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  1. Yeah we should. Though he's done much better than credited, but isn't universally likeable, nor always right, his situation reminds me of Bill Belichick in American Football. Genius in the making, started off as head coach in the early-mid 90s with the Cleveland Browns, had a middling record whilst he learnt his trade, on the cusp of excellence when the owner moves the team to Baltimore (Ravens) and sacks him. Joins the Kraft-owned (remember them?) New England Patriots a few years later, still there now and leading the team to his 6th Superbowl with them, with 3 in the bag already. And the vast majority of the junior staff that worked for him and learnt from him in Cleveland are now head coaches or general managers in the NFL or College. Moral of the story = patience, this half-year is not representative, the overall trend is still upward.
  2. Big Ig

    Nivana Vs Foo Fighters

    Nowt average about The Colour and the Shape
  3. Big Ig

    Nivana Vs Foo Fighters

    Only thing they have in common is Grohl, totally different music. Foos are far more melodic, upbeat and energetic than Nirvana or indeed Grunge full stop. A more apt comparison would be FF and Green Day / Wildhearts etc. Nirvana were full on grunge, especially Bleach and Incesticide, and frickin awesome as long as you could tune your ear into it. Some couldn't / can't.
  4. Big Ig

    Meeting new people - some serious shit please...

    Ha! I've been training in the Himalayas with iRAT, it's 2020 and the president is Miley Cyrus. Never left Stu, just lurked as life got a bit busy...
  5. Big Ig

    Meeting new people - some serious shit please...

    That goes for you too fella, what you waiting for! LIFE COACH! ;-)
  6. Big Ig

    Meeting new people - some serious shit please...

    Mr. L Fan nailed it there. Bob, might take a while for this to sink in, but you'll re-read your opening post and think, 'Fuck me what a cunt, better off without her!' - first thing I thought straight off the bat reading it, followed by, why fight to get someone back who is selfish in the extreme given your sacrifices, and doesn't care about you, in the literal sense. If she can imagine a life without you when you've a kid together, then she's not the right woman for you - stop pining and shag a new bird every week on internet dating. Worked for me (well, not every week!), now happily married to a beautiful soul who loves all of me, not just the shiny bits, with all her heart. Go find yours mate :-)
  7. Big Ig

    Jennifer Lawrence NSFW

    2nd film.is a lot better than the first
  8. Big Ig

    Jennifer Lawrence NSFW

  9. Check did Rennie http://www.beermerchants.com/beer-lao-lager-5-0-33cl-bottle.html
  10. LG 3D TVs are the mutt's nuts, better cheaper easier on the eye 3D than Samsung.
  11. Big Ig

    Favourite Game Of All Time?

    Apple IIc - Space Quarks Gameboy - Tetris, Megaman2 PC - Outrun, Monkey Island 2, Day of the Tentacle, Indy Fate fo Atlantis, Doom, System Shock, Chuck Yeager, Medal of Honour Allied Assault (multiplayer LAN party), Quake 3 Arena (same) SNES - Super Mariokart, Yoshi's Island, Killer Instinct Nintendo DS - Mariokart DS - definitive one and possibly my fave game as a result.
  12. Big Ig

    Women in Sport - The Hottest - prob NSFW

    She's defo got some love eggs in there!