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  1. Spotted this - worries me a bit Dail Post Must admit, he could have said a bit more, doesn't exactly kill any speculation does it? Could be he's using the situation as leaverage over the board to get what he wants in terms of funds, if that is the case, he shouldn't have to...
  2. Nah depends where the Gym is, city-centre gyms are full of office-types trying to run their working lunch off, talking on their phone while jogging on a treadmill, its completely different from meat-head central where i go (and seemingly every bouncer in cheshire goes) Treadmills are no good cos they damage your knees, the cross trainers and the steppers are the best and they burn the most fat. Steady jogging is also pretty pointless, the best way to make it work is to do a slow pace and then sprint for a minute, slow it down and then sprint again, its only when your heart is pumping hard that your actually getting the real benefit of the whole thing - otherwise your just slamming your ham
  3. Good post, to be honest I don't think Scousers are any more friendly than any other group of people, the stuff about southerners not being as friendly as our friends in the north is equally bollocks - i just don't see how anyone can make sweeping statements about an entire city full of people who are all exposed to the same popular viewpoints and cultural influences as their neighbours. I don't feel any pride in being dissliked by others, i did when i was a teenager going out in warrington as it afforded you a little Kudos/fear, but this could come back to hurt you if there was more than four of the bastards.
  4. You make your own? Class! Whats the score with that? Hand Drawn or 3DS Max/Maya?
  5. Was thinking about this last night, and i can't remember any other football figure barrating their own fans. All i can remember is Keane and the prawn sandwich thing, Steve Bruce moaning about the campaign to stop Lee Bowyer joining, but thats it. I can't remember any manager or chief exec saying "Our fans were out of order"
  6. HSBC are pretty sound actually, i was in TSB and wanted a student loan but they gave me the 'computer says no' bollocks, when i was in HSBC they gave me all sorts, got a graduate loan off them too no questions asked and a 1500 overdraft that costs me 20p a month in interest. Remember going in there once in town stressed out cos i had no cash to get my car fixed, "I need two-hundred extra on my overdraft until i get my student loan in may, anything you can do?" She phoned someone, and twenty seconds later just said "Yep no problem, help youself to wine and crackers on your way out as well, its the banks birthday" I've also been overdrawn a few times and never charged me, sure they'll turn nasty one day, but for now and during my student days, they were spot on..
  7. The consensus in the rags seems to be he has some romantice love of Real Madrid merely because he originates there and worked at the club for years, but my gut feeling tells me that's not enough for him. Even after the European Cup win he adopted the demenour of "That was nice, now when's the next match..." Almost Paisley esque, a pragmatist, not someone who charges down the touchline and shakes his fist at the fans like Shankley (or even a Houllier - who always seemed to me to be deeply concerned about his place in the clubs history and his relationship with the man on the Kop) One can't imagine Rafa getting misty-eyed with thoughts of Istanbul, or Madrid for that matter.. Liverpool has been seen by all the great managers in the past decade as one of the biggest challenges in football (in fact, didn't Marcello Lippi use those exact words? Or was it capello?) And I believe this is why Rafa chose the club, to restore a dynasty is infinately more challenging and satisfying than getting a comfortable job in a football superpower with unlimited cash - for someone like Rafa at least.
  8. class, just found this, the 'crime they didn't commit' from the A-team:
  9. Quality banner, would look nice with eidur gudjohnsen's head in one of its tallons
  10. It was deffo Defenders of the Earth, i can still here the tune in my head! Flash Gordon was in it too, Ming of Mongo and his four armed Ice Robots - pure class. Maybe they changed the name in America like they did with Ninja/Hero turtles??
  11. It has been pretty shocking the way the whole mutual hatred thing has started to be portrayed as scouse persecution of harmless mancs.. Munich songs are sung by 40 thousand people but nothing about bonfires, hilsbrough, michael shields, or (not this time thankfully) Ken Bigley was heard from the friendly manc corner The ambulance was attacked by a mob who were ALL liverpool fans and were in general responding to the chants inside the ground regarding John Arne Riise expertise in leg breakery.. This is a club whose former captain once admitted to deliberately trying to end someones career and who was NEVER chritisised for his admission by manager or chief exec Shit and stones (and a burger) were thrown at United Fans, but Liverpool fans never have to be locked in the away end at Old Trafford because trouble is rare, and coaches are not regularly vandalised.. Steve Finan, a player who has been beyond reproach both on and off the field for his whole career (Rooney, Ronaldo, Ferdinand) is now a racist - so says the gospel of two deaf people, we are also therefore, all racist scum..
  12. Cheers pal! Legendary shows, the music from Jayce and the wheeled warriors still gives me a chubby! No shows around like these anymore - no imagination out there at all, damn shame for the kids
  13. edits post for fear of looking like a cock
  14. Daily Post: Be a shame if the guy does quit, looks like he's done an excellent job of scouting up and coming players and putting together a 'new' reserve side with hobbs antwi etc.
  15. I think we've more than got our act together on that score though, Paco has built a quality core of reserve players, many of them bought from lower league teams some even before they made their debut - lest we forget this is the fella who spotted Theo Walcott last summer. For all he did for us, not looking at up and coming English players was Houlliers biggest mistake..
  16. This was touched on in the England thread, but where did Scousers rep com from and why are we almost universally despised (except by geordie birds :whistle: ) It goes back further than the Toxteth riots, and i once heard something about a fella - who was either a polotician or some highly respected aristocrat, being kicked to death in the city centre in the 20's, happened in broad daylight apparently and sparked a massive backlash from the south, anyone know anything about this? Or any other possable reasons?
  17. Yeah spotted this yesterday, in two minds about it really, on the one hand i can imagine he's been cornered in an interview and has had to come out with some kind of answer aimed at deflecting criticism from the club as a whole - but then you didn't here Fergusson or anyone from Utd piping up when the whole of GMP was required to escort the glazer family through a virtual riot in an armoured car shortly after he took over..
  18. We'd be in a world of hurt without Gerrard - I wouldn't let him go for any price. Couldn't see him going to Italy anyway, after the premiership, Spains the place to be
  19. I reckon if they did a brain-scan on crouch they'd spot this fella running things.. "The goal will be scored in moments my lord....you may commence your celebrating" Crouch runs wild!!!
  20. Doctor Doom is powerless in the face of Ms Alba in Fantastic 4 (And yes - its just an excuse to post this) And this
  21. Echo Story Buggers, last time I beep them when they're on strike! A side point, think its hilarious the way women go wide at the thought of them, never seen one that didn't look like Phil Collins
  22. Its appreciated mate, take no notice of the Green Day fan...
  23. Nah no way, Ford is a legend whose been in the two greatest film trilogies in cinema history, Gere is a homosexual. Anyway, just found this new avatar, Colonel Smith is undoubtedly now the finest on here!!
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