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  1. Bob Spunkmouse

    VAR Thoughts?

    They’re trying to achieve the utopia of 100% of goals scored coming from retaken penalties. What a time to be alive.
  2. Bob Spunkmouse

    VAR Thoughts?

    Not all of us!
  3. Bob Spunkmouse

    VAR Thoughts?

    Getting to the point I have to meg this opinion. Sorry you had to be the first but the line has to be drawn somewhere. VAR is inclusive of the people using it. It’s can’t exist without them. And it’s therefore shit. If Lewis Hamilton drives my Kia in the next Grand Prix, and I drive his Mercedes, the same result happens. We both finish way behind the rest. that’s a fucking terrible metaphor I’ve just used, and it’s only been written down because VAR exists, so you can blame it for that too. the main purpose of VAR seems to be to try their best for all goals scored to come from pens. They try to find any reason to give one, try their best never to take them away, and make sure if it’s saved you get another go. but score a worldy in open play, you can do one. They’re not having that.
  4. Bob Spunkmouse

    Nathaniel Phillips

    That feels about right from what I’ve seen of him over the last few pre-seasons, but I’d also say I’d far rather see Fabinho at the back and let Hendo play his role if Thiago isn’t right to go. Theres no way Nat Phillips is good enough for us long term, and I liked Williams in preseason and the league cup match, but that was alongside Virgil who makes others play better and talks them through a game in a way Gomez can’t at this stage of his career.
  5. Bob Spunkmouse

    Rate the last film you watched...

    On the Rocks. Went to the Everyman tonight and picked the only film that didn’t sound awful. Bill Murray is great, and it was a very enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours during a pandemic but it’s not likely to stick too long in the memory. go and see it if there’s nowt better on. 6/10
  6. My favourite day of the year since my little girl was old enough to first go trick or treating aged 4. coincided with me and her mum having split up earlier that year so it was something we did together as just the two of us and she loved it and we’ve looked forward to it every year since. as it coincides this year with the end of half term, we’re going to spend a couple of day’s we meet together in half term making decorations and costumes and stuff and do the house up which we don’t normally do.
  7. Bob Spunkmouse

    Everton (A) - Premier League - 17/10/20 - 12:30

    Agree with that. Also think Henderson should’ve fouled Digne and taken a yellow.
  8. Bob Spunkmouse

    Everton (A) - Premier League - 17/10/20 - 12:30

    They never have done for offsides, because computer says yes or no. and they didn’t for Pickford because nobody in the VAR room checked for anything other than offside.
  9. Bob Spunkmouse

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    Correct. Just checking you were paying attention.
  10. Bob Spunkmouse

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    People negging a well cooked and tasty breakfast on here ought to hang their heads in shame. Feel like I’m taking the brunt of that VAR bullshit. It’s not right, but if it helps you through I suppose I’m ok with it. i found getting pissed is helping me.
  11. Bob Spunkmouse

    Everton (A) - Premier League - 17/10/20 - 12:30

    It’s called toeing the party line.
  12. Bob Spunkmouse

    Everton (A) - Premier League - 17/10/20 - 12:30

    This is a false argument I’ve seen made loads of times and it’s always bollocks. VAR includes the VAR operator. One doesn’t exist without the other, so VAR did not do its job. It failed.
  13. Bob Spunkmouse

    Everton (A) - Premier League - 17/10/20 - 12:30

    That’s nonsense. He was onside but minas shoulder isn’t taken into account , it’s from his right foot.
  14. Bob Spunkmouse

    Everton (A) - Premier League - 17/10/20 - 12:30

    That’s the problem with this bullshit var though, there no longer is “level” there’s one pixel onside or one pixel offside, based on a drawing that is less than one pixel accurate. you show that still image to a million footballers and football fans, and all 1 million of them instinctively say it’s onside. since the law came in, there’s been an acceptance that level is onside and the benefit of the doubt goes generally to the attacker. he didn’t look offside in real time, nor in the slow mo replay, and not even in the still. until some prick draws a line from an arbitrary point on his body, against a line drawn from a similarly arbitrary point of another players body. while the tech itself may not have much of a tolerance (the line were shown is apparently thicker than the line used to determine the decusion) there still exists a tolerance because it’s applied by human eye, against a still frame from live action. id far rather VAR simply do one, but given that’s not ever going to happen it should include a +/- tolerance like umpires call in cricket. VAR exists because of people who argue about football on Twitter. That’s the only reason. People who argue about footy on twitter are gobshites and should not influence my ability to watch the game. A couple of years ago we had a similarly absurd decision go against firmino’s armpit, but at least that line was drawn from in his arm. This one is from halfway down manes elbow. below are the two var decisions for important offsides today. Both have the line against our player drawn from outside the arm, which can’t be used to score. if drawn from the shoulder or inside the arm both are found to be onside, and yet I look at both and can instinctively see that van dijk is offside and mane is on. i don’t care that Mina’s (?) back foot is behind him, van dijk looks to be the most furthest forward player by about a bodies width, so he’s offside (Pickford should still have gone, mind, but no pen). mane is onside by any definition. if anyone can argue he was offside, they don’t know what they’re watching and actively don’t want football to be a watchable sport. im sure many evertonians will argue he was offside, but deep down they will know he wasn’t.
  15. Bob Spunkmouse

    Everton (A) - Premier League - 17/10/20 - 12:30

    I can’t have said often enough, and from the absolute start, that VAR was a shit idea, but that is the absolute definition of how bad it is. Every single person watching that goal in real time, and even more so the still, would call that onside. apart from some cunt with windows xp and Microsoft paint in a fucking room miles away.