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  1. melons

    Police are cunts

    The point remains. Its unacceptable to treat an animal like that, but you're ok treating humans that way. And would you look at that - a post further down you concede it's not a hammer. You'd have the poor bastard hung before you got the full facts in your face, and then you'd twist them to suit your agenda. I'd go with that.
  2. melons

    Police are cunts

    And at several points he raises his arms defensively, and clearly unsteady on his legs. 2 coppers initially, the rest followed after he'd been tasered and was clearly even more disorientated. totally had the ability to do a bit of DIY with his rucksack and 2 tesco bags. Stop and think before you type, eh? Totally. I also had him as the local gym knob staring at his body in the mirrors all day pretending that his gut is all strength and muscle...
  3. melons


    About right, but I could only dream of it being tarmac... 6 hours of digging when we're snowed in, and that was after 5 days of waiting for it to thaw.
  4. melons


    Yeah but the only time I walk up half of it is if I've got to go down the drive and get the post. We're about half way up a hill by comparison to some of these mountains pictured. It's the Berwyn Mountain range. Actually, Easter sunday is another day we are a sure thing to go up, clock up around 5 miles just hiding the kids Easter eggs all over the place before 7am. We then wake them up, get 2 camping chairs out to plonk in a field where we get an ace view of then walking past most of the eggs. The rule is what they don't find, we get to keep. First one is when we start with the eggs around 5.30 second image some time has passed and they're still hunting. You can just about make out the kids on that one.
  5. melons

    Police are cunts

    He didnt comply, lots of people don't comply, doesnt warrant the actions of the copper. My point of the dog was that the RSPCA would have somone strung up for that. You seem to be condoning the coppers actions. Hes clearly a knuckle dragging bully who needs to get back into some training. The fucking state of him there with the taser on a man who could barely stand.
  6. melons


    You're massive wrong uns, I'm nauseous just looking at some of those images and heights. Congratulations Bitch, still negged though. Can't believe you're going to be like, proper unavailable. She must be incredibly special. X Anyway, my mountain climb this morning... ha, as if. My mountain view when taking dick head rescue dog out for his walk at 8 this morning... Aran mountain range from Llyn Tegid.
  7. melons

    Police are cunts

    The fact that not all things or people respond appropriately, the guy wasn't aggressive, he was hardly a threat, so no. No you don't get to justify or make a snide comment as though it's ok to taser and boot someone because he'd been given enough warnings. You wouldn't boot shit out of your dog or taser it if it didn't respond the way you wanted it, why is it ok to do it to a human being?
  8. melons

    Police are cunts

    How many warnings does your dog get before you taser it and kick it while its down?
  9. melons

    The GF Parenting Thread

    Loads of crepe bandages and make her up as a mummy? Negged for being able to even make that out.
  10. melons

    Poverty in the UK

    This, but you get the same fucking reject boomers harping on that when they were growing up and had ice on the inside of their windows like it was a fucking badge of honour. Seriously, they're revelling in the fact others are going to have to go to bed cold - they're forgetting it's those that are a decade or two older than them, it's kids, it's anyone who is going to feel the bite on the arse from the energy prices. Why revel in it? Why aren't we moving forward as a society, it's soon to be 2022 and people are going to bed cold and hungry. Fuck this fucking shit hole tory cunting government. You're on about kids being dressed and their faces washed before going to school hungry? Because you can't see whats inside those letters of final demands for payments? What exactly do you mean Stronts? Because you can't see it it isn't real? Yeah, soz, too tempting no matter what. Think about it - how many of those clunkers were maintained by those that own them? How many dads that were in school in the 70s did a mechanics type course? How have cars moved on in terms of maintenance? Do you own the equipment to maintain your car? Can you maintain your car or are you forking out shit loads of money to a garage to maintain that banger you must own (I mean you've said enough times you're on a shit wage so you clearly aren't driving any of these posh ones you're on about)? I ask, because many actually find it cheaper to maintain a newer car on finance than buy an older one out right and have huge maintenance bills. You know what does my head in, you're not a thick cunt. You just like to make out that because you can't see it, it isn't real, isn't happening and you'll argue that point. Look at the wider picture or get some new fucking glasses, even milk bottles would improve your vision. Ha, thats my inlaws right there. Had to manage on the dole for 3 months after leaving uni... yeah while living at home and paying no keep. Thats totally relative to a single mum in Rhyl trying to manage her UC whilst working part time cleaning jobs. You're a lucky bastard, then.
  11. melons

    Poverty in the UK

    £98 to £234 for us... We can cushion it somewhat over the winter - keep underfloor heating off and use the log burner more, but shit me, that direct debit is going to be a massive hit. Like you, it's holding on until spring.
  12. melons

    Police are cunts

    No, you're just being a picky twat.
  13. melons

    Police are cunts

    Ooo get you. The training is available, whether they are given the opportunity to access it due to internal workings i wouldn't know.
  14. melons

    Resilience (The ability to bounce back)

    One thing that bothers me is the stress that some books put on parents to be and new parents, you do your best, you're not expected to be a perfect parent. All books have an agenda and not all are suited to each parent and child yet many take it to the nth degree. More so if we've hardly had a good childhood experience ourselves. It's not about being a perfect parent - it's about being good enough. Was that meal perfect or was it good enough... was that bed time story perfect or was it good enough, did that bath time routine go perfectly or was it good enough, was that trip to the park perfect or was it good enough. Society puts pressures on us to make us think we need to be textbook perfect. I only wish i'd have come to that realisation earlier, trying to be perfect absolutely obliterated my MH when mine were little. Once I'd dealt with that, i had the most feral but well behaved children possible. There are two ways to look at the OP, mentally I'm incredibly resilient. I've not always been that way, there were times when each day was a battle (especially when the kids were really little) just as i joined here i had 2 close bereavements in 2 months, my nan and my cousin (23). My nan was my stay, she left me some funds in her will, as a result i was absolutely vilified by family members, i had to go into supported accommodation with panic alarms and police locators on it. A few months later a family member had suggested i was committing insurance fraud so had to go through rounds of questioning for that, on and on it went. I eventually cut pretty much all family out of my life. They were affecting my ability to move forward. My second daughter then became ill and lost her vision, i bumped into my sister in the supermarket and told her, so family slowly crept back in. Anyway - a decade down the line they're gone again. They totally try and drag me back to that life that i moved on from. That period of my life stretched me so thin that i refuse to go back there, as alluded to earlier by Cochyn, it's not a case of bouncing back, it's bouncing forward. We should learn from our challenges, our triggers, our struggles. Do what we need to do to maintain our wellbeing where possible. If that means changing aspects of our life, change what you can top protect your own wellbeing. Jobs shit, don't like it - get a new one. Neighbours are cunts - move. Siblings are shits - tell them to leave. Yeah, I maybe over simplifying it, but am I? What is your wellbeing worth? To me it's everything. Physical resilience - I'm totally shit these days. I've developed sepsis 3 times in the last 2 years. 3 fucking times, each time down to a shitty hospital and it's staff not listening or recognising symptoms. Last time though, yeah all hell broke lose on that ward. It should never be down to a patient to notice the monitors are tanking and for the patient to raise the alarm address it. Ski and i joke about this hospital now and what it's next attempt to see me off will be from. Anyway, recovery from that one is still ongoing.
  15. melons

    Police are cunts

    I work in the third sector, i deal with MH crisis on a regular basis, their training options are actually a whole level above mine. I sit on LITs regularly and hear of what opportunities are out there in terms of training support. All MH services are underfunded. My LHB has literally cushioned every area to have an ICAN centre which if it's close to an acute facility has just become a dumping ground for those that don't meet admissions to inpatient treatment. The training ops are there, it's that they're not mandatory and they're often expected to complete things in their own time. I've just taken on a level 4 to brush up on some of my skills, it's below my degree level and not directly beneficial to my role because i've already got a level 6 in an area more suited to those i engage with more at board level - as a result i won't get the paid time to do this, but it will absolutely benefit everyone i engage with on the days i'm working front line. I doubt many officers even hold a MH first aid, which is pretty much funded in all areas.