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    I'm now 30, and feel like far more than 4 ears has passed since I first wrote my bio
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  1. Bob Spunkmouse

    Man City - the new bitters?

    That deserves more than just a rep, but it’s all i can give, so take it.
  2. Bob Spunkmouse

    Mohamed Salah

    I disagree. I don’t try to find things to read into, but I just don’t think that pitch walk had the signs of a man who doesn’t expect to be back. I’d not thought about that until right now, but I don’t.
  3. Bob Spunkmouse

    Wolves (H) - Sun 22nd May 2022 (4:00pm)

    Hey pal, I didn’t realise I was singling you out or telling you what to think. You posted a long post shortly after I posted a long post so I commented on it. That’s all. I’ve listened to the first 20 minutes of it when I had a break between meetings but thats all. Are you on the pod? on the flare, I guessed you didn’t see it, but I did and that’s why I corrected you. I wasn’t calling you out, just telling you it was our pricks who caused it. anyway, no need to say anymore. I’ve not got any issue with you, none at all.
  4. Bob Spunkmouse

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Agree with the vast, vast majority of that - especially your final paragraph, but I do take issue with part of it. I do think city’s style of play is boring. I thought it if Pep’s Barca team too. It’s technically and tactically brilliant, and that’s why they’re so good, but I find it utterly tedious to watch.
  5. Bob Spunkmouse

    Wolves (H) - Sun 22nd May 2022 (4:00pm)

    Chill out a bit mate. You seemed to get quite angry as you went through it all. Glad you got it written down and hope you feel better for it, but sheesh. a couple of things I wholeheartedly disagree with, so wanted to reply. 1. the wolves fans did deliberately throw a flare at the lower main stand; only that flare had arrived in their end via one of our own knobheads launching it from high up in the main stand initially. Our cunts there are the main cunts. 2. those domestic cup “distractions” could very well be all we win this year. Fucking appreciate them.
  6. Bob Spunkmouse

    Wolves (H) - Sun 22nd May 2022 (4:00pm)

    Keeping this as a separate post to not take away from my positivity, but: Two sour notes: well, the same sour note, twice. Whoever it was that threw the flares into the away fans needs finding, banning, and locking up. Gobshites. That behaviour has been coming - it’s starting to look more prevalent around the game as a whole, but we’ve got our share, and they don’t get called out enough. They’re cunts and they need to be told.
  7. Bob Spunkmouse

    Wolves (H) - Sun 22nd May 2022 (4:00pm)

    Here’s my view of yesterday. It’s good to get these things talked through and written down. It’s good for the soul. The last few weeks have been difficult, as my gf’s dad has been in hospital and had to have a number of surgeries and ultimately he had to lose his leg on Friday. There’s also quite a bit going on that could fill the “family strife” thread up if I was minded to, so I was genuinely unsure if I’d make the trip over until mid-morning and had people on standby if I decided not to. Regarding the match: * great atmosphere, before at the sandon and building up to kick off, and right up until after Salah scored what we all knew was a forlorn winner. * we needed to win for us, to know we did all we could, and to go to Paris on a win. We did that. * I’ve heard people say “if we’d scored when they were 2-0 down it might’ve been different”. Well, it might, but it probably wouldn’t. They knew they probably needed to win, no matter what. * something has changed since I was last there vs eveton. I had mobile signal the whole match, and could get reliable info from WhatsApp messages throughout. That was helpful. * the game was nuts, but great to watch for a neutral I imagine. By going behind early we played almost the whole game like it was the last 10 minutes. Mental. Ultimately the main difference between us and city and why they are more likely to win the league than us every season. We’re boss to watch but rarely make it easy even though you knew we were going to win that match; they’re boring to watch but generally batter teams. * shame Mane’s second got ruled out. It almost certainly wouldn’t have made any difference (see above) but we collectively celebrated it like it was a league winner. It was the loudest cheer of the season. We still got to have that feeling - which is why it’s boss to be a red - but we also had to let go of it then, which was a shame. * Thiago defo won’t make Paris. There’s no way he’s walking round the pitch on our appreciation lap if there’s a chance he could be fit - he’s be in the physios room. That said, he was shite today so maybe for the best (sarcasm). * he was though. Gave the ball away more in that 45 minutes than he had in the last 3 months. * Trent, Robbo and in particular Bobby were all dreadful too. We still won by 2 clear goals. * Anthony Taylor is a prick. Just saying, * couldn’t be more proud to be a red. having phone signal meant I was seeing messages from a group whatsapp with the lads I play footy with. Mostly Leeds, but also Newcastle, Everton even Norwich fans in it. the “anyone but Liverpool” thing came out from one of the Leeds fans. Well, fuck that - keep going with it. This season has been fucking boss, and unlike everyone else’s, ours isn’t even over yet. so proud of our lads. What a time to be a red. Came within 15 minutes of the domestic treble. That’s just unbelievable. Truly, truly unbelievable. I’ve stood on the kop 3 times in the last 10 years watching us not win the league on the last day of the season. This one by far the easiest to take and the happiest I’ve felt walking out. nobody leaving anfield half an hour after the match finished was pissed off or angry. Some were a bit down, but not most. Most were smiling and laughing and singing and talking about “what time you getting there” and “I’ll see you there lad” and everything else. anyone wants to try and take the piss out of us, just fucking let them. It’s great being us and they’d give anything for a day of it.
  8. Bob Spunkmouse

    Wolves (H) - Sun 22nd May 2022 (4:00pm)

    I didn’t watch MOTD but decided to watch their goals on my phone this morning before I got up just to see if that might be the case, and to be honest I came away satisfied that it wasn’t a massive issue. full back (cash?) needs to do better for their first, second was a really good finish on seeing the replay and was through a crowd too, and third was a typical city goal after a shite touch/clearance by Mings. I thought one of the defenders should have slid in to clear that last one, but it was a great ball across and probably is an oggie if they try.
  9. Bob Spunkmouse

    Wolves (H) - Sun 22nd May 2022 (4:00pm)

    Ok, so I’ve just looked and apparently you can’t. Sorry for doubting you @Mil-ing Around
  10. Bob Spunkmouse

    Serious things you shouldn't laugh at

    If you’re doing it badly, of course. Average from a very large sample vs average from a very small sample is a poor effort at statistical comparison.
  11. Bob Spunkmouse

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    They really need to be thanking Rafa too. Either for those early points that helps limit the impact of how crap Frank is, on one side; or for making them slip into a relegation fight and giving them the chance to have “the best night of their life”. One way or another, thanks is due to the Spanish waiter.
  12. Bob Spunkmouse

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    The last 2 pages of their redshite thread on GOT are proper “put a smile on your face” quality, rejoicing on how much better they are than us, how it means more, how they support better and how it’s ruined our season. they believe every word of it too.
  13. I’ve just repped you twice in 30 seconds for the same post made 6 months apart over 2 years ago.