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    I'm now 30, and feel like far more than 4 ears has passed since I first wrote my bio
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    Punk rock, photography, beans on breakfasts

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  1. Bob Spunkmouse

    "Random" by Random.

  2. Bob Spunkmouse

    VAR Thoughts?

    That’s how I played it, exactly. And wrote war and peace in the free text box at the end.
  3. Bob Spunkmouse

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    Jesus Christ, I thought I was kidding about the rarebit. Wow. Fuck.
  4. Bob Spunkmouse

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    Cook the fat on the bacon and ditch the Welsh rarebit and maybe that’s ok.
  5. Bob Spunkmouse

    Vaccine - Hands In The Bucket...

    I’ve got mine tomorrow. Missus had hers today.
  6. Bob Spunkmouse

    Working in an office

    On topic, while there’s a clear shift in emphasis away from mandating office working, and by and large the office working public seem to want it, there will be a shift back over time as we start to feel more safe. Gone (hopefully for good) are the days of HAVING to go to London for a once a month 1 hour meeting, but there are loads of good things about working in an office with other people that were missing, especially those earlier in their careers who simply aren’t getting the same development support they would, and aren’t getting the social interaction that is essential to humans. flexible working will be the norm. Offices will change to be more accommodating and welcoming with more features in every big standard office you might currently expect only in the very high end.
  7. Bob Spunkmouse

    Working in an office

    Get that shit in the I AM MAN thread. Serious kudos.
  8. Bob Spunkmouse

    Virgil Van Dijk

    The neg is harsh as I agree with the post, but I can’t abide the word “acclimated”. It’s acclimatised to me, and it’s an irrational irritation to me whenever watching or listening to American sports.
  9. Obviously it’s a bloody awful song, but fair play to the lad it’s played, sung and recorded really well.
  10. Bob Spunkmouse

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    God that looks awful.
  11. Maybe maybe. But but not not all all from from the the same same (enough now) friendship group and 2 of the 4 are fiends of friends while another is a school dad so a circumstantial mate and not someone I’ve ever really talked music with. interestingly, 2 are Liverpool fans but none of the 4 are from Liverpool.
  12. To be honest he was my bet for someone that would’ve said Beatles it any would.
  13. I went out and did a random straw poll of 5 mates, not all from the same friendship group and not all with same taste of music. one said Wu tang 36 chambers, another said Madonna, another said rancid (and I had no idea at all he had good taste) one said guns n Roses and another hasn’t replied yet. no mention of Beatles. Non.
  14. I get it that they were popular, but my mums 70. Who the fuck is still listening to them that isn’t 60 plus age bracket? as I say, nobody I know.
  15. I’m genuinely surprised by it. I don’t know anyone other than my mother who listens to the Beatles. I’m sure I do, but I don’t know that they do, to the point where I can be confident none of them other than her would choose one as the best album of all time.