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  1. Bob Spunkmouse

    What is your ‘go to’ band when you are drunk?

    Dwarves or flogging molly for me. Maybe interrupters if I’m with people.
  2. Bob Spunkmouse


    We ate some “shroomdogs” from the Sainsbury’s local a week or two back when there was no meat on the shelves and they were really very good. didn’t taste like sausages, but tasted good nonetheless and had the sausage like consistency.
  3. Yeah, Christ! the good thing is my little girl loves reading, writing, and doing what she’s told, so at least the “home schooling” element of all this isn’t too difficult. Thanks for your thoughts. Means a lot.
  4. I repped the first bit of this, but wanted to beg the second. You got lucky.
  5. Bob Spunkmouse

    Great Documentaries

    Has the jinx been mentioned in here. Absolutely brilliant HBO documentary about a weird, very wealthy son of a property tycoon in New York. first episode starts with a dismembered body being found in bin bags off the Texas coast, and final episode of ends with one of the best “oh my god what the fuck” things you’ll ever hear in a documentary. i can tell you this without giving anything away... that body in Texas was an old man that was killed, chopped to pieces and dumped into the sea by him, but that’s just the start of the weirdness.
  6. Bob Spunkmouse

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    A long while ago, when I was about 16, I went to the cinema to watch batman with my mate and out girlfriends. it was the one that had Alicia Silverstone as batgirl. id seen the trailer and so was aware of her outfit and how hot she looked in it, so when she appeared in little flashes early on I made “ooh” and “aah” noises. I’d gone too far with that to pull back when it became clear it was George Clooney as Batman I was feigning sexual excitement over, and I just had to hope nobody had noticed and I shut up, and sank back into my seat a little more. thats these evertonians.
  7. Bob Spunkmouse

    Site plans during the lockdown

    Pretty sure the 9-0 and 3-4 semi final games vs palace will be available in full 90 minutes as both were brought out on vhs. same for the 3-3 with united and the two 4-3s against Newcastle. im not going to search for them myself but I reckon they’ll be available
  8. Hundreds of millions of dollars worth of them are. itll be suppressed somewhat, I’m sure, but assuming we get to a position where football has resumed enough to complete a season, money will fly about I’m certain.
  9. The office was great, and it’s hard luck that it’s been drawn against one of the best ever. fawlty towers in on another plane altogether though. Wins by miles.
  10. Take a look at nfl free agency in the states this week to see that you’re going to be wrong on that front.
  11. I very much enjoyed men behaving badly at the time, as a young lad liking laddish beer drinking, bollocks talking, bird shagging bullshit. but it’s aged horrendously and is now neither funny or socially relevant, and to be a classic either of one those must be true. i don’t find dads army all that funny, but it’s stood the test of time much better so it gets the vote, though neither should be getting any further in this contest.
  12. You could televise a match without a huge media presence. Half the number of cameras (or even fewer) than normal, commentate from a remote studio. Practically no police or security staff needed, bare bones playing and training staff. i don’t see why it would need an army of people. I’d guess somewhere in the region of 60-80 people all told could get it done. theres way more than that number in our multi-tenanted office every day at the moment.
  13. I don’t see the difference games ahead/behind makes if the preferred option is postponement with the intent for completion. if it gets to a point where completion isn’t looking possible, the legal wrangling a of deciding things like qualification, relegation and promotion based on an incomplete season will not be lessened by everyone being on the same number of games played. yes, if players and staff are unwell there might need to be postponements, but hopefully this short break and the self isolation alongside it should mean that chances are limited on that front, so better that 5 or 6 games go ahead than none. honestly if it’s only for the sanity of the public it has a benefit. this league season is either going to be played out eventually or not played out at all, and does matches going ahead genuinely increase risk to anyone if behind closed doors. we as fans would have a responsibility not to do what the PSG fans did last week and gather in great numbers for a game behind closed doors, which is possibly where it all falls down because people are dicks and can’t be trusted not to behave like imbeciles, but unless everything goes into lockdown and nobody is allowed to go to work or school, get the matches played. sky, bt, bbc and itv cover the matches free to air/streaming so there’s less need to go to pubs to watch in large groups. if the season still can’t be completed we’ll be in much the same boat as now, except with fewer matches to be finished if the “play it out” option still works.
  14. I really don’t get why games behind closed doors isn’t possible after this hiatus. unless something changes in the government advice, most people are going to continue their lives and go to work as usual. the gathering of fans en masse is probably not a good idea, and of course if teams have players or staff showing symptoms after the break concludes, there will need to be some more postponements, but the principal of playing games behind closed doors should be possible imo.
  15. Bob Spunkmouse

    Atletico Madrid (H) Champions League 11/3/20 - 20:00

    Fair enough, but writing a list that long about the weaknesses of the runaway league leaders and consecutive champions league finalists seconds after we’ve lost our first home game in about a decade sounds a bit much to me.