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  1. I reckon Weirdiola listened to the pod and played back Daves remarks prior to last night !
  2. Nearly had to pull over the car this morning with Dave and Chris' impressions !
  3. Baldi

    roma away,

    When is rome ....un obiettivo porte anticipate
  4. Baldi

    Better Call Saul

    Loved the show, excellent scripted, beautifully acted especially the relationship between Jimmy and Chuck. If I have a minor criticism (and it is minor) did anyone find some of the montage scenes went on a bit too long ? Especially in 'Marco'.
  5. Baldi

    Funniest Scenes in Televison History

    22 Short films about Springfield in the Simpsons....one classic scene stands out....its the dinner Principal Skinner hosts for Superintendent Chalmers. After burning the roast he had planned, Skinner passes off food from a nearby Krusty Burger as his own “steamed hams”. There then follows an exchange between the pair culminating in the following moment of brilliance as Skinner trying to explain the apparent fire in his kitchen: Chalmers: Aurora Borealis? At this time of year? At this time of day? In this part of the country? Localized entirely within your kitchen? Skinner: Yes. Chalmers: May I see it? Skinner: Er… no.
  6. Baldi

    Cringey Liverpool pics

    Surely a candidate for Viz's Up The Arse Corner with Thommo delivering the goods.
  7. Baldi


    Loved the 1st episode of the new series...loved the look and feel of it
  8. Baldi

    US shows recommendations

    Just started Ray Donovan...very good....lots of morally corrupt characters
  9. He cant lose, if he wins or draws with a weakened side he will have the journos wanking him off for the summer....if he loses hes handed us the title....I fuckin hate this prick
  10. Baldi

    Funny GIFs

  11. Baldi

    Aintree 2014

    Gotta go for Walkon (I back Red Marauder in 2001 and the Reds cleaned up in their trophies) and Long Run
  12. Baldi

    Aintree 2014

    Bravo....a winner
  13. Baldi

    Aintree 2014

    Nice one buddy, 1 won, 1 placed...did e/w bets on them all with a e/w acca.....still quids in ....good work fella.