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  1. Carradona

    Has any one ever...? Tell us about it.

    It's right up there with Stig's latest poll about the 10 greatest movie poo scenes.
  2. Carradona


    Wait, is Pureblood actually TK?
  3. Carradona

    Car bomb at the women’s hospital

    Did the pair of you not stick each other on ignore before? How are you still going round in circles on multiple threads?
  4. Carradona

    NFL Discussion and Fantasy League thread

    All on the fucking Cowboys that one, the kicker got zero points!
  5. Carradona

    New Girl on Countdown

    She really is awful at the maths part of the game. I've lost count of the number of times she can't get the thing and I can. Bring back Carol!
  6. Carradona


    Goodfellas is on channel 5 tonight at 10pm. Just letting you guys know as it is in the best 3 movies ever made, in my opinion. Who would agree with me?
  7. Carradona

    Coronation Street

    I have it on here to see if Ken Barlow is still playing away from home (unfortunately he isn't). Anyways, there is an old man in it who has recently had a stroke (the character, not the actor). What an annoying old twat he is. Most annoying voice on television. God, I hope he fucks off so that he isn't still around the next time I tune into this programme. He's a greasy old bastard as well.
  8. Carradona

    The Many Saints of Newark

    Lovely actress.
  9. Carradona

    Golf thread / my new project

    Those apps are a good round of golf spoiled....or something like that.
  10. Carradona

    Ryder Cup 2021

    Please go there, I'm intrigued.
  11. Carradona

    Ryder Cup 2021

    Fucking grim.
  12. Carradona

    Ryder Cup 2021

    1.05pm UK time is first tee time tomorrow.
  13. Carradona

    Ryder Cup 2021

    Was watching some of the interviews last night on Sky and Cantlay came across like a complete bellend. I'm going to enjoy hating on these fuckers all weekend!
  14. Carradona

    Ryder Cup 2021

    He's just acting like a fool, basically turning into a parody of himself. His own twitter feed is full of nonsense. He's obviously taking on some sort of role of being the joker or the pack but I'd want to be nowhere near him if that's what he's like all the time.
  15. Carradona

    Ryder Cup 2021

    Poulter is already doing my fucking head in on social media.
  16. Carradona

    america - fucked up

    Is there a reason for bumping this, has more of the story been uncovered?
  17. Carradona

    Digital tickets 21/22 season

    Are there staggered entrance times tomorrow?
  18. Carradona

    Golf thread / my new project

    You were chatting shite about golf and got a bit sensitive about it when a number of forumites (not all Irish, as you've incorrectly pointed out) pulled you up on it. Take yourself over to the Busy Bastard Bitch Fest thread and have a little whinge about it.
  19. Carradona

    Golf thread / my new project

    When it comes to watching golf, you've previously admitted that you only watch two events a year (Masters and the Open), and now you're concluding that Lowry is only getting in because he's Pádraig's mate...
  20. Carradona

    Golf thread / my new project

    I'd love to neg this repeatedly.
  21. Carradona

    The all-new Post-Brexit no-hard-border GAA thread

    Multiple screenshots below, hopefully its in order.
  22. Carradona

    The all-new Post-Brexit no-hard-border GAA thread

    Get rid of that overrated turd O'Shea right now and it will be a huge help. He's a complete and total loser. Brolly's article in the Indo today sums it up.