground I know but Kenny should have been told to take the rest of the 90/91 season off and come back in the summer. I'm assuming Souness - still the greatest pure CM I've seen - was a David Moores appointment and the seed was sewn. The haste with which Souness ripped apart our last title winning team was fucking suicidal and something we've never recovered from.
  15. TaksimRakiClub

    Back To The Eighties

    Yep - the Swansea FA Cup ties were the 4-0 in 82 and the 0-0 in 90. One of the lads had a theory that Liverpool intentionally drew all away ties in the Cup just to make the gate money on the replay and the cunt wouldn't shut up about it after we beat them 8-0 four days later. From memory the game in 82 was on the back of a 3-1 (?) home defeat to City which left us in 10th or 11th at the turn of the year and we still won the League. I suppose the lack of appreciation at the time - even from elements of our own support was a natural consequence of taking it all for granted - similar to that "parade" thing the Mancs had on Monday watched by one man and his dog. It all came too easy for us and you knew that even on the rare occasions when we fucked up that we'd sort it out one way or another the following season. And then the edifice started to crumble - Sir John Smith, Peter Robinson, Kenny walking out and Jocky retiring. And then David Moores happened............