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  1. Red Sun Rising

    Liverpool 2 West Brom 1 (Oct 22 2016)

    (my mum still isn't having Lallana, in case you're wondering). I was - she's hard to please your Mum!
  2. Red Sun Rising

    Premier League Round Up (Oct 1-2 2016)

    And through seven games there’s everything to suggest the Reds might be involved in it.
  3. Red Sun Rising

    Premier League Round Up (May 1-3 2016)

    "If he were anything other than Dutch that would have been creepy as fuck."" japanese wife wants to know why i'm laughing out loud, where to begin!?
  4. Red Sun Rising

    Liverpool 4 Stoke City 1 (Apr 10 2016)

    I read somewhere that we've scored more goals in 2016 than any other Prem team, Surpised me a little. Good report & analysis.
  5. Red Sun Rising

    Borussia Dortmund 1 Liverpool1 (Apr 7 2016)

    he thinks so, even pays for the opportunity
  6. Red Sun Rising

    Crystal Palace 1 Liverpool 2 (Mar 6 2016)

    I watched the game again and there were plenty of positives. Klopp must be getting sick of saying it and no one seems to be taking it on board but without a pre-season this is pretty much what he expected. The big plus for me is there will be no drama in the summer, no bedding in period for a new manager, no getting to know the players blah blah and i suspect no major squad overhaul this time around. All that is being done now in front of our eyes. one or two signings he can trust from the get go is what i expect, and we will hit the ground running in August. Its the very reason Spurs are going like a train.
  7. Red Sun Rising

    Liverpool 1 Augsburg 0 (Feb 25 2016)

    so united it is, that'll do me
  8. Red Sun Rising

    Exeter City 2 Liverpool 2 (Jan 8 2016)

    (on that note, get Danny Ward back now as he’s been ace for Aberdeen and is already better than Bogdan) "Liverpool have recalled the goalkeeper Danny Ward from his loan spell at Aberdeen after impressing while in Scotland. "Grauniad. Nice to see Klopps paid up to read the match reports!
  9. Red Sun Rising

    Liverpool 2 West Brom 2 (Dec 13 2015)

    "Then something happened that got the crowd back into it. One of their players decided to drop to the floor and feign injury to waste time and disrupt the flow of the game. While he was down, a chant started on the Kop. Then more and more joined in with it, and suddenly the ground was noisy and raucous. It felt like West Brom’s shithousery united the Kop. We couldn't lose to these cunts." Just quoted this in the game thread. This is interesting, Klopp's not just trying to fix the players, he's trying to fix the 45k in the stadium, fucking loon and we are beyond lucky to have him.
  10. Red Sun Rising

    Southampton 1 Liverpool 6 (Dec 2 2015)

    It’s almost as though he’s never even been away as his performance in the hour he played was just fucking filthy. nail on head.
  11. Red Sun Rising

    Klopp interview / press conference thread

    Since taking over Liverpool have been defeated only once in 10 games under Klopp yet the German showed his perfectionism when considering whether this constituted a good start. “Sometimes I would like to change my personality but I can’t forget this fucking loss against Crystal Palace, if we won this then I would say OK,” That's pure Shankly
  12. Red Sun Rising

    Manchester City 1 Liverpool 4 (Nov 21 2012)

    happy to be looking forward to match reports again. MoM Klopp indeed. Just watched the NBC interview in the match thread and the remarkable thing for me is how many things in the performance he's not happy about, reminds me of Bob Paisley in that respect.
  13. Red Sun Rising

    FC Rubin 0 Liverpool 1 (Nov 5 2015)

    spot on apart from the Owen thing - wtf.