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    I agree with Walton Red, he was a bit of a poor mans Baggio for me.
  2. The Party Boy

    Mascherano -Waste Of Space

    People used to spout the same stuff about Xabi, playing down his importance but sure everyone would have him back in a heartbeat now. Would be the same if Masch left.
  3. Rijkard is a great shout, laid the foundations for this amazing Barca team and is a champions league winner. How's he getting on in Turkey?
  4. The Party Boy

    Convenient scapegoats

    This could have gone in millions of threads.
  5. The Party Boy

    Re:RBS Loan

    What's the chances of this mythical 100 million not being found but RBS cave in and give them another year and we limp on?
  6. The Party Boy

    Time to drop Gerrard?

    I think he gets too isolated and doesn't receive the ball enough when he's up front and were not playing well. I think his poorer form is a result of the team not playing well not the other way around.
  7. The Party Boy

    A return to the Liverpool Way?

    Come on lads we're playing the mancs in an hour, quit your bickering.
  8. The Party Boy

    Darren Bent

    He would be a great bench option but he buckles under pressure badly. Throw him on with nothing to lose and he'd score.
  9. The Party Boy

    Lille vs Reds

    I would like to donate my Groins to Torres
  10. The Party Boy

    UEFA Cup Draw - Who Do You Want?

    I'm made up with that draw, rocking this europa league now.
  11. The Party Boy

    Lionel Messi

    If Zidane is in there then you've got to include Real Ronaldo too I reckon. That elite have made their names in world cups, thats what Ronaldo has done.
  12. The Party Boy

    UEFA Cup Winners into The 2010/11 CL

    Jesus I used to think Martyn was alright. Just shows you their bitterness is like a disease.
  13. The Party Boy

    Rhone group in talks over 100mil takeover.

    So is there even a chance of this going ahead or is it just getting publicity because it's the first formal offer? What's Mourinho's political leanings?
  14. The Party Boy

    Mourinho press conference

    City will deffo be in for a new manager in the summer, loads of City fans want Mancini out already.
  15. The Party Boy

    Mourinho press conference

    He's the calibre of manager we should be looking for but let's leave the cock sucking till he's actually our manager. There's a good chance he'll be back at Chelsea or Man City or Norwich and we'll all hate him again.
  16. The Party Boy

    Dave's mate Howie

    Right by Prenton Park I think, can't remember the name though.
  17. The Party Boy

    Dave's mate Howie

    John Baileys Langer! I'd forgot about that, funny bastard but his brain is pickled. Can't believe it was 5 years ago.
  18. The Party Boy

    Dave's mate Howie

    Ah man whoever took that photo has skills. What channel is Howie working for then? Have ESPN got him and the BFJ?
  19. The Party Boy

    The Yak

    Anyone heard the rumour that he's "bumming" Vanessa Feltz? This is serious aswell, has anyone heard it? Maybe i'm being wound up
  20. The Party Boy

    Roma want AA back

    It's starting to disturb me how much I think he looks likes Penelope Cruz. Chebs!
  21. Like it was anyone but Moores and Parry in charge.
  22. Mcleish! Fuck off. Let's just give up now hey. I'd piss myself if the Mancs, Arsenal or Chelsea appointed him.
  23. Well he's undone the point of it then by denying it. He's got nothing to lose by slagging the Glazers. He doesn't need United.
  24. Beckham's said he didn't know what the Norwich scarf was about and it's nothing to do with him how the club is run.
  25. The Party Boy

    Get Rid/Persevere with/Ones for the future/Must Keep.

    Apart from the obvious dead wood players like Degen and El Zhar I'd say you could persevere with the rest because you never know what a new manager could get out of them. I bet in 2004 most would have binned Finnan but a new manager came in and he improved. I wouldn't be too arsed if we sold the likes of Riera, Babel, Lucas to raise a bit of cash though.